Carl Demarco

Career Highlights


  • Carl DeMarco grew up in North York, Ontario and attended Stephen Leacock Collegiate..
  • Carl DeMarco participated in a co-op program where he was placed at CFMT-TV in Toronto..
  • Carl DeMarco enrolled in the Business Administration program at Seneca College..
  • Carl DeMarco owned and operated a highly successful personal company..
  • Carl DeMarco owned and ran a nightclub and direct marketing production company..
  • Carl DeMarco served as the business manager for Bret “The Hitman Hart” and President of Hitman Productions Inc., for five years..
  • Carl DeMarco was appointed to the position of President of the WWFe Canada Inc in 1995..
  • Carl DeMarco oversees all WWE Canada aspects including live events, tv, publications, merchandise, licensing, sponsors & ppv..
  • Carl DeMarco is actively involved in the support of several charities including Easter Seals, Special Olympics & Parc Foundation..
  • York University in Toronto recognized Carl as being the driving force behind the success of the WWFe Canada..
  • ~~~the main reason why WWFe Canada holds such a dominant position in the Canadian Market place..
  • October 5, 2000: Carl was presented with the American Marketing Association at York University, Marketing Excellence Award..
  • Carl DeMarco has been instrumental in bringing live WWF events to selected Famous Players Theaters Canada wide via PPV..
  • Speaking on behalf of Vince McMahon, Carl DeMarco invited Bret Hart to participate on the Wrestlemania X-8 card in Toronto..
  • ~~~the offer would have him refereeing the main event between HHH & Y2J.. Bret declines the invitation..
  • September 2009: Carl Demarco left his position with WWE Canada / World Wrestling Entertainment…