Vance Nevada’s new book now ON SALE!

Canadian wrestler Vance Nevada  is on tour with his new book “Wrestling in the Canadian West” and this effort represents the most comprehensive history of the sport north of the 49th parallel ever published. 


This book features:
• Profiles on more than 100 promotions over the past century
• Championship histories
• Statistical rankings for wrestlers and tag teams
• “A Day in Canadian Wrestling History” trivia
• Road stories from the wrestlers themselves, including J.J. Dillon, Kerry Brown, Paul Diamond, Tony Condello, Dean Higuchi, Johnny Devine, Steve Corino, and more!!
• Features on women’s and midget wrestling
• A directory of the top drawing wrestling events of all time in western Canada
• Tons of photos
• … and much, much more!!

“Vance Nevada has done as much as anyone in the business as a writer, historian, and as a wrestler. I’d say his contribution is as significant as the Harts or any of the top people in the business in Canada. Having spent a lot of time in that country during my career, it was very interesting to learn some of the history. This book was hard to put down once I started reading it.”
– Honky Tonk Man



Catch Vance in person and get your copy of the book signed when he appears at the following wrestling events across the west:


Oct 16
Gold Dragon Wrestling
Moose Jaw, SK @ Timothy Eaton Gardens

Oct 21
Power Zone Wrestling
Lethbridge, AB @ Bully’s South Pavilion
“Four Years of Glory” 4th anniversary show

Oct 23
High Impact Wrestling
Regina, SK @ Victoria Hall
Details to be announced

Oct 24
High Impact Wrestling
Regina, SK @ Victoria Hall
Details to be announced

Oct 25
Canadian Wrestling Elite
Winnipeg, MB @ Franco-Manitoba cultural centre
Vance appears on the “Simply The Best” supercard alongside Val Venis, Marty Jannetty, Wavell Starr, Jon Cutler, Shane Madison, and more!!

Oct 28
Lessons from the Squared Circle
Saskatoon, SK @ The University of Saskatchewan
Vance is scheduled as a guest speaker at a reception recognizing Canadian wrestling history
Also appearing: Legendary photographer and journalist Bob Leonard

Nov 2
Rockstar Wrestling Federation
Camrose, AB @ the CRE
Vance goes toe to toe with “Golden Lion” Gurv Sihra to kick off a five night tour with the RWF!!
Also appearing: WWE recruit Randy Myers, The Mauler, the Honky Tonk Man, and more!!

Nov 13
All Star Wrestling
North Vancouver, BC @ The Chief Joe Mathias Centre
Vance defends the All Star Trans-Canada title in a triple threat vs. Disco Fury & Johnny Obsession
Also appearing: Great Kasaki, Big Jess, Gurv Sihra and others!!

Nov 14
International Championship Wrestling
Cloverdale, BC @ The Alice MacKay Building
Vance steps in the ring with T-Bone (as recently seen on ECW television)
Also appearing: Kirk Melnick, Bobby Briscoe, Adrian Walls, Tim Flowers, & Honky Tonk Man.

Nov 25
Power Zone Wrestling
Lethbridge, AB @ Bully’s South Pavilion


April 2010
Cauliflower Alley Club
Las Vegas, NV

Vance has been selected as the 2010 James C. Melby Historian Award recipient and will be on hand to sign copies of his book in person.


“Wrestling In The Canadian West accurately describes what it was like for those of us who travelled the roads on a daily basis in this unique and spectacular area of professional wrestling history. The author clearly illustrates how the business over the years has now come around full circle, as he is living it himself, and dealing with the same trials and tribulations wrestling’s pioneers faced in this area more than a hundred years ago.”
– Moondog Ed Moretti



Can’t wait for a tour date in your area and you want to get your hands on this book now?  You can buy your copy online today from the publisher, Crowbar Press at .


Check out Vance’s official website for information on the book and about the author at:

  • The first night I got this book, I stayed up until almost three in the morning going through it; I couldn’t put it down. It’s an amazing read, full of funny, insightful and controversial stories. Stop reading my comments and buy the book already!!!

  • Adrian Walls

    I have had the priviledge of not just reading through this entire book, but being able to watch the progress from idea to publication. The amount of heart, dedication and time Vance Nevada has put into this heartfelt work cannot be ignored. It shows in the book, his passion for the business and art of professional wrestling poured onto every page.

    Even that aside, the materal is simply jaw dropping. Learn who wrestled a bear… and won! Read about the history of midget and women wrestling in Western Canada (which has never even been touched ANYWHERE).

    There are great road stories, complete histories of every company that’s ever run in the territory and way, way more. This is not a read once and put back on the shelf book. You’ll find yourself reading it again and again, such is the amount of information possessed inside.

    As a Western Canadian based wrestler of many years, this book sings to me. It’s interesting to know how wrestlers from 20, 30, 40 years ago suffer through the same highs and lows this generation does.

    You need this book. It’s going to be completely slept on and honestly one of the best wrestling books I have ever read.

    -Adrian Walls

  • Wayne Stanton

    Excellent publication!

    There’s never been anything like it before. It is literally the history of pro wrestling in Western Canada. Something like this should be carried in all western Canadian libraries.

    It’s more than just a historical document. It injects humor into the business with the input of wrestling anecdotes by wrestlers as they moved up and down the ladder of success.

    Incredible value for the price.

    Wayne Stanton (promoter)

  • I have purchased this book and read it and got to say it is a really good read with lots of great facts about every promotion big or small that has operated in western Canada and has lots of facts on each promotion and thier promoters. A must have for wrestling fans.