WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023

NXT Vengeance Day Results
February 4, 2023
Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair introduces the show in a video package running down the card and the competitors on tonight’s show.

We go live to the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The arena isn’t quit sold out, but the crowd looks good. Booker T and Vic Joseph are on commentary.

-North American Championship Match: Wes Lee (c) defends against Dijak

The bell rings and the crowd is excited and chanting NXT! Both men lock up and Lee pushes of Dijak, who tells Lee to just give up. Lee locks up Dijak in a headlock. Dijak pushes off Lee and hits him with a shoulder tackle and tells Lee to just him the North American Championship as the fans cheer his name. Lee sends Dijak to the corner. Lee tries to pick up Dijak, but can’t. Lee leaps over the ropes and then sends Dijak to the turnbuckle and then dropkicks Dijak to the outside. Lee goes to the floor who picks up Lee and drops him on the floor onto the outside. Dijak rolls Lee back in the ring and makes two pin attempts, but Lee kicks out of both attempts. Dijak continues the offense with chops on Lee in the corner. Dijak picks up Lee and slams him down and covers him, but only gets a two count! Lee fires back with shots to the face, but Dijak picks up Lee and tosses over the top rope onto the floor! Dijak goes to the outside and sends Lee into the barricade as the ref starts the ten counts. Dijak rolls Lee back into the ring and attempts to pin him, but Lee kicks out! Dijak continues the nasty offense on Lee as fans boo loudly. Dijak picks up Lee and hits him with chops in the corner. Dijak runs at Lee and nails him with an elbow in the corner. As Dijak attempts another, Lee moves out of the way as Dijak hits the turnbuckle. Dijak tries to come back, but Lee hits Dijak with rights and lefts the gut. Lee takes Dijak down and kicks him in the back of the head. Lee tries to pick up Dijak and he does! He then drops him on his head! Lee covers Dijak, but he kicks out at two! Dijak and Lee are on the apron. Dijak picks up Lee, but he wiggles free and then Lee flips Dijak onto the floor and then runs and leaps over the top rope onto Dijak onto the floor! The fans go nuts! Dijak catches Lee who comes off the top rope, but Lee counters and drops him down on his head, and covers him – 1, 2 NO! Dijak kicks out! The fans start chanting this is awesome! Lee climbs to the top rope and misses the 450 splash, but Lee hits him with a superkick in the jaw. Dijak then picks up Lee and drops him with the high justice. Dijak then covers Lee – 1, 2 NO! Lee kicks out! Dijak has Lee locked up. Lee tries to counter, but Dijak has Lee in a body scissors and has Lee is a chokehold as the ref checks on him, but Lee starts to come to, and gets up as the fans chant his name. Dijak hoists up Lee and drops him. Lee then superkicks Dijak. Dijak starts laughing and smiling as Lee kicks him. Lee then run after Dijak and is met with a big boot to the face as Dijak covers him for only a two count! Dijak nails Lee again! Dijak covers Lee, but NO! Lee kicks out again at two! Dijak drags Lee to the corner. Dijak is on the top rope and picks up Lee. Lee counters with dropping Dijak. Lee climbs to the top and hits Dijak with a big splash. Lee covers Dijak – 1 – 2 NO! Dijak kicks out as the fans go crazy! Dijak and Lee are now on the outside. Dijak grabs a rolling chair and picks up Lee and puts him in it. Lee grabs a broom and puts on Lee’s lap and then kicks him in the face. Dijak then climbs to the top rope as the ref tries to get Dijak off the rope. Dijak leaps and hits Lee, as Angelo and Stacks tried to interfere. Lee and Dijak are back in the ring and Lee kicks Dijak in the face and then follows up with hitting Dijak again and then covers Dijak to get the pin to retain. During the post-match, there was a close up of Dijak’s middle finger on his left hand that looks like he either dislocated it or broke it. The commentary team never mentioned if he broke it or dislocated it.

I pulled this image from the Wrestleview Media Facebook Page. OUCH!



Back from break, they show backstage shots from earlier today with Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker arriving in the building.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champs. The champions say they are on the way to becoming the longest reigning NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

-NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter (c) defends against Fallon Henley and Kiana James

The bell rings and here we go. James and Henley are double teaming the champs. All four women are in the ring as they take each other out. James and Henley double team the champs. James is tagged in as in now legal. James attempts a pin on Chance, who kicks out at two. Henley is tagged in and drops Carter. Henley has Carter in a headlock , but she gets out of it. Chance is tagged in and is legal. Chance takes out both of the challengers with a dropkick. All the women are on the outside. Chance takes out the both Henley and James on the outside. Henley and Chance are back in the ring. Carter is tagged in. She gets tossed to the outside. Henley hits Carter with a neckbreaker as Henley covers her for only a two count. On the outside. Carter is taken out with cutter by Carter. In the ring, it’s Chance and Henley. Carter picks up Henley, but Henley hits her with a headbutt followed by chops. Chance tags in and drops Henley on her head and covers her – 1, 2 NO! Henley kicks out for the near fall. Chance gets taken out and goes to the floor. In the ring Henley covers Carter as James holds down Carters feet and just like that we have new champions!



