OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – May 13, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – May 13, 2013

HPW Wrestling “Derby Day Slam”

May 4, 2013

Chris Tindell pinned Stompin Steve

Donny Idol & Fuji Brown beat Aaron Anarchy & Fast Eddie when Idol pinned Eddie

Kacee Carlisle pinned Camron Star

TVZ beat Zombie Rob Ramer & Dash Venture when Tom Van Zant pinned Ramer

High Rollers beat Cooter & Stompin Steve when Stompin Steve was pinned by Vegas

Donny Idol pinned Aaron Anarchy in a Challenge match

Ricky Ruckus with Dana Adiva beat Blue Bomber w. Stevie Jonak by pinfall to keep the HPW title

In the Main Event

Eugene & TJ Kemp beat Rob Conway & Damien Cole when Cole was pinned by Eugene

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – April 1, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – April 1, 2013

Heroes & Legends Wrestling

March 23, 2013

HLW Midwestern Champonship: Hacksaw Jim Duggan (c) beat Troy Miller w/ Ms E-Liz to retain the title

HLW promoter Jayson Maples came out to talk to the fans and then was joined by Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the ring. Bret thanked the fans for coming out to support Heroes & Legends.

Kongo Kong -vs- Brian Christopher

Christopher tried to get Kong to dance… the match never started, Kong clotheslined Brian Christopher and exited the ring.

Gregory Iron beat Benjamin Boone

Roderick Street beat Jake Omen and Sugar Dunkerton in a 3 way match

Mark Vandy beat  Colt Cabana followed by a handshake and a show of mutual respect

Team Vega (GT Vega, Kharn Alexander, Darrell Jackson, and  Bobby Steele) beat Team DiBiase (Jimmy Snuka, Demolition, & Virgil).

Vega pinned Snuka, Virgil abandoned his team, but was stopped at the curtain by Ted DiBiase who gave the Million Dollar Dream to Virgil and disappeared backstage. Vega called out DiBiase who returned and Million Dollar Dreamed Vega, Alexander and even the referee.

HLW championship: Dru Skillz beat Tataka to retain the title.

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 24, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling

March 24, 2013

CZW ‘Wanted’

March 9, 2013

Hale Collins & David Star defeated Ben Ortiz & Vik Delicious

Pepper Parks w/ Cherry Bomb defeated Roberto Castillo

Shane Strickland defeated Bandido Jr.

Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh went to a Double Countout (WSU’s Denver Colorado joined Dan Cowhey on commentary)

Alex Reynolds defeated Greg Excellent, Alex Colon, and Shane Hollister

Pepper Park & Cherry Bomb gave the nutrition facts for the concession stand products and stated they have big plans for WrestleCon

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 12, 2013


Great Canadian Wrestling – Game Over 13

March 2, 2013

Bruno Davis defeated Tomer Salom to become #1 contender to GCW Brass Knuckles championship.

JK 47 pinned Amazing Darkstone.

R.J. City retained the GCW Canadian National Championship defeating Paul Starr.

Hornet came out and challenged City to a match. R.J. City retained the GCW Canadian National Championship with a sleeper after ramming Hornet into an exposured turnbuckle.

Shawn Spears and Crazy Steve (sub for Robbie E) defeated The Pissbeaters, Antony Darko and Jake O’Reilly via disqualification. O’Reilly low blowed Spears.

Sabrina Kyle defeated “Anti Diva” Katlin Diamond.

“Highlander” Robbie McAllister defeated “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva to become #1 contender to GCW Canadian National Championship.

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OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – March 1, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – March 1, 2013

World’s Best Wrestling:

Winter Heat

February 16, 2013

“Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth and Eclipso S. Powers were teamed together in a tag-team encounter. The ferocious Papa Dingo was led to the ring by V.L. & Sara Stricklett (aka Wrestle Ohio), and Sharon Rock with his partner making his WBW debut, the mysterious Grizzly Monsoon. It was a battle of epic proportions that saw Dingo & Monsoon prevailing over Eclipso and Ashworth.

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – February 20, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – February 20, 2013

Border City Wrestling

February 8, 2013



BCW Heavyweight Champion PHIL ATLAS came out and said due to injury, he would not be able to compete and defend his belt that night. TYSON DUX & “Emperor of the Empire” OTIS APOLLO came out and Dux said as the number one contender and former champion, he should get the belt back, which brought out SCOTT D’AMORE who deemed that JERRY LYNN would be defending for Phil on that night. If Dux won, he would get the belt, but if Lynn won, Atlas retained.

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – February 9, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling – February 9, 2013


February 1, 2013

Elia Markopoulos of The Crown Jewels took on arch rival “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble. Markopoulos scored a sudden victory with a roll up, and after the match Rumble challenged Markopoulos to a “Boston Street Fight” and put his career on the line, saying if he lost the match, he would retire from professional wrestling, but if he won, The Crown Jewels would have to break up and never team up again.

World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Neveah retained her title over Nikki Valentine in a very competitive, hard fought match that went back and forth.

In a special challenge match, former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Slyck Wagner Brown returned to face the sensational Canadian star, Jeremy Prophet. In what will be a match fans talk about for quite some time, the two went to 15 minute time limit draw pulling out move after move with each man scoring numerous near-falls. After the bell, both men asked for five more minutes and officials obliged, but still no decision was reached.

From there, it was “Superstar” Scotty Slade & “The Shure Thing” Mark Shurman on one side and the team of Mike Webb & Nick Farenheight on the other. These two teams were unexpectedly facing each other for the vacant NECW Tag Team Championship. The battle raged back and forth until Mark Shurman hit Nick Farenheight with one of the tag team title belts out of the referee’s sight causing Slade to get the 1-2-3 on Farenheight making Slade & Shurman the new NECW Tag Team Champions.

In the main event, the NECW Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs between Antonio “The Promise” Thomas and Johnny Thunder. This was another back and forth epic battle that took place both in and out of the ring. Thunder had the chance to use a chair or the championship belt as a weapon, but for some reason dropped them without taking that advantage. It was a closely fought contest with both men earning the respect of the fans. It ended with Thomas scoring the pinfall on Thunder in a bout that could have gone either way. Post-match, in a display of respect and good sportsmanship, Thunder handed the belt to the new champion and raised his hand.

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