WWE NXT No Mercy 2023

WWE NXT No Mercy Results
September 30, 2023
Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, California
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Kickoff: Blair Davenport defeats Kelani Jordan.

NXT No Mercy Kickoff: Blair Davenport def. Kelani Jordan

Then, Now, Forever, Together…this is NXT.

The cold open brings us to an excited crowd in Bakersfield for NXT No Mercy as Bron Breakker makes his way to the ring for our opening contest! The former NXT Champion enters the ring, ready to take on the Lone Wolfe…as Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring via a motorcycle! Corbin rides down the ramp and around the ring before finally parking it nearby, egging Bron on…to which Breakker complies with a big dive over the top rope!

Bron goes after Corbin as the security try to intervene to no avail before the two end up brawling into the crowd! Corbin gets the upper hand for a moment, until Breakker fights back sending the Lone Wolf back toward ringside. Bron fends off security which gives Corbin an advantage he exploits, eventually bringing Breakker to the announce table…and using some steel steps that have been set up, he goes for a senton!

But Breakker narrowly avoids in, as Corbin crashes onto the table instead! Bron takes Corbin and sends him into the ring for this match to finally get underway!

Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

Bron has the early advantage thanks to everything that went on before, taking Corbin down…but Baron turns it around and gets a nearfall as a result! Corbin brings Bron back to his feet, sending the former champ into the corner before taking him down hard for another nearfall. Corbin continues the attack, going to work with some mounted punches. Corbin lifts Breakker up, only for Bron to fight out of it and take the Lone Wolf down!

Breakker with some hard forearms to the back of the head of Corbin now, before bringing him to the corner and laying in a hard hip attack! Breakker sets Baron up on the top turnbuckle now, but the Lone Wolf fights him off…only for Bron to hit a Super Frankensteiner followed by a fall forward slam for the cover! BUT BARON KICKS OUT!

Corbin heads to the corner, egging Breakker on as Bron goes after the Lone Wolf…who seems to be enjoying himself as he stops a suplex attemp by Breakker before dropping him for a nearfall. Corbin gets turned around by Breakker who looks for a submission hold…only for Baron to get to the ropes to break the hold!

Breakker continues the attack until he gets taken for a ride with a Deep Six by Baron for the cover…BUT BREAKKER KICKS OUT!

Both men slowly get to their feet now before trading strikes, things looking even between both competitors until Bron hits a knee to the face of Corbin! Corbin gets sent to the corner because of this, and Bron narrowly avoids an End of Days to get a nearfall on Corbin instead!

Breakker back to his feet, taunting the crowd as he goes back after Corbin with a shoulder tackle before sending the Lone Wolf out of the ring! Bron gives pursuit, but this costs him as Corbin sends him through the announce table with a spinebuster! But Bron sits up…and he gets back to his feet for a spear on Corbin!

Bron brings Corbin back into the ring, but before he can more damage Mr. Stone shows up to try and intervene…only to be sent flying out of the ring by Breakker! Bron turns around, only to get caught with an End of Days by Corbin for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Baron Corbin

We cut to video packages for Gigi Dolan and Ilja Dragunov, the latter ready to challenge for the NXT Championship later tonight against Carmelo Hayes!

We then get a look at earlier today as Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch make their way to the arena, before a recap of how Trick Williams earned his shot at the NXT North American Championship against Dominik Mysterio. In an interview during the Kickoff, Trick and Carmelo address their respective opponents, and then we head back to ringside…

…where Dragon Lee makes his way to the ring to be the special guest referee for our next match! Out next is Trick Williams, heading toward the ring to challenge for the NXT North American Championship tonight. Out next is the champion himself, Dominik Mysterio standing alone as he heads to the ring. We get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion, who faces some heavy boos from the crowd before this match gets underway…with a dropkick by the champ to Williams!

NXT North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio defends against Trick Williams (Dragon Lee will be the special guest referee)

Dom with the cover but he only gets a nearfall, something he argues with Lee about before deciding he’s had enough, leaving ringside to get his title as he starts to leave…only for Trick to intercept! Trick brings Dom back into the ring for some more offense but Dom escapes before he can get a cover.

Trick catches him again, sending the champ back into the ring…but Dom catches him by surprise, leading to an attack at ringside as he sends the challenger into the barricade. Dom sends Trick back into the ring as he continues the beatdown, sending Trick into the ropes for a dropkick on the rebound that gets him a nearfall.

