WWE NXT 07 06 2016

Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 6, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Tom Phillips shares that Bayley still holds a contractual rematch with Asuka. This will be her first match since being medically cleared to wrestle last week. Alexa Bliss feels she is owed this match against Bayley and, should she win, it puts her in good shape to challenge for the Women’s Championship.

Bayley with the snapmare on Bliss to begin. She runs the ropes to hit Bliss a few times until Bliss returns to her feet and knees her in the mid-section. Bliss puts Bayley between the middle and bottom rope and catapults her throat into the rope. Bliss with the pinfall attempt for a 1 count.

Bliss strikes Bayley with punches and kicks in the corner. She applies a rather weak headlock where Bayley slowly rises to her feet, until securing it more strongly for a second go. Bayley gets free but Bliss pins her for a 2 count. She chokes Bayley on the middle rope with her knee and the strategy seems to be to cut off Bayley’s air supply. Another 2 count and Bliss can’t get the win.

She stands on Bayley like a skateboard and pounds Bayley’s head into the mat a couple of times. A big kick by Bliss is caught by Bayley and she picks up Bliss, chucking her into the turnbuckle. Ouch. Bayley charges at Bliss and spears her in the corner. Then a running elbow. A running knee. Out from the turnbuckle, she picks up Bliss and slams her into the adjacent turnbuckle and repeats the series. She tries to spear Bliss in the other corner again but Bliss jumps over her and tries the sunset flip. Bayley counters it for a 2 count. Bliss sneaks out from under Bayley and clocks her with a haymaker!

And we go to commercial.

On the return, Bayley exercises a rope break during a pinfall attempt from Bliss, but she’s in rough shape. Bliss is the aggressor, trapping Bayley in between the ropes again but her slingshot attempt backfires and she’s pissed. She charges at Bayley, gets tossed to the apron and feels the pain of a neckbreaker through the ropes. Bayley with the pin for a 2 count. Bliss kicks out! She catches Bayley by the neck and spikes her to the mat. Jumping knee tumble, followed by the back handspring knee smash. She’s going to the top rope. Bayley meets her there, wraps her arms around her but Bliss fights her off and counters with a sunset flip powerbomb. 1-2-…Bayley kicks out!

Bliss throws a tantrum, yelling at the referee and waving her arms furiously in the air. Bayley with the spear and bridge pin. Bliss kicks out and counters with the same move. The two exchange further pinning attempts, including a sweet backslide pin by Bliss. The match continues…

Belly to back suplex from Bayley and a pinfall attempt for a 2 count. Bliss reverses a whip into the turnbuckle. Bayley with a back elbow. She climbs the turnbuckle but Bliss takes her feet out from under her and she falls awkwardly to the mat. Bliss attempts a splash but is stunned by Bayley who brought her knees up just in time. Bayley with the Bayley to belly suplex! 1-2-3!

Winner: Bayley via pinfall in 10 minutes

Post-match, Bayley shares with the fans that it has been a long road back to now. Bayley shares how frustrating it was to see Nia Jax take her opportunity at Takeover: The End. This prompts Jax to arrive on the scene.

Jax enters the ring, stares down Bayley and begins mouthing off. The two exchange words and Bayley asks for another match. Jax says okay and smiles, exiting the ring.

One cool point for Bayley whose first match back after injury was quite good. She employed combination attacks and power moves effectively, setting herself somewhat apart from Bliss whose focus was on choking and striking. That said, one cool point for Alexa Bliss who just about won this match on a number of occasions. She kept up with the former champ and proved why she belongs in the discussion as one of the top women in nXt today.

Recap: A video package is shown of TM 61.

It`s followed by Cathy Kelley interviewing The Revival. She asks if they`re worried about losing the championships tonight. Wilder says there`s no chance of that happening. They`ll beat American Alpha and remain Tag Team Champions. Don`t ever doub that they are the best champions on the planet.

Coming Up: 2 out of 3 falls nXt Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival

Second Segment

Tag Team Match: Blake & Murphy vs. The Hype Bros.

