WWE NXT 01 13 2021

WWE NXT Results
January 13, 2021
Orlando, Florida (Capitol Wrestling Center)
Commentary: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps the events of last week’s NXT New Year’s Evil. Tonight the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell

Blackheart quickly takes LeRae down to start the match, but she misses a splash against the ropes. Blackheart counters a neckbreaker and kicks her back before connecting with a cross-body block for a one count. Blackheart applies an arm bar and rolls LeRae around the mat. LeRae fights the hold before getting a foot on the bottom rope. LeRae boots her back and goes to the second rope, but Blackheart pulls her off, snapping LeRae’s neck off the top turnbuckle. Blackheart picks up a two count. Blackheart applies a modified wristlock before transitioning to a hammerlock. LeRae fights up and drives her into the corner. LeRae takes her down and puts her on the apron. Blackheart punches her back, and they’re fighting on the apron with the ring post between them. Blackheart pulls her into the ring post, knocking LeRae onto the steps. LeRae gets up, and Blackheart hits a flying knee off the steps.

Indi Hartwell gets in Blackheart’s face. LeRae gets in the ring and distracts the referee while Hartwell pulls her off the apron. LeRae hits a baseball slide followed by a springboard cross-body to the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Blackheart kick LeRae down. Blackheart covers LeRae for a near fall. Blackheart hits some forearms followed by a nasty kick to the head. LeRae is knocked against the ropes, so Blackheart hits a flying senton against the ropes for a two count. LeRae rolls to the apron to recover, so Blackheart follows her out. LeRae pushes her away, but Blackheart elbows her back and connects with a DDT on the apron. Hartwell checks on LeRae, so Blackheart wipes them out with a suicide dive. Blackheart puts LeRae in the ring for a near fall.

LeRae sidesteps Blackheart to drive her into the turnbuckle before hitting a dropkick. LeRae follows up with a low superkick for a near fall. LeRae goes to the ropes, but Blackheart kicks her feet out. LeRae quickly takes her down and applies a Gargano Escape. Blackheart counters out with a roll-up for a two count. Blackheart powers LeRae up and hits a swinging facebuster. Blackheart hits a running high knee in the corner followed by another DDT. Blackheart goes to the top rope. Hartwell gets on the apron, but Blackheart punches her away. LeRae quickly scales the ropes and hits a super spinning neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Candice LeRae

NXT Champion Finn Bálor is shown walking backstage. We’ll hear from him, next.

In the parking lot, an SUV drives up. Pete Dunne comes out with NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

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NXT Champion Finn Bálor is already in the ring. Bálor says it’s January 13, 2021 and he is still the NXT Champion. Bálor gives Kyle O’Reilly credit and says he’s great, but he’s not on his level. O’Reilly stepped up and just like at TakeOver 31 he got put down. Now O’Reilly is the one eating his meals through a straw. Bálor put a red “X” on his chest because he’s a target. Whoever wants to come at Bálor needs to remember they don’t manufacture the cloth he’s cut from.

Pete Dunne comes out with NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Dunne says he watched last week because he knew it would always come down to him and Bálor. People think Bálor represents European wrestling, but the only reason people think that and the only reason he has the title is because Dunne hasn’t taken it from him yet.

Bálor attacks Dunne before trying to fight off Lorcan and Burch. Bálor nearly gets the better of Lorcan and Burch, but Dunne runs in and hits an arm breaker. They triple team Bálor until Kyle O’Reilly runs down to help. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong also run down to offer assistance and run Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch off. The Undisputed ERA then turns to look at Bálor, who is staring at them. Bálor then backs up and gets out of the ring while his music plays.

Johnny Gargano is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. Gargano says what Candice LeRae did earlier tonight was beautiful. He’s asked about losing last week, but he said he wasn’t ready. He can’t kick in skinny jeans. Austin Theory walks up to Gargano with an envelope from Dexter Lumis. Lumis drew a caricature of Gargano crying. Theory thinks it’s funny until Gargano turns the sheet over to show an embarrassing photo of Theory. They’re both angered.

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MSK debuts tonight against Jake Atlas and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

The Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring. Zack Gibson says they’re looking for more than an invite to the finals to this year. He’s sorry to the dweebs that entered the tournament and the creatures in the audience hoping for an upset because 2021 is their year.

NXT General Manager William Regal appears on the screen and officially starts the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match
Ever-Rise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake)

Zack Gibson locks up with Matt Martel to start the match. Martel slaps Gibson in the back of the head and backs up. Chase Parker tags in, so Gibson kicks him down. James Drake tags in and hits a headlock takeover. Parker fights up and whips him off, dropping down twice, but Drake still fights back with a hip toss. They lock up, and Parker wrenches the arm. Drake rolls through, but Parker pulls him down by the hair. Parker kicks away at him and knocks him out of the ring. Parker shouts that Ever-Rise rules. Gibson holds an irate Drake back and gets him to calm down.

