The Short Bus: Second Chance

The Short Bus: Second Chance
By Jerrod Sullivan

What happens to someone when that individual commits a work violation? A couple of results, they are warned about the issue or the individual involved is dismissed from their duties. If the individual is warned about the issue, they have the opportunity to resolve the problem. Other the hand, if their dismissed, the employer may be losing a valued employee. Also, remember the employer choice is determined by the degree of issues that brought on the violation.

Recently, Urive Alvirde aka Sin Cara gained his first strike by violating WWE wellness policy and was suspended 30 days. The reason behind the suspense was steroids. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that he did steroids because of Sin Cara history before WWE. Sin Cara has wrestled in Michinoku Pro Wrestling, CMLL, and participated in various tournaments. The difference between those promotions and WWE is the wellness policy. WWE wellness policy allows the company to save a superstar from their selves and allows their cloud of invisibility to remain. When Sin Cara wasn’t under WWE umbrella, it allow him to gain a wrestlers body frame and maintain it by some extreme measures. It would be foolish to say Sin Cara did steroids his entire career, but to believe in this is his introduction to steroids is also foolish. So I will speak on the issue being talk about in WWE and that’s releasing Sin Cara because this issue. If that’s actually being discussed, then WWE is completely mad. Remember, this is Sin Cara first major problem besides some minor complicates and that should be taken into consideration. It’s truly amazing WWE would consider such a extreme response considering past first timers.

Randy Orton was one of those first timers, and was suspended, but could have been fired back in August of 2006. Let’s say Orton was fired, wrestling fans wouldn’t had Rated RKO, Legend Killer, and the Viper. Each of these personals helped WWE at that time grow in their own right. Instead of firing, he was given a second chance and became one of the top wrestlers of the company. Another superstar who could of gotten fired because of their first violation is Edge. Edge was suspended back in August of 2007 and let’s says he was fired because of that violation. As a result, wrestling wouldn’t had seen some amazing matches between himself, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy. However, he given a second chance to live his dream. At the end of the day, most people will make a mistake they are only human. Allow Sin Cara the same opportunity to correct his mistake and continue to help WWE grow.

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