WWE.com presents: 13 ‘Paul Heyman Guys’

HeymanCourtesy of WWE.com:

So, what does it take to be a “Paul Heyman Guy”? Every day, I get calls, emails and tweets from people who want to know how to join the select group of those who can genuinely be called “Paul Heyman Guys.”

Sorry to tell you, but there’s no application. No set criterion. No crash course to take. A “Paul Heyman Guy” is someone on whom I’ve focused all my energies and championed their cause and for whom I’ve fought to the point of my own self-detriment.

I am, admittedly, even to this day, a great admirer of those who possess the talent to change this industry. I am, at heart, a fan. And as a fan, my heart beats faster when I’m in the presence of greatness. Not just a great wrestler. Not just a great entertainer. Not just a great personality. True, through-and-through greatness — the kind that must be developed, nurtured, crafted and then turned loose onto the WWE Universe.

Ever since CM Punk delivered his first “pipe bomb” two years ago and alerted the world to the behind-the-scenes term “Paul Heyman Guy,” many have wondered “well, just who are these rare individuals?” For the very first time, let’s examine that list.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. And these are my “Guys”!

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