Sunset Flip: Downfall of Bret Hart? Part 2

Sunset Flip pesents: The Downfall of Bret Hart? Part 2
 By Jim Boy Star

 As I am writing this article, we are hours away on finding out if Bret Hart will truly be the guest host for Raw. Last week, I wrote an article stating why I feel this may not be the best for the legacy of Bret Hart. 

This is part two of a three part article. Next week we will look at all the possibilities of Bret Hart and his role in World Wrestling Entertainment.

 This week, I continue to state why Bret’s legacy is in danger. If you did not check out part 1, I suggest you do so as quickly as possible. I don’t have a real reason why it should be quick but it just should be.

 Hart was leaving for WCW 12+ years ago and going to WCW. Back then the politics were also working against him. The two main politicians he had to worry about, other than McMahon, was Triple H and more specifically Shawn Michaels. I think it is amazing that after 12+ years the main people to politic against Bret Hart are still there AND active. Will they conspire to bring Bret down?

 Let me put it this way. Right now, Degeneration X are good guys that tell terrible jokes. It’s assumed Bret Hart will enter as a good guy or at least get cheered upon his return. If Shawn and Hunter say that one side should be a bad guy, who do you think is going to win that political battle. One guess. The guy with the gimmick where his name in the same three letters.

 I am sure there are those Hunter marks and that think the battle may be won by Bret, but you are sadly mistaken as much as I wish you were right.

 While I don’t want to make this an “I Hate Triple H” column, to demonstrate my point let’s take a look at a few things.

 Triple H finds himself in a World title match on his respective brand every Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania X-8, except for Wrestlemania. Who was headling that Wrestlemania? Oh yes, it was HHH’s good friend Shawn Michaels.

 WWE has done a terrible job over the past 3 years to create new stars. The person they choose to push is Sheamus. Sheamus even gets a World title. Is it because he’s talented? I have not seen him in enough non squash matches to say he is. Is he good on the mic? I don’t think he’s great but he’s not the worst. Is he majorly over with the crowd? Not really. So why does he get a World Title push? Oh yes, he is friends with Triple H.

 Finally, I am a big advocate that a World title match should always end shows. At TLC and Hell In A Cell, this did not happen. Why is that? Was there a celebrity involved that brought media hype to the company? Was there NO World title match that night? Nope. Oh yes, Hunter AND Shawn had to be above the World title.

 Take those three things into account and Bret will lose the political battle, the facts are right in your face and ultimately will probably be a bad guy at some point.

 Another problem is that not many people will care. I will care because Bret was one of my first favorite wrestlers, but this is a different audience. Bret Hart has not been around, nor have video packages been seen. So while the hardcore fans will be excited, I would be shocked if the LIVE audience would give a larger than life reaction. This is not Bret or Vince’s fault. It is a different audience.

 The final point I want to make is that WWE creative is the worst it has been in years. I will even go out on the limb and say it is the worst of all time. So if there is something that they can drop the ball on easily it is this story. Maybe they’ll have Shawn Michaels confront Bret backstage and hint that Shawn would like to superkick Bret one more time and then leaves. From there, nothing is ever mentioned ever again about it. That is something WWE Creative would do and if you have watched anything of Raw this year, you know that is right.

 This week at we look at some of the events of 2009. Next week, I will take a look at all the possible situations in WWE to involve Bret Hart. Have a great week everyone.

 Jim Boy Star

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