WWE Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Royal Rumble Results
January 31, 2021
St. Petersburg, Florida (Tropicana Field)
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting the 34th annual Royal Rumble special. We go live into the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida to see a big pyrotechnics display.

WWE Championship
Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre (c)

Before the bell, McIntyre gives Goldberg a Glasgow Kiss and follows up with a Spear! McIntyre knocks him out of the ring, but Goldberg punches him and bounces him off the steps. Goldberg then spears the WWE Champion through the barricade. This match has not started yet.

Goldberg gets in the ring and waits for the champion to get in the ring. McIntyre pulls himself up and is in pain. McIntyre slowly gets in the ring, and the referee checks on him. McIntyre growls, “Ring the damn bell!” The bell rings. McIntyre knees him in the face trying for a Spear and connects with a Claymore Kick for a near fall. McIntyre cannot believe it. McIntyre gets up and goes for another Claymore Kick, but Goldberg avoids it. Goldberg connects with a Spear, gets to his feet, sizes McIntyre up, and connects with a second Spear. Goldberg covers, but he only gets a two count.

Goldberg signals for the end. Goldberg connects with a Jackhammer, but McIntyre just barely kicks out. Goldberg is stunned. Goldberg returns to the corner and sizes McIntyre up. McIntyre sidesteps him, and Goldberg runs into the turnbuckles. McIntyre sets up in the corner and crushes Goldberg with a Claymore Kick for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Goldberg slowly gets to his feet and looks at McIntyre. Goldberg is completely gassed. Goldberg walks up to McIntyre and shakes his hand. They embrace, and Goldberg raises McIntyre’s arm up. Goldberg walks off, and McIntyre poses in the ring with the WWE Championship.

Sasha Banks is interviewed backstage and she’s not worried about the odds being stacked against her with Carmella and Reginald.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Carmella w/ Reginald vs. Sasha Banks (c)

The bell rings to start this match. Banks quickly takes her down and goes for a Bank Statement, but Carmella quickly gets out and leaves the ring. Carmella talks a little trash from ringside and gets on the apron. Banks takes Carmella down with a waistlock as she gets in the ring. Banks reverses a whip to the corner, but Carmella slingshots over her. Banks fights back with a springboard arm drag before chopping her. Banks grabs the arm and goes to the top rope, but Carmella knocks her to the apron. Reginald gets on the apron, but Banks gets on the floor and rips him off to the floor. Banks gets on the apron, but Carmella knocks her back down. Carmella drives into Banks with an assist from Reginald. Carmella gets her in the ring for a two count.

Carmella elbows away at Banks in the corner and taunts her. Carmella knees her in the face and applies a head-scissor while hanging over the ropes for five seconds. Carmella releases before being disqualified. Carmella pulls her down for a sit-out slam for a two count. Carmella quickly goes to a rear chin lock. Carmella swings her around before putting her on the top rope. Banks knocks her back and hits a meteora for a two count. Banks seems to have tweaked her knee. Carmella tries to tie Banks’ hair on the bottom rope, but fails. She stomps away at Banks and talks some trash. Banks fights up and hits a slingshot dropkick for a near fall.

Carmella fights back at Banks to get out of the Three Amigos and throws her out of the ring. Reginald catches Banks in a cradle. Banks counters into a head-scissor takeover and connects with a forearm. The referee ejects Reginald from ringside. Carmella connects with a suicide dive and lands right on her face at a scary angle. Carmella is down for a few moments before putting her in the ring for a two count.

Banks starts to fight back and hits a suplex. Banks goes for a Frog Splash, but Carmella gets the knees up and applies the Code of Silence. Banks fights out of it and hits a sliding knee to the face. Carmella fights out of a Bank Statement, but Banks fights back with a kick. Banks comes off the top rope, but Carmella superkicks her out of midair. Carmella hits a second superkick for a near fall. Carmella grabs her, but Banks fights back and applies the Bank Statement for the win.

Winner by Submission and still SmackDown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E is backstage with Xavier Woods. Sami Zayn comes up and is not happy that Big E was gifted with his championship. Zayn says he’s surprised he’s not number one in the Royal Rumble with how he’s been screwed. Kofi Kingston comes up and scares Zayn. Zayn goes away. Kingston says he’s not medically cleared to compete, but he’s here to support them. Tonight could be the night they’re set on the path to WrestleMania. When one of them wins the Royal Rumble, they all win the Royal Rumble.

