WWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon comes to ECWA on December 7, 2013

James J DillonWWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon comes to ECWA

The ‘Heartkiller’Chris Wylde and ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez have become not just bitter rivals but men hell bent on the destruction of the other.

Martinez used to be known more for his show boating than his in-ring prowess but something changed. Somewhere along the way, he got a chip on his shoulder. That chip has carried him to one of… if not THE…greatest Mid Atlantic Championship reign in ECWA history. Martinez has continually found a way to get the job done month after month.

A former ECWA Heavyweight and Mid Atlantic Champion in his own right, Chris Wylde has made it his quest to shut up the flamboyant champion for good. But that’s been easier said than done.

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ECWA November 2 results and news on the Toys for Tots show featuring WWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon on December 2

DillonECWA presented ‘4 Ever II’ on Saturday November 2, 2013. There was exciting brawls, new champions being crowned, a legendary figure looming, and women cat fighting all over the ring!

Here are the results from ECWA ‘4 Ever II’ 11-2-13:

Kid USA defeats The Big Gus Man(Gus Grand) via a Rock Bottom- It’s become a trademark of Gus Grand to come dressed as legendary figures from pro wrestling’s history. This month he came as legend The Big Boss Man. He came out ready to fight doing Boss Man’s trademark jabs in the corner and numerous hard Irish whips. but all Kid USA had to do was weather the storm as the hapless Big Gus Man fell victim to Kid USA and a rock bottom.

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