Alfred Hayes

Title History


  • (Britain) World Mid Heavyweight title defeating Mike Marino (????, 1964);
  • NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Cyclone Negro (December ??, 1971);
  • NWA Western States Tag Team titles w/Rikki Starr defeating Bobby Duncum Sr. & Dick Murdoch (August 24, 1972);
  • NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Cyclone Negro (September ??, 1972);
  • NWA Western States Tag Team titles w/Nick Kozak defeating Karl Von Steiger & Cyclone Negro (December ??, 1972);
  • PWI Inspirational Wrestler of the Year – 1972;
  • NWA (Central States) World Tag Team titles w/Roger Kirby defeating Mike George & Jim Brunzell (January 17, 1974);
  • NWA (Central States) World Tag Team titles w/Bob Brown defeating Mike George & Jim Brunzell (February 28, 1974);
  • ESA (Eastern Sports Association) International Tag Team titles w/Mike Dubois defeating The Beast & Johnny Weaver for vacant titles (May 13, 1975);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/Big O defeating Tony Charles & Les Thorton (????, 1977);


Career Highlights

Judo Al Hayes:

  • Alfred Hayes began his career in the United Kingdom wrestling as a fan favorite under the name “Judo” Al Hayes..
  • Alfred Hayes had a successful career as a great technical heel wrestler before switching to managing & announcing..
  • Alfred Hayes used a finishing hold called the London Bridge Deathlock (a forceful variation of the half-nelson)..
  • Alfred Hayes wrestled in Florida, Amarillo (Funks), Minneapolis (AWA), Charlotte (Mid Atlantic) and many others..
  • June 1972: Alfred Hayes defeated Dory Funk Jr. for the NWA World title in Amarillo but Dory Sr. got up and attacked Hayes..
  • ~~~The referee changed the decision of the match and disqualified Dory Jr., thus allowing Dory Jr. to retain!In Transition:
  • Alfred Hayes managed a tag team known as The Imperial Russians (Nikolai Volkoff & Chris Markov)..
  • 1982: Lord Alfred Hayes joined the World Wrestling Federation..
  • 1983: Alfred Hayes retired after suffering some severe inflammation in his joints that laid him up for several months..
  • ~~~Alfred Hayes was later diagnosed with a condition called rheumatoid arthritis..World Wrestling Federation:
  • Alfred Hayes is best remembered for his co-hosting duties on WWF Tuesday Night Titans along with Vince McMahon..
  • Alfred Hayes also did announcing with Bob Caudle in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling..
  • Alfred Hayes eventually resigned with the WWF as a broadcast announcer and backstage interviewer..
  • 1984: Alfred Hayes was phased out as a backstage interviewer and replaced by the famous Mean Gene Okerland..
  • Alfred Hayes was the commentator for recorded House Shows (MSG, Boston Garden, Maple Leaf etc) throughout the 1980s..
  • Alfred Hayes provided play by play announcing for the Hulk Hogan/King Kong Bundy main event at WrestleMania II..
  • Lord Alfred Hayes also became the voice for WWF Coliseum Home Video releases..
  • Alfred Hayes also got a knee replacement, which gave him some relief from the arthritis for several years..
  • 1990: Alfred Hayes was hit by a speeding car as he was walking across the street in Stamford CT..
  • ~~~Alfred Hayes was thrown up in the air, landing on his back and his hip..
  • ~~~Alfred Hayes got blood poisoning from all the gravel and dirt that got into his hip, and he needed numerous skin grafts..
  • Lord Alfred Hayes co-hosted International Wrestling Challenge with Mean Gene Okerlund..
  • Alfred Hayes hosted the Update segments on WWF Superstars of Wrestling programming..
  • Alfred Hayes began concentrating on Coliseum Home Video department, and adopted a heel attitude while calling matches..
  • 1993: Lord Afred Hayes was phased out of WWF programming as the company began taking a ‘new direction’..
  • A few years later they discovered a lump on his spine that the doctors initially thought was cancer..
  • ~~~Luckily, it turned out to be bone calcifications from his accident..
  • ~~~Alfred had to have several vertabrae taken out to remove the lump, and as a result he is several inches shorter than he used to be..
  • 1995: Alfred Hayes departed the WWF after his long run with the company..


  • 1996: Alfred Hayes briefly commentated for Tito Santana’s short-lived American Wrestling Federation promotion..
  • Alfred Hayes contracted gangrene which led to the eventual amputation of of his leg..
  • July 2005: Alfred Hayes suffered a series of strokes after a fall at a nursing home he lived at in Dallas..
  • July 21, 2005: Alfred Hayes passed away at the age of 77, thus ending a life of suffering — RIP and Cherio!
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