RightCoastPro Wrestling “Turn Table” Results from 12/5/15 – Newark, Delaware

Turn Table” was the company’s last event of the year, also after 3 full years the last event held at the Life Community Church in Newark, Delaware.  In 2016, the RCP Arena will be moved to the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club.  The company also collected a huge amount of food for the “Feed The Need Ministry” and held a fundraiser for friend Josh Jones.  Overall, it was a very charitable evening at RightCoastPro.

Quick Results:

  • “Wrestling’s Man of Steel” Chris Steeler retains the RCP Heavyweight Championship in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match over “Latin Lover” Chachi who won the earlier battle royal to secure the #1 Contender spot. Steeler donated a large sum of money to the charity fund in order that CEO Mister Crister allowed his match to turn into a Tables, Ladders and Chairs stipulation.  That stipulation was allowed and not only did Champion Chris Steeler put our fundraising efforts over the top, he put Chachi over a 2 tier stack of tables and through a third table for the win!
  • “The Baldwins” (Harry & Jerry) retain the RCP Tag Team Championship titles over their opponents Joey Silver and Colton Quest. It was a hard fought battle for both teams but seemed the Baldwins had a slight advantage in size, a third man on the outside, the other brother Brutus,  and maybe a little preferential treatment by the referee.  In the end, the Baldwin’s retain their titles with Jerry getting the pin over Quest.
  • JR Ryder had to forfeit his 2-on-1 “Loser Leaves RCP” match to the “Heavyweights” – Sean Royal & Tim Taylor due to a severe knee injury early in the match. Special referee, Cheetah Master, stopped the match at the 2 minute mark.
  • There was an impromptu match between “Wildlife” William Fitz and “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride after Fitz’s sidekick Mascot Coastee donated money to the charity fund. There was a lot of kicking, punching and screaming by the “Wildlife” and both Stride and his #BFF Josh Maddoxx ended up running out of the building being chased by “Wildlife” with a chair.  The match was a no contest since neither was seen again the rest of the evening.
  • The “Pineapple on a Pole” match had the “International Initiative” King Kaluha + “Latin Lover” Chachi set to face Studio 54’s Mozart Fontaine + Disco Dave when Chachi proclaimed he had better things to do – prepare for the title match! He had made a deal with Ruby Rubino so that he would take Chachi’s place.  Kaluha agreed to have Rubino as his partner and the match jump started when Rubino hit the ring.  The pineapple never even got to the top of the pole!  It’s a shame because the ruthlessness throughout the match backfired at the last moment when Kaluha smashed his own partner, Rubino, on the head with the pineapple just as Mozart Fontaine ducked out.  Fontaine was able to take advantage and pin Rubino while he was stunned from the impact of fresh fruit!  This was also a #1 Contender match for the Tag Team titles in January!
  • Finally!Pedro Duro was able to get his Mexican Hat Dance on the show, he donated money to the charity fund and was allowed 5 minutes in the ring to show off his sombrero skills.  Courageous Cruz was having none of it, and doubled the donation for a chance to stop Duro’s dancing.  A quick match ensued but the sneaky Duro was able to take out Cruz with some foreign object found ringside.  Duro was disqualified and the match went to Cruz, but Cruz was carried out by the EMT’s and security.
  • The Fight for Fame & Charity was an all-inclusive battle royal in which each contestant had to donate into the charity fund in order to participate.The prize was huge as the winner was the #1 Contender to the RCP Heavyweight Championship title and would compete for that title later in the show.  The contestants that were involved included Wrestler “X”, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush, Courageous Cruz, Pedro Duro, “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs, “Latin Lover” Chachi (who was eliminated 3 times before winning), King Kaluha, Ruby Rubino, Joey Silver, Colton Quest, Mozart Fontaine, Disco Dave, Bazooka Joe, All of “BTU” (Brian Johnson, Adam Chandler, Justin Pusser + Ms Jasmine).  Just as Bazooka Joe had cleared house of the entire “BTU” stable, including a top rope overhead throw of Ms Jasmine, Chachi entered himself one more time, using his piggy bank to knock out Joe and then donate the contents into the charity fund.  Last man standing, Chachi was declared the winner and the #1 Contender to face Chris Steeler later in the night.


Next Event: January 9th, 2016 for the beginning of our Purple Album – “Turn The Page”

  • Champion Chris Steeler defends his title against a yet to be determined member of “BTU” Stable.
  • Tag Team Champs “The Baldwins” face the Studio 54 team of Mozart Fontaine + Disco Dave.
  • The Heavyweights face yet to be determined members of “BTU” Stable.
  • See what happened to “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride after the “Wildlife” chased him out of the building!
  • More matches and guests to be announced!