WSU Announces 8/6 Return Date

Date: Friday, August 6, 2010
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Middletown VFW Hall
Street: 1 Veterans Lane (at Route 36)
City/Town: Middletown, NJ
Ticket Information: Email [email protected] or call 732-888-1704 directly

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), the leader in womens wrestling in the United States, following the heels of our “Uncensored Rumble” 3 event, will return on 8/6 with a joint show with our big brother promotion National Wrestling Superstars (NWS).

This will be a show that will feature some of WSU’s newer talent, as WSU wants to give our up and comers a chance to shine. Of course, there will also be several big marquee matches as well taking place. To make things even more exciting, every match on this show will be a FIRST TIME ever match, as WSU continues to stay fresh and present the most interesting matches possible.

Here is the entire card:

Awesome Kong vs Angel Orsini

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Brittnany Force

Portia Perez vs Amber of the Boston Shore

WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio

WSU Tag Champion Jana vs Marti Belle

Special Intergender Match
Niya vs Cosmo Club’s Rick Cataldo

Appearing in NWS matches include “Little Guido” Nunzio, Former NWS Champion Danny Demanto, NWS Champion Corey Havok, JD Smoothie, Nicky Oceans & many more.


Following the heels of their explosive 25 minute plus match, where it took WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez an unprecedented 3 fisherman busters to put away #1 contender Alicia on 6/26 at the “Uncensored Rumble 3” event, WSU regrets to inform that neither Alicia or Martinez will be able to appear for this show. Alicia is still recovering from injuries from that brutal encounter, while Mercedes Martinez is intense training for Mickie James, as Martinez will battle Mickie James on 8/7 for the WSU World Title at an ICW show in Queens, NY. Jazz, who won the Uncensored Rumble 3 event, and became the new number 1 contender is getting ready for whoever the WSU Champion may be after 8/7.

This news does not sit well with Angel Orsini. Angel Orsini, the former World champion who has not been able to receive a WSU World Title shot since losing the 6/6/09 70 minute Iron Woman match with Mercedes Martinez, has perhaps reached a point of no return.

Orsini has told that we will see a brand new Angel Orsini on 8/6. Orsini would only say the following to

“Ever since the Ironwoman match, I’ve been ALL GUTS & NO GLORY around here. I have given this company three years of my life. My own friend Jazz screwed me at the Uncensored Rumble. That was my match to win. I eliminated the most people and I was the first one in there, only for Jazz to use our friendship by tricking me with a fake injury. Maybe I should thank Jazz. I’ve been too f&*$#ing nice for a year now.

WSU has been my home. This is the place where my career was reborn. I f$*&ing love this company and everything it stands for, but it is bullsh!t that I have not gotten a shot at the World title for over a year now. Mercedes might not be there 8/6, but she will be very interested in my announcement on 8/6. You will see a side of me you’ve never seen before and this is an announcement that will shake up the womens wrestling world. All Guts, No Glory, you’ll see. I’m going after every b!tch who has been a number 1 contender for that title, and it all starts with Kong.”

Angel Orsini made it clear that she wanted Awesome Kong once it was made known to the WSU roster that Kong was opponent-less for 8/6. This is a first time ever match between two of the greatest and baddest women wrestling stars today. These two have had storied tag matches together, but this will be the first time these two tear it up together in singles action. This match alone will be worth the price of admission.

Brittnany Force, a Pittsburgh area wrestler, will make her WSU debut on 8/6. When WSU alerted the WSU roster about this new addition, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage went bezerk.

Savage told

“Where does this b!tch come off? There’s only room for not only one Brittney in WSU, but only one Brittney in wrestling! I don’t care if I have to put up my WSU Spirit Championship on the line against this filth, I am going to end her WSU career before it starts!”

Brittany Force told

“Brittney Savage, huh? I’ve been taking names and winning matches all over the country while you were dancing around as Brooke Carter. If anything you took my name and on 8/6, I’m taking YOUR championship!”

This should be an interesting first time ever match in WSU.