Dom cinches in a chinlock now, keeping Williams at bay until the challenger fights back to his feet…but Dom knocks him down! Trick turns it around as he sends Dom into the corner, but the champ hangs him up on the top rope to turn things right back in his favor!

Springboard attack by Dominik here, getting a nearfall before he argues with Dragon once again and follows with some mounted punches on the challenger…who fights back, sending the champ away with some strikes that drive him to the ropes!

Trick is back in it now as he hits a dropkick on the champ for a nearfall…who responds with a backslide for a nearfall of his own! Trick is on the ropes as he gets back up, and Dom catches him with a modified 619 shades of Rey before looking for a superkick…but Trick evades it, as Dragon Lee gets the kick that sends him to the outside!

Trick takes the champ down as another ref comes in for the count, but the champ manages to kick out! Trick is still on the attack as he takes Dom down again, but still can’t get more than a nearfall as a result. The action goes back and forth once more utnil both men go down, as Dom slowly gets back to his feet.

The action boils down into chaos as the second referee ends up getting taken down, and in the chaos Dragon Lee ends up back up as Dom tries to use the title to lay out the challenger…but Trick takes the champ down with a jumping knee that gets him the pin and the win to become the new North American Champion!

Winner via pinfall and new NXT North American Champion: Trick Williams

We get footage of the four teams in the NXT Tag Team Championship bout meeting up at a restaurant, addressing recent events that have led us to the match tonight at No Mercy!

We then get footage from last Tuesday as Joe Gacy declares the Schism dead after what’s happened the past few weeks.

Back at ringside, the Creed Brothers make their way to the ring for our next contest! Out next are Angel and Humberto, followed by Bronco Nima and Lucien Price. Finally, the champs head out as Tony D’Angelo and Stacks make their way to the ring before this NXT Tag Team Championship match gets underway!

NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal Four-Way Match: Tony D’Angelo & Stacks defend against Bronco Nima & Lucien Price, The Creed Brothers, and Angel & Humberto

We start with Garza and Julius, who go at it before Humberto rushes in…and the match quickly turns into chaos with all eight men going at it! Things finally calm down as OTM get involved, trading tags as they wear down Creed in the ring…but Humberto blind tags in!

Stacks makes the tag as well as he goes after Carrillo, who launches himself for a cross body. Stacks responds with an inverted atomic drop and stomps to the groin before tagging in D’Angelo…Angel gets involved as well but are both taken down by The Family!

Eventually Garza gets a proper tag in as they double team D’Angelo…but an apparent injury leads to medical being called out as Stacks comes in to go after Carrillo who tags in. Stacks tries to fight out of a double team but he’s taken down by Humberto and Angel for another nearfall. The pair continue trading tags before Humberto gets a nearfall…but Humberto gets tagged out Nima! This leads to an OTM beatdown on Stacks as Price tags in, beating down Stacks in the corner.

Price cinches in a chinlock on Stacks now, as the latter slowly fights back to his feet before reaching to a tag to the Creeds…but nothing going as Scrypts intervenes! Brutus with a tag now as he goes after OTM…as well as Humberto and Angel when they rush into the ring! Brutus puts the straps down on his singlet before catching Angel with an ankle lock..but Humberto rushes in to break it up!

Chaos ensues as everyone else gets involved once again, but Garza is once again locked in an ankle lock until Humberto makes the save once more! OTM makes an alliance with Angel and Humberto as they beat down Stacks…until D’Angelo comes rushing down to the ring to even things out! We end up with all four teams spanning each turnbuckle…and with a four pillar superplex spectacular leading to all eight men laid out on the canvas!

Creeds and the Family are up first, having a chat before going at each other until they get rushed by OTM, who focus on D’Angelo as they look for the cover…BUT THE DON KICKS OUT!

Julius gets an assist by Angel to drop Price as things break down once more, leading to a Julius Bomb to the outside! In all the chaos, we end up seeing The Family managing to take Price down for the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Tony D’Angelo & Stacks

After a commercial for Fastlane, we cut to a vignette showing classic Cleveland, some WCW highlights on a certain Flyin’ one, and second-generation Superstars of WWE before the TV shown cuts out…revealing an awfully familiar face, but not one named before we cut away.

Backstage, Trick meets up with Carmelo who gives his buddy his due as he congratulates the new North American Champion.

We then cut to a video package highlighting the Global Heritage Invitational leading up to tonight’s Heritage Cup match between Butch and Noam Dar!

