Sabu to break legendary silence on YouShoot


The word ‘mystique’ so rarely applies to modern day wrestlers anymore. A few still manage to pull it off. Part of Sabu’s mystique is having protected his in-ring persona by not speaking. Well that’s about to go out the window as Sabu has agreed to do the ultimate in breaking kayfabe…face the wrestling public via YouShoot. Submissions are being taken now.

Kayfabe Commentaries’ popular YouShoot series sits the most provocative figures in wrestling down as they answer videos and emails from fans and other wrestlers from all over the world. The series has revolutionized the shoot interview and added new life to it.

“Sabu’s YouShoot is a major score for us,” says Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver. “Getting a popular, provocative individual is always great. But to get one who is shrouded is as much mystery as Sabu, that’s tremendous.”

Submit your videos and emails for Sabu until May 6th. More info is available at

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