Portia Perez, the perennial WSU fan favorite who has had many match of the year candidates with talents such as Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Rain & others, will make her long awaited WSU return, when she takes on Amber from the Boston Shore. Amber’s partner, Lexxus, will not be able to make the show, as Lexxus said she has a meeting with TV executives for a show about herself & Amber!

With Lexxus out of the picture, this will be Amber’s first singles match in WSU in some time. Amber, a WSU original who debuted in WSU at WSU’s first show ever will take on the well traveled Portia Perez. Amber awaits the challenge in another first time ever match taking place on 8/6.

Portia, who despite having excellent matches, has a poor win/loss record, looks to change her luck in WSU when she battles Amber on 8/6. It should be interesting to see if Amber has any issues wrestling in singles competition after being used to wrestling in tag matches in the last few months.

For Perez, this is a win that will put her back on the track to championship shots. For Amber, this is a chance to prove how big the Boston Shore really is, and to show that she is one of WSU’s elite.


With the leader of the Cosmo Club Brittney Savage defending her WSU Spirit Championship against Brittany Force, WSU has decided to give the rest of the Cosmo Club singles matches, with the thinking that they will each individually have to worry about their own matches and won’t have an opportunity to interfere in each other’s matches.

The Belles Saints, Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle, a rookie team, and a very fun team to watch grow in WSU, have made it known they want a shot at the WSU Tag Team Titles. However, the Saints do not have a win on their record, thus aren’t being granted a WSU Tag Team Title shot right away. However, WSU has decided to pair off the Belles Saints in one-on-one matches with the WSU Tag Team Champions. If The Saints can pick up a victory in either of these matches, they could be marching right on into a WSU Tag Team Title shot.

WSU drew names out of a hat to come up with the pairings, and we will see:

Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio
Jana vs Marti Belle

Both Belles Saints are giving up experience to the WSU Tag Team Champions. Both Rogers & Jana individually have wrestled more years than the Belle’s Saints combined. The Saints will have to watch out for the submission heavy tag team champions, as Rogers uses the TCB (Rear naked choke.) Her partner Jana, uses the Jana-vice (front face lock submission). Both The Belle’s Saints are going to have to wrestle flawlessly if they want to pick up their first wins in WSU.

Also signed as a special intergender match is the rookie Niya taking on long-time WSU veteran (and annoyance) Rick Cataldo. Cataldo asked for this match, saying he was sick of Niya challenging other Cosmo Club members to title shots. Cataldo said he will teach Niya a lesson and will remove Niya from Cosmo Club business permanently. The upstart Niya, never afraid of a challenge quickly accepted the match and told that Rick will be waking up with alot of bruises on 8/7.


In other WSU news, WSU hopes to release both of our Spring “On the Road” DVD titles by Monday, 7/12. We should also have our “Uncensored Rumble 3” DVDs ready for shipping by 7/19. We are really proud of these four DVDs. Fans are calling the Uncensored Rumble the best WSU DVD tapings to date. WSU agrees with the fans, and we guarantee that if you check out The Uncensored Rumble DVDs you will enjoy it. We are so sure that you will like the DVDs that we will be offering refunds to anyone who purchases the DVD and says they didn’t enjoy it. More news on these DVD releases to come.

Don’t forget to check out the brand new for all the latest WSU DVD releases. We have just created the new site and it easier to navigate than ever before. Anyone who has questions ordering from can email [email protected]

Angel Orsini will soon be launching a special website for fans to interact with her. Orsini in her 15 year career has never had an opportunity to talk to fans on a one-on-one basis. She will be launching this new website by late July/early August. Stay tuned to & for more on this project.

In other news, women looking to enter the pro wrestling world or women wrestlers looking to get more experience should contact WSU, as there will be several WSU training sessions taking place at the ACE Pro Wrestling school. WSU main eventers will be leading open ring work-outs. WSU veterans will be holding these training sessions and it allows wrestlers looking to learn a chance to grow. For prospective women wrestlers, this is your chance to see if you have what it takes without paying a high cost-of-school fee. We suggest you check out the ACE Pro Wrestling school out at —

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