Back at ringside, Butch makes his way to the ring accompanied by Tyler Bate to get ready for this match. Out next is Noam Dar, accompanied by his Meta-Four friends as we get a reminder of the Heritage Cup rules. Ring introductions for challenger and champion lead to this match getting underway!

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match: Noam Dar defends against Butch

Both men exchange holds as this first round kicks off, neither having a firm advantage until Dar stops his own momentum against the ropes. Dar hits a couple hard kicks on Butch to lay him down on the canvas, and a side headlock gets broken as things speed up…until Butch lays the champ down! Butch goes right after the hand of Dar, bending it back toward the canvas before stomping it…and goes right back on it, really going to work on that arm as the first round comes to a close…and Dar wallops Butch at the bell!

Second round kicks off with Dar immediately on the attack, setting the challenger on the second rope for a kick before making the cover for a nearfall. The fight gets to the corner as Butch starts to fight back, sending the champ away with a hard punch. Enziguri party in the corner gives Butch a fighting chance here as he hits a Shining Wizard on Dar! The champ heads to the apron but ends up taking Ten Beats of the Bodhran for his troubles!

Meta-Four get involved which leads to Dar sneaking a pin after a sneak attack for the first fall of the match!

Noam Dar 1 – Butch 0

Round 3 starts with Butch hitting a running knee, but Dar is fighting back as both men end up down as a result. Butch picks up the pace as he sends Dar down to the outside, before climbing up top for a moonsault on the champ! Meta-Four try to intervene as Bate stops them, but Dar gets a nearfall on Butch as a result…followed by a kick to the chest!

Butch turns it around with a Bitter End and gets the pin to tie things up!

Noam Dar 1 – Butch 1

Round 4 starts with Butch in control, mounting up on the champ with hammer fists to wear him down. Dar looks for a knee bar, and transitions into a rear naked choke! Butch fights out of it but Dar immediately goes for an armbar on the challenger…which gets turned into one by Butch instead! Dar counters with a triangle hold, but Butch gets his shoulders on the canvas for a nearfall that breaks the hold! X-Plex by Butch but Dar kicks out!

Butch goes back to work on the champ, only for Dar to turn it around as he hits a suplex that gets him a nearfall in the late going of the round. Dar brings the challenger to the ropes, climbing up for an attack that turns into a submission hold! Seconds left here, and Dar looks out…but not before the round ends!

Noam Dar 1 – Butch 1

We’re up on Round 5 now and Dar is slow to his feet after that last round. Both men eventually trade strikes here, but Butch hits a flurry on him into the ropes before looking for the Bitter End…but Dar counters out! Dar is still wobbly but hits a single leg takedown on the challenger for a nearfall…BUT BUTCH KICKS OUT!

Dar struggles to the corner as he gets to the corner, climbing the turnbuckle…but is intercepted with a kick by Butch, who takes him down for a cover and a nearfall. Less than a minute now as both men end up on the apron…and Dar hits a brainbuster on Butch sending him to the hardest part of the ring! Dar slides back in for a cover but Butch kicks out again! Butch gets Dar’s hand again, bending it back for the final seconds of the round…stomping it right at the bell!

Noam Dar 1 – Butch 1

It all comes down to this in our 6th and Final Round, and both men go at each other with strikes before Butch hits a German suplex and a strike…only for Mensa to get involved, giving Dar an edge for the Nova Roller! Dar with the cover…AND BUTCH KICKS OUT ONCE MORE!

Bate goes after Mensa on the outside as Butch hits a Tiger Driver ’97 on the champ for a nearfall! Butch taken down into a knee bar by the champ now, but Butch breaks the hand to break the hold! Bitter End by Butch, but the champ kicks out! Gallus get involved beating down Tyler Bate, and as things turn to chaos Butch gets laid out by Joe Coffey as Noam Dar gets a pin and the win to retain!

Noam Dar 2 – Butch 1

Winner via 2-1 decision and still holding the NXT Heritage Cup: Noam Dar

We get a video package for Cora Jade and the NXT Deadline coming December 8, before NXT Halloween Havoc is announced as a 2-week special. With that, we go to a video package hyping up the NXT Championship match as Ilja Dragunov looks to defeat the Carmelo Dynasty to become champion tonight at No Mercy!

We get a shot of both challenger and champion before heading back to ringside, where Ilja Dragunov makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is the champion, showing off jerseys representing those that fell before the arriving Carmelo Hayes. The NXT Champion makes his way to the ring before we get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion alike, as this match gets underway!