Bad Bunny performs Booker T. Booker T is standing alongside him in what looks to be his G.I. Bro attire.

Video Package: Royal Rumble

30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

No. 1: Bayley

No. 2: Naomi

Naomi gets the better of Bayley at the sound of the bell and hits her with a head-scissor takeover.

No. 3: Bianca Belair

Belair immediately goes after Bayley and dropkicks her. Belair slams Bayley down and hits a handspring splash. Naomi goes for Belair, but they fumble through a power spot.

No. 4: Billie Kay

Billie Kay immediately goes to commentary and has not entered the match yet. Bayley nearly eliminates Belair and Naomi as they continue to attack each other. Bayley goes for a cross-body block on them, but they move.

No. 5: Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart hits a missile dropkick on Bayley before kicking Belair in the head. Blackheart kicks Naomi in the midsection and throws her over the top rope onto the apron. Blackheart splashes Bayley on the ropes and tries to eliminate Belair. Bayley grabs Blackheart, but Blackheart elbows her back.

No. 6: Shayna Baszler

The new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion makes her way to the ring. Billie Kay walks up to her and looks for a partnership. Baszler whiffs on a punch and sends Kay into the barricade. Belair attacks everyone in the ring with kicks and knees. Baszler hits Naomi with a spinebuster. Naomi and Belair try to eliminate her, but Baszler holds on.

No. 7: Toni Storm

Billie Kay tries to get another partnership with her, but Storm blows her off. Storm hits Blackheart and Bayley with German Suplexes. Storm hits running hip attacks on Blackheart and Naomi. Naomi soon punches her back and hits a Rear View. Baszler attacks Naomi and forearms Storm. Blackheart hits Baszler with a knee to the face and goes for a kick, but Baszler blocks her. Baszler then throws Blackheart over the top rope to eliminate her.

Shotzi Blackheart has been eliminated.

No. 8: Jillian Hall

Jillian agrees to partner with Kay. They attack Naomi in the ring. They try to eliminate Naomi, but she holds on.

No. 9: Ruby Riott

Riott clotheslines Bayley and slams Belair. Riott then hits Storm with some short-arm forearms. Storm goes for a German Suplex, but Riott elbows her. Storm fights back and hits a German Suplex. Storm goes for a suplex, but Kay pulls Riott down. Riott then superkicks Storm. Kay and Jillian, known as “Billie and Jilly,” go for Naomi again.

No. 10: Victoria

Victoria runs wild on the women with clotheslines. Victoria hits Bayley with a back body drop before hitting Riott with a swinging sidewalk slam. Victoria hits a scoop slam on Bayley. Noami dropkicks Victoria, and she goes out under the bottom rope. Victoria takes Naomi down and hits a slingshot leg drop.

No. 11: Peyton Royce

Royce elbows and kicks Riott down before throwing her over the top rope, but Riott hangs on. Royce and Kay attack Victoria. It’s an IIconics reunion. They kick Victoria down. Bayley attacks Kay from behind, so Royce hits a modified Widow’s Peak. Victoria takes exception with this and crushes Royce with a Widow’s Peak.

No. 12: Santana Garrett

Garrett forearms Storm down before sending Riott to the corner. Garrett hits a handspring back elbow on Storm before going back to Riott. Garrett sends Riott over the top rope, but Riott holds on. On the other side of the ring, Belair is barely hanging on, but she gets back in.

No. 13: Liv Morgan

Morgan kicks Garrett back and hits a flatliner on Bayley. Morgan hits Belair with double knees. The Riott Squad start to team with each other. Jillian turns on Billie and hits a Samoan Drop. Billie soon eliminates Jillian. Billie celebrates a little too much, so the Riott Squad eliminates her.

Jillian Hall has been eliminated.
Billie Kay has been eliminated.

No. 14: Rhea Ripley

Ripley viciously takes down Morgan and Belair. Ripley dropkicks Storm and eliminates her.

Toni Storm has been eliminated.

Ripley grabs Riott and forearms her. Victoria has Bayley in a tarantula on the ropes. Baszler grabs Victoria in a Kirifuda Clutch over the ropes, and Victoria falls to the floor.

Victoria has been eliminated.

Ripley puts Garrett over the top rope, but Garrett splits down to try to survive. Ripley then kicks her off to the floor.

Santana Garrett has been eliminated.

