Tony Kontellis

Title History


  • Austra-Asian Tag Team titles w/Pat Barrett


Career Highlights


  • Tony Kontellis made the Greek team for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia but a training injury put him out of the games..
  • Tony Kontellis travelled to South Australia to visit relatives & was persuaded by a local pro to give wrestling a try..
  • ~~~While training to turn pro he was noticed in the gym by visiting American Lou Newman who took him under his wing..
  • 1960: Tony Kontellis went to Pakistan, where he tangled with King Kong Czaja amongst others..
  • Tony Kontellis then travelled to Toronto and wrestled all over Canada for Frank Tunney’s Maple Leaf promotion..
  • 1966: Tony Kontellis returned to Australia & NZ where he fought Czaja as well as The Great Zorro, Wadi Ayoub & Steve Rickard..
  • 1972: Tony Kontellis wrestled in the WWWF for a while against opponents like Joe Nova, Fred Curry & Jimmy Valiant..
  • 1974: Tony Kontellis again returned to Australia and scored wins over Don Carson, Bill Dundee, Mr Moto & Les Thornton..
  • ~~~Tony Kontellis & Pat Barrett won the Austra-Asian tag team belts in a tournament from George Barnes & Bobby Shane..
  • 2003: Tony Kontellis is co-owner with his son Paul, and Libnan Ayoub & head trainer of the World Wrestling Alliance school in Sydney..