Back from the break we have a video package leading up to the Crews/Hayes two-out-of-three-falls match.

-Two-out-of-three falls match: Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes

The bell rings and here we go. Bothe men stare down each other with intensity. Both men lock up as Crews takes down Hayes who comes back up. Crews has Hayes in an armbar, but Hayes breaks free. Hayes trash talks Crews. Hayes takes down Crews, but Crews comes back and has Hayes in a headlock. The hold is broken as the fans applaud both men. Hayes locks up Crews, but Crews counters and puts Hayes in a headlock and takes him down to the mat. Hayes counters hit and has Hayes in a scissors headlock. Crews rolls over and puts Hayes in a headlock. Crews swings at Hayes, but misses. Hayes then nails Crews with a slap to the mouth. Crews then comes back and slaps Hayes who falls to the mat as Crews tells Hayes to get back up. Hayes attempts a dropkick on Crews, but Crews catches him. Hayes goes to the top rope and leaps but is met with a huge drop kick by Crews. In the corner, Crews takes out Hayes in the corner. Crews chops Hayes and then tosses him to the turnbuckle and then picks up Hayes and drops him. Crews grabs Hayes who goes to the ropes to break the hold. Crews grabs Hayes and drops him with a huge German Suplex. Crews is on the apron and Hayes slides out. Crews on the outside is being distracted by Trick Willams. Hayes is taken out by Crews. Crews then climbs to apron and hits a moonsault on Hayes on the outside. Both men are back in the ring. Trick grabs a chair and sits in it on the outside. Crews picks up Hayes and holds him with a delayed vertical suplex and then drops him. Crews covers Hayes, who kicks out at two. Hayes is in the corner and as Crews leaps, Hayes drops him on the ropes as Crews goes to the outside, but is rolled back in the ring by Hayes. Hayes then punches crews and then has Crews is a submission move with trying to wear down Crews. Hayes then puts Crews in a headlock move. rews makes it back to the his feet. Hayes then drops Crews on his throat on the ropes. Hayes covers Crews, who kicks out at two! Crews fights back with chops on Hayes, but Crews gets dropped with a short arm clothesline. Hayes grabs Crews arm and tells him to get up. Crews then comes back with multiple German Suplexes on Hayes. Hayes makes it back to his feet, only to be back dropped by Crews as both men are down. The ref checks on Crews. Crews comes back with a series of kicks on Hayes. Crews hits Hayes with another clothesline. Both men are trading blows. Hayes goes to the apron as Crews kicks Hayes in the face who goes down. Crews picks up Hayes and suplexes over the ropes and covers him, but Hayes kicks out at two! Crews picks up Hayes and hits him with several knee strikes to the face. Hayes is up and attempts a pin on Crews, but only gets a two count! Hayes picks up Crews and drops him with a huge cutter and covers him, but NO! Crews kicks out. Hayes puts Crews in a cross face and holds on as Crews taps!


Crews gets up and goes to the corner. Hayes goes after Crews but both men exchange blows. Hayes comes back and grabs Crews, but is met with blows by Crews. Hayes then tosses Crews as his neck hits the rope. Crews comes back and hits Hayes with a series of German Suplexes and then follows up with a shooting star press. Crews covers Hayes, but Hayes kicks out at two! Hayes goes back to the neck of Crews and covers him. 1, 2, NO! Crews kicks out. Crews out of nowhere hits Hayes with a DDT and then covers Hayes – 1, 2 NO! Hayes kicks out! Hayes is up on the top rope as Crews follows. Both men drop each for a crash and burn to the floor. Trick Willians is jawing at Crews. Hayes rolls in the ring and Crews just breaks the refs ten count by rolling in the ring. Crews hits Hayes with a knee to the jaw. Hayes tries a cross face, but Crews counters it. Crews then picks up Hayes and drops him down as both men are down. Trick Williams exposes a turnbuckle as the ref checks on both Hayes and Crews. Hayes tries to kick Crews, but shakes it off and unloads on Hayes. Crews drops Hayes on the exposed turnbuckle. Dabba comes out and takes out Trick Wiliams. Hayes flies through the air and hits Crews with a cutter and then climbs to the top rope and drops a huge knee on the back of the neck of Crews, covers him and gets the win!