No. 15: Charlotte Flair

Flair gets in the ring and takes Ripley down before hitting a fallaway slam on Morgan. Riott is going to German Suplex Royce off the apron, but Bayley slides under and powerbombs Riott to the floor to eliminate her! Yikes! Bayley is still in since she went under the bottom rope.

Ruby Riott has been eliminated.

No. 16: Dana Brooke

Brooke hits a missile dropkick on some women before going back to the top rope and hitting a somersault senton. Brooke misses a handspring back elbow in the one corner, but hits another one before hitting a blockbuster. Morgan tries to eliminate Bayley with a head-scissor over the top rope, but Royce saves Bayley and eliminates Morgan.

Liv Morgan has been eliminated.

No. 17: Torrie Wilson

Wilson takes some women down, loses her spot in the ring, and hits Brooke with a chop. Wilson gives Bayley an X-Factor before giving Royce a suplex. Wilson hits Flair with a takedown. Brooke tries to eliminate Ripley, but Ripley fights back and brings her over the top rope with one arm. Ripley then powerbombs her on the apron, and Brooke falls to the floor. That was nasty.

Dana Brooke has been eliminated.

No. 18: Lacey Evans

Ric Flair’s music hit initially, and he walks out to the stage. Flair then introduces Lacey Evans, who comes out wearing the robe Charlotte Flair wore during her entrance. Flair blindsides Evans as she gets in the ring and stomps away at her. There are feathers from the robe everywhere. They brawl under the bottom rope. Flair pounds her down at ringside. Flair gets on the apron and avoids an attack from Royce. Flair pulls her over, Royce trips, and falls to the floor. That didn’t look like it went as planned. Baszler eliminated Wilson, and Belair eliminates Bayley. The cameras missed that last one.

Peyton Royce has been eliminated.
Torrie Wilson has been eliminated.
Bayley has been eliminated.

No. 19: Mickie James

James hits a head-scissor on Belair before hitting a neckbreaker on Naomi. Flair and James get into a shoving match. Flair puts her on the top rope, but James fights back with a hurricanrana. Flair soon takes her down and stomps away at her.

No. 20: Nikki Cross

Cross takes Baszler down and hits a neckrbeaker on Naomi. Cross cannonballs Namoi and starts avalanching everyone in the ring. Cross hits a bulldog on Belair before splashing Baszler in the corner. Cross shoves Ripley and hits a tornado DDT. Cross hits Flair with a jawbreaker. Flair counters out of a tornado DDT from Cross and puts her on the top rope.

No. 21: Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox gets in the ring, and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs down. Fox is not happy. The 24/7 geeks come out to chase him. R-Truth and Fox fight them off. Fox then rolls R-Truth up to win the WWE 24/7 Championship in the Royal Rumble match.

No. 22: Mandy Rose

Rose forearms Fox and shoves her to the corner. Fox rolls her up, but Rose knees her in the head before eliminating her.

Alicia Fox has been eliminated.

R-Truth immediately rolls Fox up to win back the WWE 24/7 Championship and runs off while being chased. Back in the ring, Cross jumps on Rose’s back. Rose powers her off and clotheslines her down.

No. 23: Dakota Kai

Kai takes a few women down before going for Ripley. Kai gets out of a slam from Ripley and hits a scorpion kick. Kai goes to eliminate Ripley, but Ripley fights it. James gets put on the apron, and Lacey Evans hits a Woman’s Right for the elimination.

Mickie James has been eliminated.

Belair puts Naomi on the apron and kicks the legs, but Naomi stays on the apron.

No. 24: Carmella

While Carmella regroups with Reginald, Ripley KILLS Kai with a slam onto the apron to eliminate her. Rose is soon eliminated by Ripley as well. Ripley has 5 eliminations.

Dakota Kai has been eliminated.
Mandy Rose has been eliminated. 

Cross throws Carmella over the top rope as soon as she gets in, but Reginald catches her and puts her back in the ring. Carmella then eliminates Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross has been eliminated.

No. 25: Tamina

Tamina superkicks Reginald, who drops Carmella. Carmella is also eliminated by that.

Carmella has been eliminated.

Tamina gets in the ring and squares off against Ripley. They brawl until Ripley kicks her. Belair puts Naomi on the apron and takes her down, but Naomi manages to stay on. Belair knocks Naomi to the floor, but her feet don’t touch. Naomi pulls Belair’s hair to pull herself back up. They’re both hanging on the bottom rope and power back in to prevent elimination.

