Will Cesaro ever be a top guy?

Cesaro 2

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While Paul Levesque, famously known as Triple H, may be gaining in influence and gearing up to take over WWE from father-in-law Vince McMahon one day, the passing of the torch has yet to officially happen.

Vince is still “in charge,” as it were, even if you would assume his influence is decreasing as Triple H takes over. This odd power-sharing situation is causing increasing confusion, with certain wrestlers being pushed, then falling down the card suddenly. Some of these frustrating ‘Start-and-Stop’ pushes can be attributed to Triple H and Vince’s differing views on wrestlers.

Cesaro has been subject to those ‘Start-and-Stop’ pushes as much as anyone. Triple H is a big booster and gets his way to push him every few months, but then Vince sours on him and begins to bury him again. The cycle continues.

In addition to finding him boring, as has been reported in the past, it is now said that Vince doesn’t believe he’s aggressive enough or a “tough guy.” This comes down to personal taste, with Vince possibly seeing him as “too hoity-toity,” “European,” and “too book smart.”

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