NXT Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes defends against Ilja Dragunov

Ilja rushes right at the champ to start things off, wailing on him until Hayes starts to fight back…but Dragunov gets right back on the attack all the same. Hayes sent to the ropes as Dragunov stomps away at him, wearing the champ down before going after him in the corner with some chops! Ilja with a waistlock but Carmelo fights out of it, only to be sent over the top rope…and booted off the apron by the challenger!

Hayes slowly gets up as he slides into the ring, going back on the attack now with some punches before taking Dragunov to the corner. The offense continues as Hayes stays in control…but a rebound lariat sends him spiraling courtesy of Dragunov! Ilja with a senton to follow up, and rushes him with a series of chops in the corner followed by a boot to the back of the head of the champ…who manages to kick out!

Ilja catches him with a knee to the head to keep things in his favor as he continues a hot streak of offense. Now he stomps away at the head, followed by a forearm strike and a chop before Hayes fights back…but not for long, as he gets laid out by Dragunov! Ilja with another knee strike as the champ gets to his feet, only for the challenger to not lay up on him one bit with a chop to the back!

Hayes back in the corner now as Ilja hits another series of chops…but the champ comes back in, giving Dragunov a taste of his own medicine! Ilja responds with some more strikes, but is knocked down by the champ as both men end up on the canvas!

Eventually they end up getting to their knees as they start exchanging strikes, slowly building back up to their feet in the process before Ilja hits an enziguri…which is responded with one by Hayes! Champ with a springboard bulldog of sorts on the challenger…BUT DRAGUNOV KICKS OUT!

Ilja slow to his feet as Hayes sets up for something…but it never comes to fruition as Dragunov hits him with a side slam! He picks Hayes back up for a deadlift suplex, but Hayes fights off any attempt beyond the one…eventually dropping the challenger with a headscissors bulldog for the cover! BUT THE CHALLENGER KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Hayes gets to hsi feet as he stomps at Dragunov…but the challenger gets back to his feet to block a pump kick after, before hitting the champ with a knee strike! Dragunov hoists the champ up, sending Hayes on a one-way trip to the canvas with an elevated powerbomb…but the momentum sends Ilja falling back!

Challenger gets to hsi feet as he climbs the turnbuckle…leaping into a codebreaker! Except that this time, Dragunov catches Hayes, driving him into the canvas once again! Ilja back to the top, going Coast to Coast with a dropkick on the champ for the cover…BUT HAYES MANAGES TO KICK OUT!

Ilja is slow to his feet again but gets Hayes up on the turnbuckle, only for the champ to fight back as he gets to the top…but gets rocked with a fist by Dragunov, sending him to the apron! Ilja sets the champ up, taking him down…but Hayes counters a running attack with a codebreaker! Dragunov fights back, dropping the champ down hard with the top rope fist drop for a nearfall!

Ilja climbs up top again, going for another big fist drop! BUT HAYES KICKS OUT ONCE MORE…and Hayes gets a superkick on the challenger! Hayes with the cover…BUT DRAGUNOV WON’T GIVE UP, AS HE KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Hayes is in disbelief as the action heads to the apron, where both men end up trading strikes on the hardest part of the ring yet again before Hayes hits a cutter on Dragunov to the floor outside! The ref checks on both men before starting the count as Hayes brings the challenger back to his feet, sending him back into the ring before heading up the turnbuckle.

Hayes launches himself off the top rope…AND INTO A CLOTHESLINE BY DRAGUNOV! Ilja is struggling but he gets to the turnbuckle once more, and hits one more fist drop…and gets the pin and the win to become the new NXT Champion here tonight!

Winner via pinfall and new NXT Champion: Ilja Dragunov

We get a hype package for RAW on Monday as well as Tyler Bate and Roxanne Perez, followed by a look at the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament starting this Tuesday. We then see footage from the Kickoff leading to hype for this Tuesday on NXT, and then a video package hyping up our main event as Becky Lynch defends the NXT Women’s Championship against the woman she defeated for it weeks ago, Tiffany Stratton!

Back at ringside, that very challenger makes her way to the ring as Tiffany Stratton looks to prove herself capable of beating the likes of The Man for the title. We get a highlight reel of what said champion has done in the company before Becky Lynch heads to the ring to a massive pop from the crowd…but Becky steps back for a moment to unveil her shopping cart of not-so-goodies, weapons she collected backstage earlier tonight!

Tiffany has had enough of this, going after the champ as this match gets underway sans ring introductions!

