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Monday May 18, 2009

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5/17 Judgment Day PPV results from Chicago, IL: Umaga over CM Punk; Christian over Jack Swagger to retain the ECW title; John Morrison over Shelton Benjamin; Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho to retain the IC title; John Cena over Big Show; Randy Orton over Batista via DQ to retain the WWE title; and Edge over Jeff Hardy to retain the World title.

In Brief: A solid wrestling show with a lot of good matches but nothing off the charts. No titles changed hands. Ric Flair made a surprise return (more on that below) to make the save for Batista who is not moving well at all these days. Also surprising to see they had CM Punk pinned clean in his hometown but then historically they bury almost everyone in their own hometown for no reason. Jericho-Mysterio was match of the night for me. The Miz got some air time making fun of the Chicago Cubs and Alfonso Soriano who was sat at ringside. He talked about how the Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908. He challenged Soriano to fight but then pretended he got a phone call from Lou Piniella saying he wanted Soriano’s annual injury on the field not off it. Miz then said Soriano was a stand in for John Cena and since he can’t wrestle Miz is now 4-0. Santino came out as a babyface and made fun of Vickie Guerrero calling her a pig, said Kozlov looked like the American Eagle from The Muppets, and finally that Miz looked like a Jackass. Crowd popped. Miz laid him out and then Chavo Guerrero came out and gave him a frog splash while he was down.

Raw is live tonight from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. Nothing announced for the show at press time although one would assume Ric Flair will be on hand, and perhaps Santino vs. Chavo Guerrero. The Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. We’re looking for reports from both shows to [email protected]


Lacey Von Erich, the 22-year-old former developmental Diva and daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich, was hospitalized last night. She had a migraine that wouldn’t go away and the doctor diagnosed her with meningitis. Please keep her in your thoughts today.

The return of Ric Flair last night at Judgment Day pretty much surprised everyone. He also worked a high school indy show on Friday, and then made a guest appearance at the NASCAR All-star Race in Charlotte on Saturday. Flair’s future with WWE remains unclear although what is clear is that he wants to wrestle again. As of press time he hasn’t signed a deal and is still booked for upcoming events with Ring of Honor.

The pre show dark match last night was Mickie James over Beth Phoenix.
For those wondering about the lack of Diva matches on PPV this year we’re told Vince for what ever reason is really down on the division at the moment. There have been some really sloppy matches on TV of late which may be a factor in the decision.

WWE sent out a survey on a new PPV which would feature all-submission matches. They are asking fans to vote on a name for the show out of the
following: WWE Submit & Quit, WWE Total Submission, WWE Submission Sunday and WWE Breaking Point.

The Wrestlemania 25 DVD goes on sale tomorrow. The 3-disc set includes the edited Hall of Fame ceremony and the tag title unification match that got bumped costing Carlito, Primo, Miz and Morrison a big payday.

Katie Lea posted a new blog (in character) at http://tinyurl.com/p5kb47

There is a Q&A at http://tinyurl.com/phn6kd with Shelton Benjamin to promote the Smackdown tapings in Cincinnati. Pretty much a fluff piece.
He said his favorite Diva was Lalya and when asked about something that fans would not know about him he noted he is a cat lover.

Jim Ross on the upcoming Rise & Fall of WCW DVD: “I am anxious to see how the Monday Night Wars DVD is produced. I hear it is going to be fair and balanced but I will be pleasantly surprised if it is. I do think it will be controversial and eye opening.”

WWE has confirmed that the rebranding of The Great American Bash to simply The Bash, thus putting the final nail in the coffin of a National Wrestling Alliance tradition which was the brainchild of Dusty Rhodes dating back to 1985.

You can watch a clip of the crazy new developmental heel tag team Le French Men at http://tinyurl.com/pjj8kd who come to the ring armed with baguettes.

There is some confusion over the location of Raw TV next Monday. The Pepsi Center in Denver appears to be double booked with the Nuggets also scheduled for a playoff game. Ticketmaster said that WWE would take priority while management at the Pepsi Center said in an email this
morning: “We are still in meetings with WWE deciding what is going to happen with the show that day. As soon as we get that information we will pass it along to you. Thank you in advance for you patience.”
Should be interesting to see who wins out on this one.

The WWE debut at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, IL on Saturday drew a sell out crowd of just over 7000.


5/17 house show results from Fayetteville, NC: Suicide over Kiyoshi;
Madison Rayne over Daffney; Eric Young over Cute Kip; Jeff Jarrett &
Daniels over Beer Money, Inc.; Rhino over Sheik Abdul Bashir; and A.J.
Styles over Booker T.

The show drew 1100.


The company is working on a deal to clear the new Epics TV show in the
United States.

SoCal Val has been promoted to backstage interviewer alongside Lauren
and Jeremy Borash. She is also going on the road for live events.

Scheduled for Thursday’s Impact: Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City
Machine Guns vs. Suicide & Daniels; Eric Young vs. Sting; Samoa Joe vs.
Jeff Jarrett; Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan; and Mick Foley vs. a former
World Champion.


A promoter in Ecuador is trying to book a DX reunion with X-Pac, Billy
Gunn, Road Dogg and Chyna. Good luck with that one!

Long-time promoter Gary Juster, who promoted for Georgia Championship
Wrestling, Jim Crockett and WCW right up until it folded in 2001, ran an
MMA show this past weekend at the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta.

A group called Heavy on Wrestling run on 8/1 in Superior, WI at the
Stargate Nightclub with the idea of a meet and great and wrestling show
made up mostly of former WWE Divas. Among those booked to appear:
Christy Hemme (who they claim will be wrestling), Nora “Molly Holly
Greenwald (special referee), Victoria, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Stacy “The
” Carter,  Lacey Von Erich, Daffney, Sara Del Rey, Amazing Kong, ODB,
and Roxxi.

Former WWE wrestler Marc Mero is getting married on 7/1.

The UK promotion, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, which ran across the UK
from 1993 to 2007, is coming back on 8/2 in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.
Among those involved in the project: TNA’s Doug Williams, former ROH
booker Gabe Sapolsky and promoter Greg Lambert.

Go Shiozaki has a new movie out in Japan called Fights Main Point 6.

NWA Charlotte, who announced they were closing down two weeks ago, are
running a show on 5/23 at the Metrolina Expo Center.

Hulk Hogan drew a pretty decent crowd this past weekend at an autograph
signing at Last Licks in Armonk, NY. Hogan was at the signing with his
new girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel: http://tinyurl.com/p45h9c

Superfly Jimmy Snuka turns 66 today.. The Blue Meanie turns 36. I also
want to mention that today marks the seventh anniversary of the death of
the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith.

Jesse Ventura will be appearing on Hannity on Fox News tonight at 9pm
pushing his new book.

Dory Funk Jr. at www.dory-funk.com has his latest wrestling show online
with Wahoo McDaniel Jr. vs. Shane Chung.

Marty “Boogeyman” Wright can now be booked for events in June via
[email protected] as his 90-day WWE no compete is running out.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael is looking at promoting MMA shows. He told
WENN: “We’re building an arena to start a new UFC league in a Third
World country. I can’t disclose the location because the premise of the
whole show is no one knows where it’s being shot from. It’s a fighting
mixed martial arts style that has never been on TV yet… There’s a
production company involved and networks involved.”

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