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On Saturday, July 24, 2010 Wrestling for a Cause, Inc. presented SUMMER COLLISION 2010 benefiting Bullets Little League Baseball. The event was held at the Temple Terrace Recreation Center, 6610 E. Whiteway Drive Temple Terrace, Florida 33617. Attendance was 405.

(1) Jerome Hendrix defeated Christopher Gray.

Before the bell the two men has a face-off to see who the crowd supported and it was Hendrix who scored the most applause. Gray refused to lock up with Hendrix even after removing his football (soccer) attire. Finally they locked up and after losing his advantage, Gray slid to the ropes. He returned and locked in a side headlock only to be sent to the ropes and hit with back to back shoulder blocks that sent Gray to the floor. After a conference with himself, Gray came back into the ring thanks to Hendrix and a hip toss. Hendrix hit a slam and an elbow drop for two and followed with an atomic drop for the old schoolers. Gray stopped Hendrix’s momentum with the traditional rake of the eyes followed by chokes with the ropes as leverage. Gray got into the wrestling moves hitting a Rude Awakening despite the fans chanting USA. Hendrix fought off the pin atrempt but got caught in a rear chinlock. Hendrix escaped only to have Gray lock in a sleeper hold that took the action back to the canvas. Hendrix fought to his feet again and escaped driving Gray into a corner. Hendrix got his second or third wind with a suplex for two followed by a second rope cross body block for the pinfall victory.

(2) The Saint defeated “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel.

Steel was very reluctant to lock up with the masked man across the ring so he offered a handshake. Instead he slapped the Saint two times. All hat did was anger the Saint who charged Steel into a corner where he pulled Steel out for an armdrag takeover into a wristlock.  Steel made it to the ropes so Saint let him be free momentarily. The two men locked hands in a test of strength that Steel won with a kick to Saint’s midsection. Saint freed himself with another takedown working on Steel’s left wrist. Steel tried to get away but was hit with several armdrags and he finally bailed to the floor where the little league kids jeered him viciously. Saint got tired of waiting for Steel so he went after him that turned into a major tactical error, as Steel drove him into the ring post head first. Steel threw Saint in the ring to work on the head and neck area.  That backfired as the Saint hit a powerslam for two and a sitout suplex for two. Steel was about to be splashed in the corner so he grabbed referee Billy Dalton putting him in harms way. Saint stopped and missed the referee which allowed Steel to hit him from behind with a groin shot and a roll up for two. Steel argued with the referee and that gave the Saint enough time to roll Steel up for the win.

Michael Patrick, Gene Beard and Van Daniels came to the ring. Beard took the mic insulting the fans and told all of them he was a pure genius guiding the careers of many. He told the fans that tonight everything was going his way with his insurance policy, “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Santee guaranteed Patrick and Daniels would be victorious. Next Santee went after his opponent later in the evening Big Vito mocking his unusual ring attire from his days in WWE.

After a brief intermission the “Latin Lover” Ricky Romeo came out to the ring to verbally attack Jerome Hendrix’s opening match performance calling him “Steve Urkel”. Romeo said Hendrix couldn’t beat him with a cross bodyblock or any other wrestling move. Hendrix came to the ring with the referee and accepted the challenge.

(3) Jerome Hendrix defeated “Latin Lover” Ricky Romeo.

The fans chanted USA despite forgetting Puerto Rico is a US territorial property. After being back into the corner and getting a clean break, Romeo claimed he was hit by Hendrix. Of course we saw nothing of the kind. This happened a second time as Hendrix pleaded with the referee he was innocent. The duo locked up again and this time Romeo’s slap was seen by the official. Romeo acted like he was innocent and was tagged several times by punches only to recover and deck Hendrix with a clothesline. Romeo threw the rulebook out of the ring as he used the ropes to choke Hendrix, his manicured nails to rake Hendrix’s eyes and boots to the face. Hendrix fought back only to be hit with a spinebuster. But instead of going for the pin, Romeo choked Hendrix again. Romeo went for a second spinebuster but Hendrix got away and pinned Romeo with a cross bodyblock. Romeo threw a fit at the referee claming a fast count. But that didn’t change a thing and Hendrix celebrated with the little league players.

(4) Van Daniels & Michael Patrick (w/ “the Genius” Gene Beard) defeated Steve “Moose” Madison & “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine.

Madison and Quartermaine controlled the match for several minutes immensely frustrating Beard who paced ringside. Their control came to an end when Patrick broke up a pin attempt on Daniels and tossed Madison to the floor out of control. Daniels and Patrick made several well timed tags wearing down Madison, wish some help from Beard. The match briefly went to the floor where Madison was backdropped on the hard basketball floor. Madison fought off near falls several time and refused to submit no matter how much pain he was inflicted on him. Madison managed to get free from his opponents when Patrick missed a corner elbow that allowed a tag to the “Iceman” who was hot. The dreaded Buck Q Shuffle” was delivered on Patrick and followed with a swinging pedigree and a top rope move. But that move never happened as Bruce Santee came out to stop Quartermaine. This allowed Patrick and Daniels to get the cheap pinfall victory. After the match Madison took the house mic telling Big Vito his back was covered tonight should something go down in his match with Santee.

(5) Former WWE/ECW Superstar Big Vito fought “The Marquee” Bruce Santee to a no contest.

As tradition Vito came out in an exquisite white dress that made the ladies jealous. Santee outright refused to even get near the ring as Vito showed off his muscles and dress to the fans. Finally the referee was able to get Santee in the ring and he promptly jumped Vito from behind. Santee used his size to hit several high impact blows and use the middle rope to choke out Vito. Santee locked in a sleeper but Vito fought to his feet only to be slammed and hit with an elbow for two. Santee went back to the chinlock and again Vito escaped. But this time Vito hit a Stunner, causing both men to fall to the mat. Vito was the aggressor with punches to the jaw and a legdrop fort two. Vito was ready for the win hitting a Lou Thesz press; but unlike the former NWA World champion, Vito used the dress to deck Santee. Vito had Santee where he wanted him and that brought out Michael Patrick and Van Daniels who attacked Vito. They were soon followed by Steve Madison and Buck Quartermaine who evened the odds. Madison challenged the trio to a match and it was accepted.

(6) “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine, Steve “Moose” Madison & Big Vito defeated “the Marquee” Bruce Santee, Michael Patrick & Van Daniels (w/ “the Genius” Gene Beard.)

All six men brawled in and around the ring for several minutes as the referee tried to regain some composure. In the end it was Patrick that was isolated from his partners and was hit with a Quartermaine top rope legdrop that got the victory. After the match Madison and Quartermaine cut a rug with Big Vito to the crowd enjoyment. They were soon joined by the little leaguers who posed for photos with their heroes. 


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