Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania XXVII


Nobody new gets over – that’s what was written in the stars!

There ain’t no grave that can hold down Wrestlemania 30 for 30 as we present our in depth review and retrospective for Wrestlemania XXVII – Live from HOTlanta GA in 2011. This is another classic example of a show where the behind the scenes story is about twenty times more interesting than the actual show and the booking around it and Big D and Brandon Draven are here to tell it all! Did you know about the TOP SECRET UFC vs. WWE planned main events?? Well if not, you’ll find out allll about it here! This is also a show that notoriously showcases a number of fantastic acts that WWE had in the palm of their hands and dropped the ball on (The Nexus, Alberto, Cody Rhodes’ Phantom of the Opera, etc). BUT, we DID get an AWESOME Undertaker vs. Triple H match that gets TONS of analysis. You will enjoy a number of unbelievably angry and aggressive promos on what the wrestling business had become as 2011 was the year that literally took away the innocence of Big D and Brandon Draven, much like Sapphire did Big Dust. Plus, we talk about everything including, but not limited to, Michael Cole’s heel run and one of the worst segments in Mania history, Randy Orton and CM Punk, the greatness of Alberto Rodriguez, Snooki and the Shore, Morrison the Beta Cuckold and my T-Dot Girl Trish, and the most uncoordinated Wrestlemania main event in history!


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