No. 26: Lana

Lana is quickly steamrolled by Tamina. Naomi hits a leg split leg drop on Belair and nearly eliminates her, but Belair holds on. Flair tries to eliminate Evans, but she holds on.

No. 27: Alexa Bliss

Bliss powers Naomi down and forearms Flair. Belair hits double knees on Naomi and dropkicks Ripley. All the women team up to take Bliss down and punch away at her. They clear away as the lights start to go out. Bliss is starting to transform, but Ripley eliminates her.

Alexa Bliss has been eliminated.

No. 28: Ember Moon

Moon attacks everyone and absolutely crushes Naomi with a dropkick. Moon hits a diving double knee on Tamina and someone else. Lana tries to eliminate Moon, but Moon takes her down.

No. 29: Nia Jax

The other half of the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions makes her way down. Jax and Baszler get in the ring. Lacey Evans is eliminated by Baszler, while Jax eliminates Ember Moon. Jax and Baszler then power Naomi over the top rope.

Lacey Evans has been eliminated.
Ember Moon has been eliminated.
Naomi has been eliminated.

Tamina squares off against them. Tamina superkicks Jax, who is her cousin. Baszler kicks Tamina and helps Jax eliminate her.

Tamina has been eliminated.

Jax and Baszler start attacking each other. Ripley attacks Baszler, but Baszler turns her inside out with a slam. Jax then eliminates Baszler.

Shayna Baszler has been eliminated.

Lana jumps on Jax’ back and applies a sleeper hold. Jax powers her off and chases her around ringside. Lana slaps Jax in the face getting in the ring. Jax angrily charges, but Lana pulls the top rope down to eliminate her.

Nia Jax has been eliminated.

No. 30: Natalya

Jax and Baszler viciously attack Natalya while she’s coming down the ramp. Jax and Baszler get back in the ring and run roughshod over the rest of the competition. They then leave the ring together, but not before throwing Natalya into the ring.

Lana attacks Natalya, but Natalya takes her down and eliminates her.

Lana has been eliminated.

The final four are Rhea Ripley, Natalya, Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair. Natalya takes Ripley down. Ripley reverses a whip to the corner, but Natalya sidesteps her. Natalya puts Ripley on the apron and knocks her down with a discus forearm. Natalya reaches over the top rope, but Ripley pulls her over to the floor to eliminate her.

Natalya has been eliminated.

It’s down to Flair, Ripley, and Belair. Flair attacks both women, but Ripley and Belair club her down. Flair kicks Belair and forearms Ripley before hitting Belair with an exploder. Flair points at the WrestleMania sign hanging in the arena. Ripley drops Flair on the apron, but Flair fights her away. Belair hits a handspring kick on Flair, but she holds on. Ripley and Belair then attack Flair to eliminate her!

Charlotte Flair has been eliminated.

Ripley and Belair go over the top rope together and precariously hang on the bottom rope. They agree to get back in the ring. Ripley is nearly eliminated, but she gets in and nearly eliminates Belair. They then take each other down with hair pulls. They’re fighting on their knees before Ripley gets her in the electric chair. Belair counters into a Glam Slam attempt. Ripley gets out and goes for Riptide, but Belair gets out. Belair tries for a KOD, but Ripley gets out. Belair then eliminates Ripley with a clothesline over the top rope!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Kayla Braxton interviews Bianca Belair in the ring. Belair is crying and says she proved she’s the best. She calls out her parents and says she did it. Belair celebrates while pyrotechnics go off.

The Miz and John Morrison talk to Bad Bunny backstage. Bad Bunny isn’t interested in them, and Booker T comes up to tell them he hopes he didn’t just say something.

The Kickoff Show panel talks about the Royal Rumble result and showcase Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeating Charlotte Flair and Asuka to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. R-Truth walks up, and Peter Rosenberg low blows him and pins him to win the championship. Rosenberg runs off with the WWE 24/7 Championship. R-Truth runs after him.

Video Package: WWE Universal Championship

WWE Universal Championship – Last Man Standing
Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (c) w/ Paul Heyman

The bell rings, and they immediately start brawling. Owens knocks Reigns back momentarily, but Reigns quickly responds with a right hand. Owens goes for a Stunner, but Reigns gets out and connects with a Superman Punch. The referee counts, but Owens is up at 4. Reigns goes for a Spear, but Owens kicks him and hits a Pop-up Powerbomb. The referee starts to count, but Reigns gets to his feet at 4. Reigns falls out of the ring to recover. Owens goes outside and charges, but Reigns catches him in a Samoan Drop position. Owens slides off, but Reigns sends him into the steel steps. Reigns then CRUSHES Owens with a Spear at ringside. Owens is back up at 7.