Rawley and Blake begin and it`s Blake who ends up on the mat first, being knocked down by Rawley. Murphy tags in and he and Blake begin arguing about the poor start. Rawley tries to interrupt but they tell him to shut up!

Suddenly, it`s Rhyno! Rhyno has returned and he gores just about everyone in the ring, as the crowd erupts in cheers. Murphy stares at Rhyno in disbelief, walking away from the ring.

Winner: No Contest

One cool point for Rhyno’s return. Although he’s not as big of a star as he once was, he has always been a threatening, intimidating presence in nXt. The disintegration of the Blake & Murphy team continues but it’s too challenging to consider them as singles wrestlers. I’m just not certain they’d have any relevance at all amongst all of the other roster members.

Recap: A promo for next week’s match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor. nXt wrestlers and executives, including Triple H, are interviewed talking about the 2 stars and the match to come.

American Alpha are interviewed by Andrea D’Marco. The team is hyped for the upcoming match. Gable says the longer a match goes, they better they will get. They are ready, willing, and Gable.

Final Segments

Outside the arena, cameras catch up to Rhyno who is walking away. He’s asked why he has returned. Rhyno refuses to answer and continues walking away.

2 out of 3 Falls nXt Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs. American Alpha

Wilder and Gable are first out for this match. Gable shows off his quickness and his flips during the traditional arm hold. He quickly grasps Wilder in an ankle lock and Wilder frantically reaches for the ropes to break it up. He tags in Dawson. Gable tags in Jordan who flips Dawson to the mat, keeping him in a wrist lock. Dawson counters and the two enter into a series of submission attempts and counters, ending in a stalemate. They face off again. Dawson takes a moment to attack Gable. Wilder distracts Jordan, hurting him in their corner where Dawson returns to tag in Wilder. The two work on Jordan with a few strikes. They try to flip Jordan and he does flip, but he lands on his knees, runs the ropes again and hits a double clothesline. He tags in Gable. The two run the ropes, duck clothesline attempts and attempt back suplexes. Dawson & Wilder counter those but it’s Jordan and Gable who finish the sequence with simultaneous dropkicks on their opponents.

The crowd chants “Alpha!” as…

We go to commercial.

On the return, Dawson throws Jordan off the ropes and power slams him. Jordan leaves his feet up and Dawson runs his face into them. Jordan picks up Dawson, high in the air, for what appears to be an atomic drop. As Dawson is over Jordan’s head, he reaches back and tags in Wilder. Off the ropes, it’s Wilder driving Jordan’s face into the mat. He brings Jordan back to their corner for kicks from he and his partner.

Dawson’s back in. Nasty dragon screw and another one. Wilder’s tagged in a few moments later to continue kicking at Jordan. They bring him to their corner post and bash his left knee into the post a few times. All of their offense is targeted on that left knee. It gets them a 2 count on Jordan. Wilder, from off the top rope with a jumping punch on to the left knee. Jordan writhes in pain from the repeated offensive on the left knee and leg. As Wilder is wrenching Jordan’s left knee on the mat, the crowd chants for Jordan. Wilder hurriedly tags in Dawson who runs around Jordan to get between him and Gable to apply a headlock. He is cutting the ring off well.

Jordan tries to back Dawson into his corner to tag in Gable but he can’t. As he twists around the torso of his opponent, Jordan finally makes that tag and Gable brings the goods to the Revival. He mounts Dawson in the corner for 5 punches, then hits a crossbody on Wilder, running at him from behind. Atomic drops for everybody. Big leg hook suplex on Dawson for a near fall.

Off the ropes, small package by Gable but Dawson kicks out. Wilder gets involved but the referee sees Jordan trying to meet him and instructs him to return to his corner. As that happens, Dawson whips Gable into the ropes where Wilder pulls them down and he almost cartwheels right out of the ring on to the arena floor.. The Revival are in control as…

We go to commercial.

