Recent Fandango interview


Johnny Curtis, the man behind WWE’s Fandango gimmick, recently spoke to to promote next week’s RAW. Here are some highlights:

I’m going to fast-forward ahead to when you finally got on the main roster in WWE after NXT. When you were doing the idioms gimmick with the spilled milk before Fandango came along, where’d you think your career in WWE was going?

I wasn’t really exactly sure where they were going with those vignettes. I was willing to do anything to get on TV. Obviously, I wouldn’t disagree or argue with any verbiage they’re going to give me for talking. Wasn’t exactly sure where that was going to go. I don’t if necessarily that was the way they wanted the vignettes to go. Obviously, they scratched it, and then I went back on the shelf for a little while [until] the Fandango thing.

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Bob’s Random Rumblings – Johnny Curtis, the next WWE star?

Random Rumblings

I remember seeing promos of Johnny Curtis on Smackdown where he would dump milk over himself and crying. You know, don’t cry over spilled milk. I wasn’t under the impression that he was any good. However, the new Fandango gimmick that he has started to do and after doing a little bit of research, I am now sold on Curtis as being a new star for the WWE.

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