Reigns grabs the top half of the steel steps and drills them right into Owens. Reigns hits a second shot into Owens. Owens slowly gets up, and Reigns hits a third shot with the steps. Reigns stalks him and goes for a fourth shot, but Owens superkicks him. Owens bounces Reigns off the steps a few times and sends him into the video wall of the ThunderDome. Owens lays Reigns on a platform and climbs a ledge. Reigns attacks him before he can jump onto him. Reigns hits him with a chair and throws him around to different levels in Tropicana Field. Owens grabs the steel chair and drills it into the knees of Reigns before cracking it off his back. Reigns fights back and hits Owens with the chair a few times. Owens drives him into the video wall and hits a Stunner. Reigns avoids being pushed off the ledge and Superman Punches him. Reigns then shoves Owens off the ledge through some tables. Owens somehow beats the count and stumbles to the back.

Owens is having a hard time walking backstage and winds up by the practice ring in the stadium. The referee checks on Owens and all of a sudden Reigns HITS Owens with a golf cart! Owens somehow, someway gets to his feet at 9. Owens attacks, but Reigns viciously beats him down. Owens is back up at 8. Reigns taunts him, so Owens takes him down and wildly punches away at him. Owens throws Reigns into the road crates and says he’s more man than Reigns will ever be. Owens then hits a Pop-up Powerbomb on a commentary table backstage that doesn’t break. Owens climbs some crates and splashes Reigns through it! Reigns barely beats the count at 9. Reigns soon falls back down.

The Head of the Table is at the feet of Kevin Owens. Owens drives him into a ladder set up. Reigns gets up at 9, and Owens immediately feeds him a ladder to the forehead. Reigns lands on some tables. Owens sees a forklift and gets in it. Owens lifts the platform all the way up and climbs up onto it. Owens hits a senton bomb through Reigns and the tables! Wow! Reigns just barely beats the count once again.

Reigns is crawling away. Owens grabs him, and the Money in the Bank briefcase is seen nearby. They brawl to Gorilla Position and fight onto the stage. Owens throws him down, and Reigns is up at 9. Reigns begs him off before catching him with a Superman Punch. Reigns then connects with a Spear through the LED wall on the stage. Owens beats the count after a few dramatic moments. Reigns follows Owens and they brawl. Reigns gets the advantage and viciously punches him down. Reigns is carrying handcuffs. Owens fights back and hits a Stunner on the floor. Owens grabs the handcuffs Reigns was holding and punches him with them. Owens then handcuffs Reigns to the lowest part of a lighting trellis. The referee is counting him down, so Reigns grabs the referee and pulls him headfirst into the trellis to stop him from counting. Reigns then low blows Owens. Paul Heyman runs over with the keys and takes the handcuffs off Reigns. A new referee runs out and starts counting. Heyman and Reigns are having trouble with the handcuffs and the referee just stops counting. Reigns is on his feet in a crouched position. They struggle mightily with the handcuffs before they finally come off.

Reigns grabs Owens and applies a guillotine choke. Reigns takes him down and cinches it in. Owens is unconscious. Reigns gets to his feet, and Owens is counted down.

Winner and still WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

WrestleMania 37 is 69 days away.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

No. 1: Edge

No. 2: Randy Orton

Edge attacks Orton as he’s making his entrance and beats him down the ramp. Edge sends him into the LED apron and gets him in the ring. The Royal Rumble officially begins. Edge attacks him, and Orton goes under the bottom rope. Edge follows under the bottom rope and sends him into the barricade. Edge then sends Orton into the steel steps. Edge beats Orton over to the commentary table and punches away at him.

No. 3: Sami Zayn

Edge fights Orton into the ring. Zayn clips Edge’s knee and takes him down. Orton punches away at Edge. Orton and Zayn are double-teaming Edge.

No. 4: Mustafa Ali

The leader of RETRIBUTION gets in the ring and stares at Zayn and Orton. Ali then attacks Edge. They’re triple-teaming Edge. Orton and Zayn hold Edge up for Ali to punch. Ali shouts about Edge taking a spot from young people at his age. Meanwhile Orton is 40 and Zayn is 36. They try to eliminate Edge, but he holds on.

