WWE/FCW Free Pool Party Results from 9/1

Shawn OsbornePlease credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.
On Sunday September 2, 2007 Florida Championship Wrestling presented a free pool party style card at Gold’s Gym, 4900 US Highway 19 in New Port Richey, Florida.

(1) “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne fought Cory “Gator” Keirn to a no contest.

Both men tried to take control with an armbar but Keirn hit two hiptosses and a slam for the initial two count. Keirn had an arm bar but Osborne backed Keirn to the corner and went for a punch but it was blocked. However he couldn’t block the thumb to the eye Osborne used. Keirn reversed a corner whip that and sent Osborne crashing into the buckles chest first. This allowed Keirn to slap on a sleeper hold. But before a decision could be rendered Heath Miller ran in and attacked Keirn.

Miller was followed to the ring by Rycklon, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Robert Anthony and the six men fought in and around the ring. The referee ordered the match begin again under six man rules.

(2) Cory “Gator” Keirn, Ted DiBiase Jr. & Robert Anthony defeated Rycklon, “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne & Heath Miller.

Keirn, Anthony and DiBiase Jr. controlled the match keeping Miller away from his corner. Miller tagged out to Osborne but hr ran right into an armdrag from Anthony. The offense ended for Anthony when Osborne argued with the referee and Miller hit a clothesline behind their back. Rycklon, Miller and Osborne made several tags working over Anthony for several minutes. That was until Anthony hit Miller with a Pele’ kick and tagged in DiBiase Jr. who locked in a Million Dollar Dream on Miller as the other four competitors fought around the ringside area. Miller tried to escape with a roll through but DiBiase Jr. kept the hold locked in and won via submission.

(3) In a three way dance, “the Human Massacre” Keith Walker defeated Derrick Neikirk of Team Elite and Jake Hager.

At the bell Hager and Neikirk jumped Walker working him over in a corner but Neikirk wasn’t too comfortable with Hager tossing him to the side so he attacked Hager. But that backfired and Neikirk ended up on the grass outside the ring as the other two fought in the ring with hard hitting shots. Neikirk re-entered and beat down both men, actually keeping them isolated from the other to avoid a double team situation. But that stopped when Hager attacked Neikirk as he had Walker in a rear chinlock. Hager locked Neikirk in a step over leg lace but Walker attacked him and got a small package for two. Neikirk got to his feet and backed Hager into a corner to deliver knees to the mid section. As Hager gasped for air Neikirk worked Walker to a corner and hit several chest chops but he got dumped to the floor by Hager, but got hit by Walker with a spinebuster for two. Walker used a leverage move of sorts and sent Hager to the floor as Neikirk re-entered the ring. Neikirk went for a suplex but Hager came in and blocked it and snapped Neikirk back in a Russian Legsweep. But as Neikirk fell back he drover Walker to the mat with a DDT. Hager locked Walker in a half crab but couldn’t get the submission. Walker hit Neikirk with a Sky High Slam but couldn’t get three. But Walker did get the win after he dumped Hager to the floor and hit Neikirk with a spear.

Johnny Curtis hosted the FCW Diva Best Body contest. The divas involved were: Krissy Vaine, Victoria, Brooke and Kelly Kelly from ECW. But there was a surprise entrant named “Ravishing” Roberta which was actually FCW star Robert Anthony whose outfit blinded many fans in attendance. However as he posed, the Divas tripped him up and sent him packing. The other three Divas undressed to their bikinis but Ms. Vaine appeared to sprain her ankle as she walked to the middle of the ring to disrobe. When the three Divas went to aid her, she decked Brooke in the jaw with a forearm shot. Victoria and Kelly saw this happen and sent Vaine out to the floor. Curtis and the fans declared the three remaining ladies the winners of the event.

(4) “The Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson & Kofi Kingston vs. El Grande Los Locos Flakas (w/Fidel “Moe” Madecone Martinez) via countout.

This match was confusing to cover but fun to watch. The Flakas were two huge guys, one wearing a Zebra patterned hood and the other wearing a green stars patterned hood. Kingston and the green hooded man began the match and it was Kingston who moved the big man to a position where he could hit a dropkick that sent the green hooded man reeling to tag in his partner. Wilson tagged in and after several moves the zebra hooded man bailed for a consult but he walked right into a palm tree. After a consult with the palm tree and Martinez the zebra hooded man came in but Wilson and Kingston went back to work on his left arm. Wilson had his eyes raked and it allowed a tag by the Flakas and the huge green hooded man used his size to splash Wilson in the corner. The Flakas isolated Wilson with power moves like a bear hug. The zebra hooded man went for a submission via a leg lace with some help from his partner but Kingston broke that up. The Flakas used several double team moves but couldn’t pin Wilson or get a submission. Their offense ended when the zebra hood missed a moonsault and it allowed Kingston to tag in and knock down the green hooded man with a leg lariat. But the zebra hood tossed Kingston to the floor. The Flakas went for some sort of spring board move but the zebra hood hit the ropes instead of air to the floor. As the zebra hood laid in a corner and recovered Wilson and Kingston dumped the green hood to the floor with a double dropkick. All four men fought on the grass and dangerously near the pool. In the end it was the Flakas who got dumped in the pool and lost via countout.

Florida Championship Wrestling will be holding two more events in New Port Richey. Saturday September 15th at the Jewish Community Center, 9841 Scenic Drive and Tuesday September 25th at Bourbon Street Night Club 4331 US 19N that will benefit the Humane Society of Pasco County. If you are wondering the FCW website is in the process of being built and should be done in a few weeks.

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