He’s been asked countless times for interviews and turned them all down (including WWE.) Now, being out of the wrestling industry for 15 years, former WWF announcer Sean Mooney has given his first shoot interview ever…and it’s only on

Sean spoke to James Guttman for 45 minutes about so many topics you can’t hear elsewhere. Mooney talks about the long days of taping “Event Center,” doing Prime Time Wrestling live with Bobby Heenan, Heat Between WBF Bodybuilders and WWF Wrestlers, The Strange Tale of “Ian Mooney,” why he didn’t jump to WCW, a Sean Mooney WWE Legends Figure, Spending the Day With Lord Alfred Hayes Before He Passed Away, What Randy Savage Took Exception To, Hating News Anchoring, Jesse Ventura, Hazing, and More.

One topic that Sean Mooney specifically wanted to address is the thought that some have of how he’s ashamed of his wrestling past. Sean disputes that. He speaks highly of the McMahon family and the industry as a whole. He also explains why the WWF was absent from his resume shortly after he left and how it wasn’t something he was in favor of.

Mooney talks in depth about his departure on and no one seemed to believe that he was really getting out of an industry that most stay in forever.

“There’s really good people. Even to this day, I still have friends from (wrestling) that I keep in touch with. But it was. It was a great time. You know and people, over the years, because they don’t understand how you walk away from something. I didn’t leave that world because, you know, I didn’t want to work for Vince McMahon. He was great. He gave me my start. He paid me a lot of money and didn’t ask me to leave, you know? I just, my contract was coming up, and I just, you know what, I don’t want to do this anymore. Maybe I was thinking a little more than I should of in thinking that I could go and do other things because after I left there, it took me a year. Nobody would talk to me because of that. But even Vince McMahon at the time didn’t believe I wasn’t going down south (to WCW). No matter what I told him. I looked him in the eye and told him, “I’m done.”

Mooney discusses his turbulent post-WWE career and whether he still watches today. All this and a slew of other topics from the man who spent five years with the biggest company of them all. Want to hear it? Join the club.

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