Post-Match: Crews is picked up and hugged by Dabba-Kato who makes his return. He then turns on Crews with a huge headbutt to a series of boos. He picks up Crews and drops him on a chair in the ring. The fans are booing loudly.

We go to a backstage segment with the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions celebrating their win.


-NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal Four-Way Match: The New Day (c) vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus vs. Chase University

The fans in the Spectrum Center begin chanting New Day Rocks! The bell rings and here we go! Kingston and Prince of Pretty Deadly kick things off. Kingston has Prince locked up. Woods is tagged in and hits Prince with chops. Woods sends Prince to the outside. As both members of Pretty Deadly are on the outside, Woods hits them with drops kicks. Back in the ring, Woods picks up Prince and drops him. Andre Chase is tagged in and picks up Kit Wilson who is now tagged in. Mark Coffey gets tagged. Wolfgang gets tagged by Mark. Gallus double teams Kit Wilson. Woods in then tagged in and unloads on Mark Coffey. Coffey tags in Wolfgang and sends Woods to the corner of Pretty Deadly. Prince is tagged in and stomps on Woods. Kit Wilson is tagged and is working on the arm of Woods as the fans chant New Day Rocks! Woods breaks out the hold, but is met with an elbow by Wilson. Prince is tagged in. Prince continues to work on Prince. Prince turns around and hits Chase U with cheap shots. Woods is able to make the tag to Kingston who drops Prince with a series of highflying moves. Kingston then takes out Mark Coffey. Kingston and Prince are in the ring. Kingston drops Prince and covers him, but it’s not enough to retain. Pretty Deadly are in as everyone else is down on the outside. They double team Kingston. Woods is back up, comes back in helps Kingston. Kofi climbs the top rope and lands on Prince. He covers him, but all the other teams come in a break it up. Kingston and Andre Chase are on the top rope as Kingston is pushed off to the outside and lands on the other teams. Wilson climbs up on the top rope and and has Andre Chase. Wilson suplexes Andre Chase on the other teams on the outside! Gallus takes out Andre Chase. Duke Hudson cleans house and clears the announce table. Pretty Deadly take him out and try to suplex him on the announce table, but Hudson counters. Pretty Deadly take him out and roll back in the ring where Hudson is. Hudson comes back and takes out both Wilson, Prince and then Mark Coffey who comes in the ring. Both Coffey and Hudson are down. Hudson pops up and goes after Coffey who rolls to the outside. Hudson is fighting Gallus on the outside, but its too much as Gallus picks up Hudson and slams him on the announce table as the fans chant NXT! Gallus enter the ring as Andre Chase is left in the ring. He comes back and fights off both members of Gallus. He then stomps on Mark Coffey. He climbs on top rope and hits Coffey with a crossbody, but Coffey kicks out at two. Andre has Coffey locked in a figure four, but Wolfgang breaks it up. Coffey attempts to pin Andre, but he kicks out at two! On the outside, Pretty Deadly takes out Kingston on the floor. Back in the ring Woods is on the rope and is caught by Mark Coffey who drops him and Coffey then covers Woods for the three, as we have new NXT Tag Team Champions!



We go to a video package with Roxanne Perez winning the NXT Women’s Championship and leading up to the title NXT Women’s Triple Threat Match.

-NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne

The bell rings and here we go! Gigi and Jacy surround Roxanne, who is able to fight them both off. Jacy and Gigi come back and double team Roxanne and taunt the crowd who boos loudly. Gigi picks up Roxanne and drops her. Jacy attempts to pin Roxanne, but Roxanne kicks out. Both Jacy and Gigi them gang up on Roxanne. Roxanne attempts to come back with offense. Roxanne takes out both Gigi and Jacy as they roll to the outside. Roxanne takes out Gigi and then Jacy attempts to take out Roxanne, but hits Gigi instead. Back in the ring, Roxanne attempts to cover Jacy who kicks out at two. Jacy hits Roxanne with a neckbreaker and follows up with chops to the chest. Jacy then kicks Roxanne in the back and covers Roxanne to only a two count. Jacy has Roxanne in a headlock and then drops her. Gigi pulls out Jacy and says they need to work together. Roxanne comes back to take out Gigi, but Gigi pulls Jacy and Roxanne hits her with a drop kick through the ropes. Gigi and Roxanne are on the apron as Gigi drops Roxanne on the apron. Gigi attempts to pin Roxanne as Jacy pulls Gigi off Roxanne. Jacy and Gigi yak at each other as they get into a shoving match while Roxanne is on the outside. Both women then get into slapping match. Jacy takes down Gigi and attempts to pin her, but she kicks out. Jacy tries to pin Gigi, but Jacy kicks out. Roxanne comes back in and takes out both women. Roxanne grabs both Gigi and Jacy and hits them both with a Russian Leg Sweep DDT. Gigi is down in the corner as Jacy comes back with the offense on Roxanne. Jacy hits Roxanne with a huge knee as Jacy covers Roxanne but the pin attempt is broken up by Gigi. A fight breaks out between Jacy and Gigi. Roxanne comes in hits Jacy and tries two pin attempts. Roxanne kicks Jacey in the face. Gigi then kicks Roxanne and then Jacy. Gigi covers Roxanne, but Jacy kicks Gigi to break the pin. The fans begin to chant lets Roxy, lets go Gigi! All three women are down and exchange headbutts. Roxanne is up, Gigi is up and Jacy then gets up. Gigi gets headbutted by Jacy who falls on Roxanne. The ref counts, but Roxanne kicks out. Gigi calls for Jacy to get the table. The table is set up on the outside as Roxanne is out. Gigi and Jacy try to put Roxanne through the table, but she counters. Roxanne hits a pop rocks on Gigi on the outside. Roxanne rolls Jacy into the ring and climbs to to top rope, but is met by a kick from Jacy. Both women are on the top rope. Roxanne blocks Jacy’s superplex. Gigi climbs to top, but is pushed off and lands on the table as is breaks. Roxanne drops Jacy with a super pop rocks from the top rope and covers her to retain!



Back from the break, the cage, with no roof is being lowered. We get a video package leading up to this match.

-NXT Championship Steel Cage Match: Bron Breakker (c) defends against Grayson Waller

As Breakker enters the cage, Waller takes him out with the door. The action is on the outside with Breakker taking out Waller with punches and then the cage door to the head. Breakker then picks up Waller and pushes him through the cage door as Breakker enters and the bell rings. Waller tries to climb the cage, but is grabbed by Breakker. Waller hits Breakker and drives his knee into Waller, but Breakker comes back with an old school Steiner Line on Waller! Breakker picks up Waller and drops him down and follows up with a moonsault on Waller. Breakker picks up Waller, but Waller counters it and then nails Breakker with a right hand and then second right hand. Waller then hits Breakker with a DDT. Waller covers Breakker, but he kicks out at two. Waller then mocks Breakker with a bark of his own. Breakker tries to fight back, but Waller counters it with a punch as Breakker goes down. Waller tries to cover Breakker who kicks out at two! Breakker gets back up and grabs Waller and drops him a belly-to-belly suplex. Breakker then drops Waller again. Breakker climbs to the top rope and drops Waller with a bulldog. Waller gets up and Breakker charges at him, but he moves and Breakker hits his head and shoulders on the steel. Waller in control, picks up Breakker and hits him with a series of punches. Waller then tosses Breakker into the steel head first. Waller covers Breakker, but NO! Breakker kicks out at two. As Breakker gets up, Waller drives him into the steel. Breakker gets up and picks up Waller, but Waller pokes Breakker in the eyes. Waller then drops Breakker with what Booker T called a surfboard. Waller covers Breakker, but it’s not enough as Breakker kicks out at two. Waller is on the top rope, but Breakker comes and drops him with a Frankensteiner and covers Waller, who kicks out at two! Breakker is up on the second rope and comes down, but Waller counters with a knee to the face of Breakker. Waller then from the top hits Breakker with an elbow on Breakker. Waller covers him, but NO! Breakker kicks out! Waller ties up Breakker in the ropes and nails him with a series of running kicks. Waller then slaps Breakker who is still tied up in the ropes. Breakker looks to be fading. Waller nails Breakker in the gut. Breakker then breaks out of the ropes as Waller tries to climb the cage. Breakker grabs Waller and tosses him into the steel and then picks him up and tosses him into the steel as Waller goes down. Waller comes back with a low-blow on Breakker and then hits him with a stunner! Waller covers Breakker – 1 – 2 – NO! Breakker kicks out! Waller trash talks Breakker who is down. Waller then looks up as we get lets go Waller – Waller sucks chants. Waller hoists himself up on the top of the cage as Breakker is now standing. Breakker tries to get out, but Breakker climbs up and grabs Waller for a huge superplex! The fans begin to bark and chant NXT! Breakker then comes back with a huge spear on Waller. Breakker won’t go for the cover as Waller stands up and trash talks Waller and says that its his dog pound and he runs NXT (sounding like his Uncle Scott). Breakker picks up Waller and then drops him with another huge spear and covers him to retain!


Post-Match, Breakker is on the top of the cage celebrating as Carmelo Hayes walks out as the show goes off the air showing Breakker holding up the title on top of the cage.