Dawson pummels Gable on the return. Massive clothesline. 1-2-..kick out!
Wilder, with uppercuts, on Gable. Plenty of quick tags between the partners as they keep Gable on the mat, punishing him and wearing him down with submission holds and strikes. A few near falls from Dawson on Gable, after the later was clotheslined back into the ring by Wilder. In the corner and off the ropes, Gable receives a spinebuster! 1-2-…kick out by Dawson.

Dawson with the side headlock on Gable. He tag in Wilder. The two attempt a double team move but Gable counters with a sunset flip pinning attempt that is quickly ended. While they are busy beating up on Gable, Jordan is pissed for what the Revival have done to goad him into the match and the referee calls him back to his corner.

The Revival have effectively cut off the ring to work quick tags and keep Gable away from Jordan. A minute or two pass, however, and Gable forces Wilder and Dawson to collide. It’s the opening they needed. Jordan’s tagged in for high dropkicks on both guys. T-bone suplex on Dawson. He press slams Wilder. Big spear on Dawson in the corner. He misses Wilder in the corner but gets him out in the open. 1-2-…kickout by Wilder!

Jordan brings Wilder up to sit on the turnbuckle but he gets pushed back and off. Gable rushes into the ring, catches Dawson who lept off of the turnbuckle and provides him a free belly to belly suplex. Wilder hits Jordan with a crossbody but he can’t stay. Jordan rolls out of it, grabbing Wilder’s leg and applies an ankle lock! The pain doesn’t last long because Wilder taps!

First Fall: American Alpha by submission

The two teams regroup in their respective corners for a huddle. Dawson tries for a sunset flip off the top rope on Jordan. Overhead suplex by Jordan on Wilder, who rushed in to challenge. Jordan sits on Dawson for a pinning attempt of 2 counts.

Suplex attempt. Dawson tucks in and tries for a pin. Jordan stops him and goes for a cover to no avail. Dawson with the DDT on Jordan, followed by a figure four leg lock. Jordan reaches for Gable but Wilder ‘s pulling Gable back and Jordan’s forced to tap.

Second Fall: The Revival by submission

Dawson continues to apply the ankle lock to Jordan. Jordan counters with a rollup pin for 2. He tags in Gable who pins Dawson for a 2 count. Inside cradle by Gable results in another 2 count. Gable whips Dawson into the corner. Tag made to Jordan and he spears Dawson. He tries to set up a double team move but Wilder interferes, pushing Gable down and catching Dawson to help him escape from an atomic drop. Gable pushes Wilder out of the ring as Jordan pins Dawson 1-2-…NO! Kickout.

Jordan applies the ankle lock for a few moments but Dawson breaks the hold, sending Jordan into the corner. When he returns to the middle of the ring, he locks Jordan in the figure four leg lock. Seeing his partner in trouble, Gable flies in with a huge splash. He does the same with a rushing Wilder, in mid-air, outside the ring. This buys some time for Jordan to break free.

Dawson and Jordan are slow to stand up. Dawson pushes Jordan in to tag Gable. Gable lifts Dawson on to the apron. The two exchange blows. Gable tries to land a German suplex on to the barricade but Dawson holds on tight. Wilder tries to help his teammate but gets kicked away. Dawson lifts Gable and Wilder returns so they can hit the Shatter Machine right on the apron! Gable’s in big trouble.
They roll him in and pin him. 1-2…3! This one’s over.

Third Fall and Winners: The Revival via pinfall in 23 minutes, retaining the nXt Tag Team Championships

Two cool points for a successful title defence by The Revival. Their use of quick tags and teamwork is second to none in the WWE. Although American Alpha could have won on multiple occasions, I feel that Dawson & Wilder’s distraction techniques, bringing the guys out on to the altar and the apron was the difference maker in this one. If the match had stayed within the ropes, American Alpha likely would have won. So they’ll get a cool point, too. This was a really fun match to watch and the match type suited these two teams quite well. I would not have been surprised if the match had gone longer.

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