Recent Stephanie McMahon interview

Stephanie McMahon spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald to promote WWE’s new partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Here are some highlights:

Bullying and incorporating “Be a STAR” values with their three daughters:

“Our kids, life is going to be a little different for them given that their parents are on TV, and it’s something that I lived through and grew up with as well, but bullying happens, no matter who you are. They are a little more targeted because they are children of celebrities. So it’s important to us to spread the same message that we also do to the kids who we speak to all over the world [through WWE social media and WWE Be a STAR rallies]. Believe in themselves. To treat each other and themselves with respect. In terms of putting an end to bullying, don’t forward negative messages online or via social media; block people who are negative toward you. You don’t want negative people in your life, period. Do your best to spread positive messages. If you’ve witnessed bullying or if you’re being bullied, tell somebody you trust. Tell mom and dad, tell your counselors or your coaches, tell your teachers, tell an adult who you trust. Bottom line, if you work hard, and if you believe you can, then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

Triple H winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title:

“I actually have video of my daughter [Aurora] because we didn’t tell her it was gonna happen. Like everybody else, she had no idea Triple H, my husband, was going to be in the Royal Rumble, let alone win it. So I have this awesome video of her, and she was just beyond thrilled and wrote him one of the most beautiful notes that I have ever seen. It’s just amazing…What a wonderful life.”

Read more of the interview here!

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