The Sherri Martel Fund – Press Release!

Sherri MartelWRESTLING FANS UNITE!!!It has come to my attention there is a horrific injustice going on in our opinion. “Sensational” Sherri Martel, who entertained us for years as one of the original diva/valet’s and wrestler, and was known for her hard work inside the ring, and even more so when she was a manager on the outside. Earlier this year, the wrestling world was shocked when they learned that another legend had passed on, and the wrestling fans surely mourn their loss.

The injustice is that due to unfortunate luck, and bad timing, Sherri’s family is having a hard time. Shortly after Sherri’s death, her mother took ill and it has become overwhelming for the whole family. I was privileged enough to speak to Vicky, Sherri’s sister, and she informed me that she was trying to raise money to get a proper tombstone for her sibling. This touched me deeply, enough that I, and YOU, just HAVE to do something about it!

The Brutal Truth has began a campaign to help raise the money for Sherri’s tombstone and give her a proper monument to display her legacy. This wonderful, classy woman deserves the best there is to offer, and for all of her years of entertaining us, we owe it to her. I’m not asking for millions, just $1 if it’s all you got, but please, PLEASE!, contribute and let Vicky and the rest of Sherri’s family know just how close and respectful the wrestling community is.

You can find out how you can help by going to or find it anywhere on
The Brutal Truth website. There will be paypal options, EBay auctions and other info and ideas to help raise as much as we can. For everyone that contributes, and would like recognition, we will gladly post their names and dedicate a message board for comments.

At this moment, the good people at 2CW (Squared Circle Wrestling at have given a starter donation of $100. We thank them and appreciate their support. They have issued a challenge, in true wrestling form, to ANY other federation to match their donation.

Thank you for your support!

-Kevin “KJ” Parker
The Brutal Truth

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