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  • Will the WWE Brand Split Work?

    So Smackdown is going live, every Tuesday night...and WWE is again spitting brands. Will it work?

  • Promoting Your Product

    I’m just one more mark sitting in the seats who just wants to see independent wrestling succeed….at a time when wrestling fans need alternatives…badly.

  • A Scary Night

    Don't hate on wrestling because outcomes are predetermined.....The risk we take is real. The falls we take are real. The pain we wake up to...

  • Working the Marks

    Wrestling has always had a strange relationship with those who pay money to support its very existence.....better known as fans.

  • A Bloated, Self-indulgent Mess

    Last night was simply everything wrong about WWE. Wrestlemania 32 really came off to me like a bloated, self-indulgent mess.

  • We All Like “WTF Moments”

    AS I SEE IT: We All Like “WTF Moments” Bob Magee Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets Well, hell froze over in wrestling. Again. Last...

  • The “Other” Wrestlemania Weekend Events

    Along with the many activities WWE will present during Wrestlemania weekend, independent promotions will be putting on their share of wrestling shows, and more.

  • Thoughts on Promoting Indies

    Here's some opinions on what promotions need to do to publicize their product online. Some people may find these suggestions to be painfully obvious, but...

  • Watching Bryan Danielson Retire

    Monday night was one of those nights that make me old...yet again. Watching Bryan Danielson retire...far, far before his time...really, really made me feel really...

  • 2016 Royal Rumble Predictions

    Who do fans WANT to appear in the Rumble? Daniel Bryan. Bryan has been cleared by more doctors than an average big-city hospital...but not by...

  • Mauro Ranallo is Getting Over on SmackDown

    Well, how does it feel to have a nationally-televised wrestling show with play-by-play done by a grown-up?

  • PWBTS Year-End Awards

    As 2016 begins, it's time for the 19th annual AS I SEE IT Year-End Review.

  • Make Us Tune Into SmackDown Again

    Mauro Ranallo will be the new play-by-play voice of WWE SmackDown starting with the New Year as they debut on USA Network.

  • Promotions Support a Great Holiday Cause

    Please help your local independent promotion do the same, or encourage them to schedule an event soon for the Holidays.

  • The Need for Wrestling Alternatives

    Good news came out this past week as Lucha Underground officially announced the dates for its second season of tapings in the Boyle Heights section...

  • The Big Deal about GoFundMe

    It started when this past week, wrestler Barbi Hayden started a GoFundMe page...for herself. She wants to work for WWE. OK, so far. So do...

  • TNA did “WHAT” with their heavyweight title?

    TNA Wrestling has now taken their story line for the TNA Heavyweight Title and done the following combination of things that defy any logic.

  • Thoughts on Promoting Indies

    As someone who happily shills independent wrestling promotions whenever possible, one of the things that pisses me off is the way promotions seems to have...

  • RIP Frank Iadevaia

    Longtime Jersey All Pro Wrestling promoter Frank Iadevaia died suddenly last Wednesday night in his sleep. RIP Frank!

  • Remembering Brian

    On September 8, it'll be the 16th anniversary of Brian Hildebrand’s passing after fighting a two year battle against cancer.