Gibson tags in and locks up with Parker. Gibson takes Parker down and punches Martel on the apron. Drake tags in and dropkicks Parker in the leg. Gibson hits a low dropkick to Parker and jumps off Drake to dropkick Martel off the apron. Drake talks trash and punches Parker to the corner. Drake applies a headlock and punches him before hitting a bulldog. Drake punches Parker out of the ring and tags Gibson in. Gibson grabs Parker at ringside, and the Grizzled Young Veterans hit a plancha/backbreaker combo. Gibson gets Parker in the ring and hits a back suplex. Gibson goes for a single leg crab, but Parker fights it. Drake tags in and hits a spinning wheel kick for a two count. Gibson tags back in and kicks away at Parker. Drake tags in, but Parker fights them off. Drake stops Parker from tagging Martel and holds him back. Parker punches him, but Drake won’t let go.

Martel eventually tags in and punches away at Drake. Martel knocks Gibson down and punches Drake. Martel chops Drake before sending him to the corner. Drake rolls up the turnbuckle and lands on his feet. Martel hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex before clotheslining Gibson on the apron. Martel follows up with a big clothesline on Drake. Ever-Rise goes for a double-team on Drake, but Gibson blocks it. Ever-Rise still hits a double-team spear on Drake, but Gibson breaks it up. Ever-Rise takes Gibson down. Martel is the legal man, but Drake pulls Parker out of the ring. Martel attacks Gibson, so Drake dropkicks him. Gibson tags in, and they hit Ticket to Mayhem for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Grizzled Young Veterans

Video Package: Raquel Gonzalez is coming after NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai and says she’s the new baddest bitch in NXT

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano faces Dexter Lumis, next.

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Shotzi Blackheart is talking with McKenzie Mitchell about winning the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, the first one ever. Blackheart says she needs a ride-or-die… someone she went to war with. Ember Moon walks up and says she must be talking about her. They’re going to put their names on the Women’s Dusty Cup.

Non-Title Match
NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano w/ Austin Theory vs. Dexter Lumis

Gargano angrily holds the caricature up and rips it up in Lumis’ face. Lumis coldly punches him down and boots him in the face. Lumis hits a Lou Thesz Press and punches away at Gargano. Gargano avoids an avalanche and rolls him up, but Lumis rolls through and scares Gargano with a stare. Gargano gets out of the ring, and Lumis crawls after him. Lumis avoids a kick and punches Gargano. Gargano fights back and goes for a dive off the apron, but Lumis uppercuts him into the ring. Gargano punches Lumis getting on the apron. Lumis goes to the top rope, but Gargano cuts him off and goes for a superplex. Lumis fights it and punches him down to the mat. Lumis goes for a senton bomb off the top rope, but Gargano moves.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Gargano applying a camel clutch. During the break, Austin Theory distracted Lumis, which allowed Gargano to hit a slingshot spear. Gargano knees Lumis in the ribs and forearms him in the lower back. Gargano continues to attack the back before Lumis reverses a whip and hits a spinebuster.

Lumis connects with two right hands on Gargano and uppercuts him. Lumis hits a corner clothesline and follows up with a bulldog. Lumis hits a slingshot suplex, and Gargano is writhing in pain. Lumis connects with a belly-to-back suplex, kips up, and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Lumis sizes Gargano up and goes for a slam, but Gargano fights out. Gargano boots him back and goes for a cross-body block, but Lumis catches him. Gargano counters a slam and catches him with a crucifix pin for a near fall. Gargano superkicks him in the head, but Lumis pops up quickly. Gargano kicks him again for a near fall.

Theory distracts Lumis again, giving Gargano an advantage. Lumis fights out of One Final Beat. Lumis then locks in Silence. Theory gets on the apron, so Lumis attacks and applies Silence. Gargano rolls Lumis up, also bringing Theory into the ring. Gargano picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Johnny Gargano

Lumis slides over to Theory and locks him in Silence as a revenge. Gargano attacks Lumis from behind and elbows him in the neck. Gargano grabs a steel chair, but Kushida runs down and attacks Gargano. Kushida gets Gargano in the ring and applies the Hoverboard Lock. Gargano taps. At ringside, Lumis locks Theory in the Silence. Kushida puts Gargano down and picks the NXT North American Championship. Kushida says he wants the title and throws it onto the champion.

NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch say Kyle O’Reilly didn’t belong anywhere near the NXT Championship. They’re going to take him out.

An interview from earlier in the day shows Wade Barrett with Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. The Fight Pit will happen next week on NXT. Thatcher says he’s cleared and that’s it. Ciampa says he has to go into enemy territory to get revenge. Barrett asks why they have so much animosity. Thatcher says he has no issue with Ciampa, but he came after him. Thatcher was just trying to educate. Ciampa says he’s no trainer – he’s a piece of garbage. Ciampa says he’ll take every liberty he wants. Thatcher says he’s different in the Fight Pit. A lion doesn’t have to explain what it will do to a zebra. Ciampa asks if he looks like a zebra. Thatcher says Ciampa is a man wondering if he’s done. Ciampa says Thatcher has no idea what kind of man he is. Thatcher will get his answer next week.

