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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

The RCW Extreme Examination for 9/9/2008

OWW’s resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, returns with another look at the Tuesday Night Delight, ECW

ECW has a new champion, Matt Hardy. The show opened with a flashback to the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. Chavo got the first pinfall. Mark Henry came back to take the next pin. Finlay used his Shillelagh to stun Henry. Finlay pinned Matt to claim the title. Matt Hardy came back and pinned The Miz. Time simply ran out for all the others and Matt walked out the ECW champ.

Tony Chimel then introduced Matt Hardy. Hardy cut the typical Thank You promo that was interrupted by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Atlas got in Matt’s face and Mark went to attack Matt. Matt Low-Bridged the ropes to send Mark to the floor. Matt then made me smile when he nailed the Twist of Fate on Tony Atlas.

Grade: C

Jay’s Thoughts: The promo was so typical that I could have done it my sleep. The only highlight was seeing Atlas get dropped on his face. He’s my least favorite person in wrestling. It all goes back to the murder trial of Jose Gonzales Huertas, who killed Bruiser Brody. I hold grudges for a long time..

ECW ran a great promo for next week’s Steel Cage Match for the World Title between Chris Jericho and C.M. Punk.

Evan Bourne made his entrance. This kid is a future Hall of Famer, I’d bet my cat, EvilEarlenie, on it. They ran the highlights of last night’s tag where Evan and Rey Mysterio joined forces. It was awesome. Evan was set to battle John Morrison in a singles match. Morrison demanded this match from ECW GM, Teddy Long.

John Morrison d Evan Bourne

These two really brought their A-Game to this battle. Morrison hit several power moves to stun the high-flyer. Bourne nailed more Hurancanranas than an entire episode of AAA. Bourne’s downfall came when Morrison brought up the feet when Bourne went for the Standing Moonsault. Bourne recovered, partially, and then went to the top rope. Miz provided a distraction, which allowed Morrison to hit his Springboard Spin Kick to knock out Bourne.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: Morrison is one of the most under-rated men in this industry. Bourne is probably the best of the new inductions on the ECW roster. Both of these men should be top contenders to Matt Hardy’s ECW title. ECW needs to pair off more people like these two. This match was a perfect extension to Monday’s tag match, which would have gotten a solid A+ from me.

ECW then looked at the whole Mike Knox v Fit Finlay feud. They have battled back and forth for just over a month. Knox thought that Finlay had gone soft. Finlay beat Knox to earn a spot at the Championship Scramble. Mike Knox, Finlay, Matt Hardy and Mark Henry would all be involved in this week’s Main Event.

ECW ran the highlights from Unforgiven. The feud between Big Show and Undertaker should be most excellent.

Jack Swagger, The All-American American, made his debut. That was the former Jake Hager. Josh Daniels was the cannon fodder for Jack.

Jack Swagger d Josh Daniels

Jack hit a Double Leg Flair on Josh. Josh had a cool set of Hulk Hogan colored tights. Jack took Josh down with a Side Headlock Take-over. Jack hit a Gut-Wrench Suplex and then climbed on Josh’s back. Jack shoved Josh’s face into the mat. Jack hit a Sidewalk Slam. Jack rushed Josh into the corner, several times. Jack then flipped Josh over with a Back Body Drop. Jack hit a Thunder Bomb to take the win.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: Now that was how a star should debut on ECW. Swagger should be a fun character to watch. His All-American, American character is going to be a twist on the Bob Backlund character from 25 years ago. He is being pushed as a heel, which is a major mistake. He should be a major face. Maybe they will switch him, soon.

Matt Hardy, Finlay and Hornswoggle were walking backstage. Ricky Ortiz came up to give a Rally Towel to the team for good luck. Hornswoggle took it, bit it and then spun it around and cheered.

ECW ran a promo for Wrestlemania 25. I have a dear friend that lives in Houston. I could probably crash on her couch if I decided to go to the show. It’s a serious temptation. This should be one of the best cards in the history of wrestling.

Mark Henry stomped his way to the ring. Mark Henry was never pinned in losing the ECW title. The show flashed back to the opening confrontation between Matt Hardy and Henry/Atlas. Tony stood at ringside as Mike Knox was introduced. Knox looks more and more like Bruiser Brody, each week.

Finlay and Hornswoggle then next entered the arena. Finlay was another that was never pinned in Sunday’s ECW Championship Scramble. Finally, the new ECW champ, Matt Hardy, made his way to the ring. Mark was hot when Matt was introduced as the ECW champion.

Matt Hardy & Finlay d Mark Henry & Mike Knox

This match featured all four men at their best. Finlay was brutalized by both Knox and Henry. Matt finally tagged back in and went to town. Matt threw all kinds of Fore–arm shots. Knox pushed out of a Bulldog, but Matt came back with a move off the ropes. Matt hit the Side Effect on a bleeding Knox. Matt hit a Reverse Moonsault on Mike Knox but Mark Henry made the save. It all broke down as Finlay and Hornswoggle got involved. The shillelagh came into play, as Finlay bashed Mark Henry in the skull. Matt hit the Twist of Fate to take out Mike Knox and to win the match for his team.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: It wasn’t surprising that Matt took the win. ECW is trying to really push Matt. Matt’s a decent wrestler but he seems so out of place wearing the ECW Silver. Finlay is about to get seriously lost in Mid-Card Hell in ECW. Hardy will be tied up with Miz, Morrison, Knox and Henry in the next few weeks. Finlay needs a heel turn if he wants to wear the championship belt. The match did feature some decent moves from Hardy, though.

Final Grade: B
Final Thoughts: Well, ECW brings out another FCW alum to fill the void in ECW. He’s the second best of the newcomer, just behind Evan Bourne. The main event guys are already boring me. The WWE needs to just go ahead and merge FCW and ECW and be done with it. I’m waiting to see the others from FCW as they debut. I really look forwayd to the arrival of Sinn Bowdie. I’m sure he’d have a different identity.

–Jay Shannon
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