WORLD-1 “WrestleBowl 2KX” 1/31 Results

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 “WrestleBowl 2KX”
Knights Of Columbus – Jackson, New Jersey
194 fans-No Vacancy


Kid America (W-1) & Colby Corino (W-1) beat Reiko DMF (Symbol) & Richard Guille (Symbol) in 8:38 when America pinned Reiko after an Uncle Slam.

Special Grudge Match: Super Sweet (W-1) & Roxie Cotton (W-1) beat The Monster C (Survivor) & Rob in 7:11 when Cotton pinned Dimension after a Stunner.

Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (W-1) beat Cory Kastle (Free) in 4:59 after the Ruthless Effect.

Victory Pro Wrestling Offer Match: VSK defeated KFunk and EJ Risk in 10:08 when VSK pinned Risk.

WORLD-1 heavyweight title, V5 defense: The Beast (W-1) beat Steve Corino © (Survivor) w/Rob Dimension in 9:01 with the Beast Bomb to become the 4th champion.

WORLD-1 heavyweight title, V1 defense: Chris Rockwell (Symbol) pinned The Beast © (W-1) in 2:36 with a modified roll up to become the 5th champion.

Sabian (Black Friday) defeated Adam Cole (CZW) in 10:08 via TKO.

4 Way WORLD-1 title contender match: Tommy Thunda (Symbol) beat GPS (W-1), Shane Harris (Black Friday), & Damian Dragon (WOW) when Thunda pinned GPS at 13:40 with the Lightning Bolt.

North American title, V7 defense: Ricky Reyes (W-1) pinned Alex Anthony © (Black Friday) in 22:39 with a Brainbuster to become the 8th champion.

Quick W-1 notes:

            Thank you to the biggest W-1 crowd ever in Jackson, NJ! Keep watching Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 on Wednesday nights on TV for all the updates and fallout from WrestleBowl 2KX!.. Three HUGE title changes occurred at WrestleBowl 2KX including the W-1 title twice. President Mike Kehner will comment on the double title change as controversy surrounded it…Congratulations to new North American champion Ricky Reyes as both him and Alex Anthony put on one of the best matches in WORLD-1 history and re-set the bar for the North American title division. With wrestlers like Reyes, Anthony, Sawyer, Sabian, Cole, VSK, and Damian Dragon competing for the title, the sky is the limit…Rob Dimension was very angry with the loses of The Monster C, Steve Corino, and himself but said he will redeem himself on February 28 because he has purchased the managerial contract of Shimmer star Allison Danger to challenge WORLD-1 Women’s champion Roxie Cotton!!!…With Symbol teammate Tommy Thunda as the number one contender to the WORLD-1 crown, how will new W-1 heavyweight champion Chris Rockwell react? Who will Reiko DMF and Richard Guille side with? W-1’s Will Strouse will get to the bottom of it this week…GPS was said to be feeling down after convincing The Beast to put up his newly won WORLD-1 title against Chris Rockwell. GPS said that he will get revenge for his friend…Members of Black Friday said they will hold their first “rally” on Sunday, February 28 at State Of Emergency in Jackson, NJ. Visit for tickets…Former tag team champion Denver Street was seen talking to management although he denies that he will be coming back…Kid America has taken 13 year old Colby Corino under his wing and apparently it is OK with Colby’s dad, Steve. Interesting…Super Sweet continues to be the People’s champion much to the dismay of both Richard Guille and Rob Dimension.

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