No. 5: Jeff Hardy

Hardy hits a sit-out jawbreaker on Orton, but Ali and Zayn immediately cut him off. They send Hardy to the corner, but Hardy fights them off and hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate on Zayn, but he shoves him into an RKO from Orton. Zayn gets pumped up and celebrates with Orton. Orton then drops Zayn with an RKO. Ali turns around, and Orton hits him with an RKO as well. Edge then delivers a Spear to Orton! Orton rolls under the bottom rope to recover. This is not an elimination. Edge follows under the rope and attacks him. Edge sends him into the ring post and bounces him off the commentary table. Edge pulls Orton up onto the table. Orton tries for an RKO, but Edge hits an Impaler on the table.

No. 6: Dolph Ziggler

SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler enters his 14th Royal Rumble match. At ringside, Edge is attacking Orton’s leg with a steel chair. Referees run over to separate them. During all this, Ziggler easily eliminates Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy has been eliminated.

Edge takes Ziggler down with a big boot and gives Ali a back body drop. Edge tries to eliminate Zayn, but Ziggler drops him with a Zig-Zag.

No. 7: Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura gets in the ring and brawls with Ziggler. Nakamura takes Ziggler down and hits a sliding knee. Zayn attacks Nakamura from behind. Zayn sends him to the corner, but he misses a Helluva Boot. Nakamura quickly takes him down. Referees help Orton to the back, who is limping from the attack on his knee. Nakamura kicks Ali down and attacks the leg. Nakamura attacks Ziggler and sends him over the top rope, but Ziggler holds on.

No. 8: Carlito

Carlito comes out with his apple and looks enormous. Nakamura grabs the apple and bites it. Carlito hits a Backstabber. Ali attacks, but Carlito catches him with a Backstabber. Zayn grabs Carlito’s afro, but Carlito grabs the beard and hits a Backstabber. Carlito tries to eliminate Zayn, but Ali and Ziggler cut him off. Carlito nearly eliminates Ziggler as time expires.

No. 9: Xavier Woods

Woods immediately tackles Ali down and punches away at him. Woods chops away at Ali before sending him into the ropes, but Ali holds on. Zayn then blindsides Woods. Carlito is still working on eliminating Ziggler, but he’s unsuccessful.

No. 10: Big E

The WWE Intercontinental Champion runs down and attacks Zayn. Big E slams Ali with a uranage. Big E whips Zayn into an Honor Roll from Woods. Woods lifts Big E on his shoulders and slams him onto Zayn. The New Day then hit Zayn with the Midnight Hour before eliminating him!

Sami Zayn has been eliminated.

No. 11: John Morrison

Morrison comes out and kicks some people. The New Day double-team Ali, but he gets out. Woods is put on the apron, and he holds onto Big E. Ali then kicks Woods’ arm to eliminate him. Big E is furious and eliminates Ali.

Xavier Woods has been eliminated.
Mustafa Ali has been eliminated.

No. 12: Ricochet

Ricochet runs down and starts attacking. Ricochet goes for Edge. Edge puts him on the apron, but Ricochet shoulders him before hitting a dropkick. Morrison then takes Ricochet down. Big E hits Nakamura with a suplex.

No. 13: Elias

Elias gets in the ring and hits Ricochet with a Chokeslam. Elias then catches Morrison with Drift Away. Elias attacks Carlito. Carlito reverses a whip and connects with a dropkick. Carlito kips up and charges, but Elias sends him over the top rope.

Carlito has been eliminated.

Elias goes after Edge, so Ricochet attacks him. Nakamura kicks away at Ziggler in the ring before turning him inside out with a slam.

No. 14: Damian Priest

Priest attacks Elias and hits the Reckoning. Priest turns Ricochet inside out with a clothesline and gets pumped up. Priest attacks Morrison and takes him down with a spin kick. Priest continues to pepper Morrison with punches and has him down on the mat. Priest then goes over to Elias and eliminates him.

Elias has been eliminated.

We go backstage to see Orton in the trainer’s room having his knee tended to. Orton has not been eliminated, but the commentators say it is unlikely he’s coming back. Priest lifts Edge up, but Edge gets out. They then wipe each other out with a double clothesline.

