Sonjay Dutt talks CZW, So-Cal Val, TNA, ROH

Sonjay Dutt Interview Recap
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In Your Head Online Wrestling Radio hosted by Jack, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richads.

Sonjay Dutt says that he hasn’t ever seen a legend take a young guy underneath his wing. Dutt has never asked a legend how his match was. Jack asks about his working experience with Kevin Nash. Dutt puts over Nash as a “all around great guy” and really helped out the X-Division. Dutt says that the characters was just Vince Russo trying to make comedy and that Lethal’s gimmick fell right in Russo’s lap. When it came to Dutt’s character he enjoyed it and liked that he was finally a heel in TNA. Dutt says that he made some pretty good money on the house show scene when he would collect money.

Dutt says that it was cool at the beginning to work for CZW and John Zandig. Dutt says at the end of his run in CZW a lot of people left the company and it wasn’t like it was before. Dutt also believes it is hard to ignore the hardcore matches that take place in the company, but their were some great matches in the company.

The Guru gimmick evolved into becoming a con man as he was trying to get the girl (So Cal Val). It evolved into a sleaze bag and con man. He didn’t like the whole “peace, love and happiness” type of gimmick.

Dutt really enjoyed the love saga between So Cal Val and Jay Lethal. Dutt says that he and So Cal Val are really good friends to this day. Dutt believes that Val should have been able to continue the angle.

Sonjay says “never say never” when it comes to a return to TNA because “everyone needs a paycheck”.

Dutt enjoys working with Ring of Honor as their aren’t as many restrictions that TNA has. Dutt mentions the ROH show on HD Net on Mondays at 8pm.

Dutt competed in ROH for a short time in 2003/2004 and says that the company has many different wrestlers today then back then but they have a lot of similarities.

Dutt said that it was a “surreal moment” when he went to India for TNA in 2005.

A prank caller chimes in but his prank falls flat as Dutt mentions he used to prank rap stations locally. Dutt says it would be rather to not tell a story as “some things are better left unsaid”.

A caller asks Sonjay Dutt how he feels about Christian stealing his move where he kicks his opponent in the corner. Dutt tells a story about confronting Christian that just has to be heard! You will be surprise with what he has to say on that subject.

Jack and Sonjay go over his apperance in Clayton, North Carolina on February 27th, 2010.

Jack thanks Sonjay for coming on the show to end a interesting interview.

The post show consists of the ever entertaining Year End Awards for 2009!

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