The Blessed Life of ‘Buddha Khan’ Eddie Carter
By Greg Oliver

In person, at Cauliflower Alley Club reunions, “Buddha Khan” Edward A. Carter III was always friendly and approachable, despite his imposing height and intimidating demeanor. When word circulated that had passed away on May 16, at age 78, following complications from a fall months ago, it seemed hard to believe that anything could have toppled him.

But with a nickname like Buddha, looking back, it’s evident he lived a blessed life — in music, in the movie business, on radio, in roller derby and as a professional wrestler.

As a singer, he was a part of a number of notable groups, including the Medallions, which he joined in 1956 and stayed with until 1962, when he heeded the call to pro wrestling. Gifted with a deep bass voice, he’d been singing since he was a teenager, singing on his first record around 1953.

He also was part of the Shantones, The Jacks, The Cadets and The Olympics, where he was a part of the song “Hully Gully” that charted. It went on to be covered by dozens of acts, including The Beach Boys. Another hit he was on was Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself” from 1970, backed by The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

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