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What are your hands made out of? Flesh? HA! This week’s special guest on has hands made of stone. Even better, he used those hands to knock out opponents from coast to coast en route to numerous title reigns. That’s right. The man who stomped his way into history, Rugged Ronnie Garvin, has joined ClubWWI for a 40 minute shoot that punches a hole right through the dressing room door.


Most famous with many fans for his brutal WWF matches with Greg Valentine and his NWA Title win over Ric Flair, Garvin has had a long and storied career. Now, in a rare discussion, he talks to James Guttman about his entire career as well as today’s wrestling (plus American Idol and Dancing with the Stars – talk about covering a lot of ground!)


One topic that JG brought up in the uncut shoot was Ronnie’s brief NWA title win. It was shocking to many and seemed to be dropped fairly quickly. Garvin explains:


“It’s a business deal and, you know, Dusty Rhodes screwed it all up. Because he didn’t want it to happen. It’s jealousy and that’s one of the reasons I quit Crocket Promotion – NWA. After that, I wasn’t there long. I was gone. I’m the only guy who lost the belt and never had a return match.”


Guttman brings up Ronnie’s brief heel turn before leaving and he again points to Dusty Rhodes as the one behind it. Ron then speaks about Dusty’s jealousy of him and names one specific thing that he did which really made Rhodes envious. In the end, though, it all comes back to the same general problem that plagues many companies.


“It’s politics. You know what I mean? Politics – and it eventually destroyed Crocket Promotions.”


Ronnie went on further about his dealings with politics in wrestling. Not just JCP, but in the World Wrestling Federation as well. Garvin’s uncut shoot will leave you with a different look on wrestling’s past and present through the eyes of one of the toughest to ever lace up a pair of boots. Other topics discussed in Rugged Ron’s 40 minute shoot include: Randy Orton‘s Use of The Garvin Stomp, The Illogical Thing That Happens In Almost Every Match, Why He Hated Doing Tag Team Matches, How the Veterans Used To Toughen You Up, Kurt Angle, Killer Kowalski, Greg Valentine, Vince McMahon, Ted DiBiase Jr., and More


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