No. 15: The Miz

The Miz goes over to Bad Bunny’s DJ stand and destroys the computers with his Money in the Bank briefcase before going to the ring. Miz hits Big E with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz and Morrison big boot Priest down before hitting Ricochet with a double DDT. They then hit Ziggler with a spinebuster/springboard kick combo.

Miz and Morrison celebrate. Bad Bunny angrily comes out and heads to the ring. Referees hold him back. Priest then takes advantage of the distraction to eliminate Miz and Morrison! Bad Bunny then hits Miz and Morrison with a cross-body block off the top rope to the floor. Bunny holds his ribs as he goes to the back.

The Miz has been eliminated.
John Morrison has been eliminated.

No. 16: Riddle

Riddle hits the ring and starts attacking anything that moves. Riddle and Nakamura square off and brawl.

No. 17: Daniel Bryan

Bryan hits running dropkicks on a few people and attacks Ricochet. Ricochet fights back and hits Bryan with a German Suplex. Time expires.

No. 18: Kane

The Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee makes his way to the ring. Kane uppercuts a few people before hitting Edge with a Chokeslam. Kane then hits Riddle and Nakamura with dual Chokeslams. Ziggler tries to attack, but Kane grabs him by the throat and eliminates him! Kane then grabs Ricochet and Chokeslams him onto the apron to eliminate him.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.
Ricochet has been eliminated.

Daniel Bryan sees his old tag team partner from Team Hell No and wants a hug. They hug… and then Kane gives him a Chokeslam. Priest squares off with Kane. They brawl, and Priest eliminates him.

Kane has been eliminated.

No. 19: King Corbin

Corbin clotheslines Riddle, but Bryan boots him back. Bryan comes off the second rope, but Corbin catches him and slams him. Nakamura quickly boots Corbin down. Nakamura gets out of End of Days, but he can’t avoid Deep Six. Corbin then eliminates Nakamura, the winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.

No. 20: Otis

Otis takes Corbin down, as well as Big E. Otis then nearly spikes Riddle on his head with a slam. Otis takes Priest down and hits him with the Caterpillar. Otis goes to the second rope, but Corbin blindsides him to eliminate him.

Otis has been eliminated.

Bryan attacks Corbin and kicks away at him. Bryan hits some fast kicks in the corner and goes to eliminate him as time expires.

No. 21: Dominik Mysterio

Mysterio gets in the ring, but Corbin quickly attacks him. Corbin lifts him, but Mysterio hits a head-scissor over the top rope!

King Corbin has been eliminated.

Mysterio goes after Big E, but Big E quickly stops him. Riddle and Bryan brawl before Priest gets involved. Riddle connects with a stiff kick to Priest’s chest.

No. 22: Bobby Lashley

The WWE United States Champion and the CEO of the Hurt Business makes his way to the ring. Only 8 entrants left. Lashley attacks Mysterio and sends him over the top rope. Lashley MURDERS Priest with a one-armed spinebuster and sends him over the top rope to eliminate him as well!

Dominik Mysterio has been eliminated.
Damian Priest has been eliminated.

Lashley and Big E go head-to-head in a battle of the bulls. They absorb shoulder blocks. Lashley goes for a suplex, but Big E lands on his feet.

No. 23: The Hurricane

Big E immediately scoops Hurricane up, but Hurricane gets out. Hurricane runs into Lashley and falls. Hurricane goes for a double chokeslam on Lashley and Big E. They slap his hands away and wildly slam him over the top rope!

The Hurricane has been eliminated.

Lashley is choking Bryan in the corner of the ring. Riddle comes up and peppers Lashley with kicks and punches. Bryan and Riddle double-team Lashley.

No. 24: Christian

Wow — Christian appears to have been cleared for actual action! Edge sees his storyline brother and real life best friend coming down to the ring and starts to cry. Christian snaps Lashley off the top rope, and all the men in the ring work to eliminate him!

Bobby Lashley has been eliminated.

Christian hits Big E with an Unprettier before hitting Bryan with a back elbow. Edge and Christian hug in an emotional moment. Riddle walks up to them, so they attack him. They hit a double-team back elbow before hitting a double-team wheelbarrow splash.

No. 25: AJ Styles

AJ Styles runs down with Omos trailing him. Styles hits Christian with a Pelé Kick and attacks Edge. Styles hits Edge with a big DDT before going to the apron. Edge avoids a Phenomenal Forearm and Spears him down. Christian tries to eliminate Riddle. Bryan works over Edge in the corner as well.