Tommaso Ciampa battles Timothy Thatcher in the Fight Pit next week on WWE NXT.

Coming up next, MSK debuts against Jake Atlas and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in the 1st Round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

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Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O’Reilly are with McKenzie Mitchell. Cole says they’re used to people coming after them. O’Reilly says he’ll be out there to keep the peace tonight. Cole says they will advance in the Dusty Cup. That is undisputed.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match
Jake Atlas and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter)

It’ll be Nash Carter starting against Jake Atlas. They lock up, and Atlas hits a headlock takeover. Carter grapevines the head, but Atlas kips up. Atlas hits an arm bar takedown. Atlas avoids an attack and hits a back elbow for a two count. Scott tags in, but Carter quickly takes him down. Carter sends him into the ropes, drops down and leapfrogs him, and hits a springboard twisting cross-body for a two count. Wes Lee tags in and wrenches Scott’s arm. Lee takes Atlas down, but Scott distracts. Lee hits a somersault senton on Atlas and Scott as we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lee run wild on Atlas. Carter tags in, stands at Atlas’ feet and flips. Lee pushes Carter in midair onto Atlas. Scott breaks it up. Atlas fights MSK off, and Scott tags in. Atlas hits a German Suplex on Lee, and Scott follows up with a brainbuster. Atlas slams Lee, and Scott hits a 450 splash, but Carter breaks it up.

Atals and Scott go for a double-team superplex. Carter rips Atlas off the ropes to the floor. Lee then knocks Scott to the mat. MSK hit a modified Hart Attack for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: MSK

Kacy Catanzao and Kayden Carter battle Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm in the 1st Round of the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic next week.

Xia Li is in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

Scarlett is playing with tarot cards and says Karrion Kross is coming after Finn Bálor and the NXT Championship.

The mysterious figure on the throne is shown. Xia Li and Boa make their way to the ring.

Xia Li w/ Boa vs. a local talent

Li immediately punches the woman down and connects with a spin kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Xia Li

Li and Boa go to walk off, but the mysterious figure holds a hand up. Li grabs the woman, ties her up on the bottom rope, and punches away at her. The mysterious figure clenches their fist, and Li knees the woman in the face. Li and Boa finally walk off.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter says they’ll win the first ever women’s Dusty Cup.

The main event is next.

-Commercial Break-

During the break, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Jake Atlas got into a pull apart brawl. Bronson Reed interjected himself and got in Scott’s face.

Next week, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado battle Imperium, while Kushida and Leon Ruff battle Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic matches. We’ll also see Tommaso Ciampa take on Timothy Thatcher in the Fight Pit.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match
Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) vs. Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole and Roderick Strong) w/ Kyle O’Reilly

It’ll be Adam Cole starting against Tyler Breeze. They lock up, and Breeze applies a side headlock. Cole whips him off, but Breeze shoulder blocks him down. Breeze leapfrogs him and they both tease superkicks. They back up and regroup. Breeze’s back is covered in cupping bruises. They lock up and exchange waistlocks. Cole takes him down, but Breeze fights up. They’re at a stalemate again.

Roderick Strong and Fandango tag in. They do a test of strength, and Strong takes Fandango down. Strong wrenches the arm and cinches it in. Fandango fights up and takes Strong down. Fandango hits a back body drop and drops some knees on Strong’s shoulder. Fandango hits a spinning wheel kick for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Fandango hit Cole with a front suplex on the top rope. Breeze tags in and boots Cole down to the mat for a two count. Cole elbows Breeze away, but Breeze stops him from making a tag. Cole superkicks him attempting a plancha.

Strong and Fandango tag in. Strong takes Fandango down and hits a backbreaker. Strong then attacks Breeze with forearms and slams him onto Fandango for a near fall. Cole tags in. Strong hits a gutbuster, and Cole follows up with a big knee for a near fall. Fandango ducks a Last Shot and kicks Cole away. Breeze tags in and runs into a pump kick. Cole goes for a suplex, but Breeze knees him. Breeze knees him in the midsection and hits an inverted backstabber for a near fall. Breeze dropkicks Strong, grabs Cole, tags Fandango, and hits a catapult. Fandango follows up with a slingshot elbow, but Strong breaks it up. Breeze knees Strong, and Cole superkicks him. Cole pump kicks Fandango, and Fandango turns him inside out with a clothesline.

Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch assault O’Reilly at ringside. They pull him into a scaffold, but Finn Bálor runs down to cut him off. They fight Bálor off, and Dunne forearms O’Reilly in the injured jaw. Dunne then kicks O’Reilly’s head into the barricade.

Cole looks concerned. Fandango superkicks Cole and puts him on the top rope. Strong kills Breeze with a huge kick. Fandango counters out of Panama sunrise and comes off the top rope, but Cole superkicks him out of midair for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Undisputed ERA

Kyle O’Reilly is bleeding from the mouth. Cole and Strong check on him and stare at Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch on the stage.