Extreme Rules Match for the NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch defends against Tiffany Stratton

Becky puts on a hard hat as she headbutts the challenger, before turning her attention to a kendo stick to continue the attack. Tiffany escapes through the barricade and into the crowd…only to be intercepted by the champ! Becky goes after Stratton, sending the fight up through the crowd before the challenger starts to fight back…only for Becky to catch Tiffany with what appears to be a chain necklace!

The fight continues further up into the midsection of the crowd, until Tiffany hits the champ with her brass knuckles to turn things around. She escapes back down the stairs only to be caught by Becky, who continues a beatdown until both women end up back at ringside! Tiffany goes after some steel steps, slamming them into the champ for further damage.

Tiffany eventually sends Becky into the ring, where she lays the champ out before getting a nearfall. She acknowledges the crowd’s demands for a table as she heads out of the ring, looking underneath…but apparently a ruse as she ends up just going back in the ring. She lays into Lynch some more before going under the ring for a toolbox, hitting Becky with it before opening it to reveal a wrench!

Tiffany looks to throw a wrench in Becky’s plans as she starts using every tool at her disposal, following up with a pipe and finally getting a hammer…but Becky stops it, only to get taken down by Stratton with a sidewalk slam for a nearfall! Stratton still taunts the crowd as she gets a chair from ringside, using it against the champ for even more carnage until Becky starts fighting back. Becky finds herself caught by the challenger however, until she hits a missile dropkick and a basement dropkick to turn it back around.

Becky heads back to the shopping cart, only to empty it out and drive it into the challenger as Tiffany gets to her feet! Becky sends her into the car now, shoving it into the steel steps for added damage! Stratton sent back into the ring now as Becky grabs a bag, coming back in to empty it out…and it’s a bunch of dolls!

A modern take on an old classic as Becky drops the challenger onto the pile of dolls with a reverse DDT, but only gets a nearfall for her efforts! Stratton leaves the ring grabbing a trashcan lid, fending off an attack of dolls thrown at her until she slams it against Becky’s head! Tiffany on the apron now, but Becky intercepts before setting up a trashcan over her challenger…and hitting a leg drop from the top!

Becky goes for another one but Tiffany gets out of the way, eventually getting out of the bin…and hitting a spinebuster that drives Becky into it for a nearfall! Stratton heads back out of the ring as she reaches under the apron, pulling out some steel chairs shades of an old Philly promotion this match is named after before coming back into the ring.

Tiffany sets Becky up for a powerbomb onto the chairs, but is driven into them by The Man instead…who then locks in an armbar! Except that Tiffany pulls herself out of the ring, eventually setting Becky up for a bad time as she slams her on the steps!

Tiffany goes up top for a moonsault but is intercepted by Becky…only for the champ to be sent down hard to the outside! Tiffany back on the attack but Becky drives her away as the challenger gets slammed into the barricade. Becky turns her attention to the ring where she pulls out a table…only to be clocked with a kendo stick by Stratton!

Now it’s the challenger who sets the table up, but Becky has seemingly disappeared in the moment…only to reappear when she hits Stratton with a blast of fire extinguisher from under the ring! Becky comes out with a barbed wire baseball bat now, and things are truly getting extreme even as Stratton sends her back…and hits a big handspring back elbow driving both women through the barricade!

After a moment, Becky is able to get back into this as she sets Tiffany up on the announce table for a Manhandle Slam…but is sent back by Stratton, who hits a front flip senton on Becky on an announce chair! Tiffany sets Becky up on the table now before climbing to the top turnbuckle…where she hits a Swanton Bomb on The Man!

Stratton sends Becky back into the ring, where she climbs up top for another Swanton Bomb and the cover…BUT THE MAN KICKS OUT!

Both women are down as the crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME” in support of our main event, before Becky rolls out of the ring to the floor…where Stratton goes after her with a Prettiest Moonsault Ever! But Becky gets out of the way, hitting a Manhandle Slam! Becky sends her back in the ring for a cover…BUT TIFFANY KICKS OUT!

Becky goes for a Disarm-Her, but Tiffany fights out of it before setting Becky up on the chairs for a PME…but Becky rolls out of the way again, and Tiffany lands on the chairs! Becky with a Manhandle Slam on the steel chairs, and she makes the cover for the pin and the win to retain here at No Mercy!

Winner via pinfall and still NXT Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Becky gets a moment to celebrate her win before we cut backstage, where Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams meet up after Carmelo’s loss of the NXT Championship earlier tonight. Trick lets Hayes know he is still “HIM” as Hayes thanks him for his support, walking away before the show comes to a close.