No. 26: Rey Mysterio

The winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble makes his way to the ring. Mysterio crushes Christian with a seated senton. Mysterio attacks Styles and nearly eliminates him, but Omos saves Styles. Mysterio joins in on trying to eliminate Edge. Omos grabs Big E and powers him over the top rope to eliminate him.

Big E has been eliminated.

Mysterio nearly eliminates Riddle from the match, but he holds on. Christian has Bryan nearly over the top rope, but Bryan hits an arm breaker.

No. 27: Sheamus

The winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble runs down to the ring and hits Riddle with the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus then grabs Edge and caves in his chest with the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus then goes to the top rope and hits Edge and Riddle with a double diving clothesline. Sheamus kills Styles with an Irish Curse Backbreaker before hitting Christian with a Brogue Kick. Bryan attacks Sheamus and charges, but Sheamus kills him with a Brogue Kick. Mysterio knocks Styles into the ropes and goes for a 619, but Omos blocks it. Styles pulls Mysterio into the ring and puts him over the top rope. Omos then pulls Mysterio to the floor to eliminate him.

Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

No. 28: Cesaro

Cesaro hits Edge with a running uppercut before uppercutting Riddle. Cesaro uppercuts anything that moves before coming face-to-face with his partner of The Bar, Sheamus. They smile, and then Cesaro takes him down for a Cesaro Swing. Cesaro tries to catapult him over the top rope, but Sheamus holds on. Cesaro then takes Bryan down and starts a Cesaro Swing. Bryan is put down and kicks Cesaro back.

No. 29: Seth Rollins

Rollins gets in the ring, and Cesaro grabs him. Cesaro nearly eliminates him, but Rollins holds on. Rollins angrily punches Cesaro back and chops away at the chest.

No. 30: Braun Strowman

Strowman runs wild in the ring and throws Styles over the top rope… but Omos catches him. Cesaro attacks Strowman from behind and lifts him up! Strowman slides off and eliminates him. Sheamus attacks Strowman from behind, but Strowman clotheslines him over the top rope. Strowman goes to eliminate Styles again, but Omos is there… so Strowman throws him out on another side!

Cesaro has been eliminated.
Sheamus has been eliminated.
AJ Styles has been eliminated.

A piped in “This is awesome” chant picks up. Bryan slowly approaches Riddle. They trade VICIOUS chops in the ring before Bryan kicks him in the head. Bryan punches away at Edge and hits a Busaiku Knee. Bryan sends Edge over the top rope, but Edge holds on. Bryan attacks Christian and hits a big dropkick. Strowman gets to his feet in the corner and eats a Bryan corner dropkick.

Bryan and Riddle go face-to-face. They do some strikes before Riddle powers him up from an arm bar and puts him over the top rope. Bryan knocks Riddle back and hits a missile dropkick. Rollins quickly gets in the ring and attacks Bryan from behind. Rollins hits Bryan with a Stomp and eliminates him!

Daniel Bryan has been eliminated.

Rollins and Riddle brawl in the ring. Riddle hits a strike combo, but Rollins blocks it. Riddle is put over the top rope. Strowman attacks Riddle, and Rollins hits Riddle with a Stomp to eliminate him.

Riddle has been eliminated.

It’s down to Rollins, Strowman, Edge, and Christian, though Randy Orton has yet to be eliminated. Rollins tries to convince Strowman to double-team Edge and Christian. Strowman simply slams Rollins down. Strowman runs through Edge and Christian before avalanching them. Edge and Christian fight back and start to pull Strowman over the top rope. Rollins comes up from behind and eliminates Strowman and Christian!

Braun Strowman has been eliminated.
Christian has been eliminated.

Edge and Rollins go at it. Edge quickly hits a flapjack into the ropes and pushes Rollins over to eliminate him… but his music doesn’t play.

Seth Rollins has been eliminated.

Randy Orton, who was never eliminated from No. 2 comes up from behind and hits an RKO out of nowhere! Orton goes to eliminate Edge… but Edge spins him around and sends him over the top rope to eliminate him! Edge has run the field from the No. 1 spot, the third man in history to do that. This is his second Royal Rumble win, and Edge is going to the main event of WrestleMania!

Winner: Edge

Edge is full of emotion as he stares at the WrestleMania sign and pyrotechnics go off. The Road to WrestleMania has begun!

Kickoff: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Asuka & Charlotte Flair to win the tag team titles.