Sunset Flip Presents: A Positive Look At TNA

Sunset Flip Presents: A Positive Look At TNA
By Jim Boy Star

The other night I was watching TNA Impact and something occurred to me, almost out of the clear blue. All the complaints I have about today’s pro wrestling, TNA seems to be avoiding. I’m Jim Boy Star, host and producer of the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show, and I am in my mid 20’s. 

Before I continue my column, I do not want anyone to mistake me as a blind TNA fan. Meaning, I do realize the company makes mistakes as every promotion does. I do question some of TNA’s booking, such as last week’s Impact. Why have an Ultimate X match on free TV, if you just had one at last week’s PPV? Even better, why have Amazing Red win the title only to lose it a few weeks later? Are they trying to beat WWE’s record for making titles worthless?


TNA is often criticized for not being a true alternative to WWE. While I do think some of those arguments are of value, there are plenty of things that TNA does different than WWE but rarely gets recognition.


First off, the TNA Knockouts are much better than the WWE Divas in mostly every shape and form. The Knockouts have characters, are good in ring workers, and in some cases good looking. When I think of Mickie James and Gail Kim in regards to character, they don’t have one and nothing makes them different from each other. However, I can think of plenty of reasons ODB is different from Velvet Sky. Most Knockouts are good wrestlers, but you may have one of two of them that are not so great but that can be found in everything. The important thing is the majority can put on a good match. The opposite applies to the Divas where a majority of them are awful in the ring.


Secondly, TNA has a great tag team division. This may not apply to everyone because everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good tag team (which was a topic for my very first column here on OWW). I like teams that look like a team, have team moves, and are NOT two mid to main eventers thrown together because WWE creative probably has nothing better for them to do. Between Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, Team 3D, and the British Invasion, to me that’s a solid division. Better yet no one is being HANDED a title. I’m talking to you Big Show!


Thirdly, no authority figure. This is a personal favorite of mine. I am, and have been, sick to death with the authority figure concept. The storylines, for both faces and heels, has been played out. Everything they do (any promotion) we have seen. I am grateful that TNA seems to be straying away from this. TNA has been announcing their matches ahead of time so you know what to expect and I like it. In some cases we still have an authority figure come out and make matches but definitely not as much as we used to. I always wanted an authority figure like Jack Tunney in today’s wrestling, where he only comes out when there is a MAJOR controversy and at the rate things go, TNA will probably give me that kind of authority figure rather than the weekly played out authority.


Fourth, variety of contenders for their World title. I always miss the days when Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels would fight someone at one PPV and then at the next PPV they fight someone different. What a concept! In WWE, it seems there has to be three PPV matches between two people before the feud ends. The feud continues with nothing added and in some cases its just a way to play catch with their World titles. At Bound For Glory AJ Styles fought Sting, at the next TNA PPV AJ Styles will fight Daniels and Samoa Joe. Variety is a great thing to have and I commend TNA for variety even if Joe and Daniels probably don’t stand a chance. I also predict the next PPV match will be AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle.


There are probably some other aspects to TNA wrestling that I feel is better than WWE, but those were the main ones. Everything I complain about in pro wrestling, TNA seems to avoiding. So the next time you go to bad mouth TNA, perhaps you should think of this column because there are many things that make TNA an alternative to WWE. Unfortunately, its only in a couple of doses, but hopefully for wrestling fans the trend continues to go in the right direction. The company has already done more with new stars in 3 months than WWE has done in 3 years so perhaps now is the time for the true rise of TNA Wrestling.


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