AEW Dynamite 09 20 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
September 20, 2023
Queens, New York (Arthur Ashe Stadium)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro kicks us off before a peek at Claudio Castagnoli leads into our opening match, Title For Title as the ROH World Champion makes his way to the ring! We look back at ROH Supercard of Honor as Claudio arrives at the ring. Out next is Eddie Kingston, the NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion looking focused as he heads to the ring. The crowd is fully behind Kingston as this Title For Title match gets underway!

Title For Title Match: ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston

The two trade blows at the outset, both men looking to get the upper hand as the disdain is evident. Claudio badmouths Kingston, leading to a set of chops before Claudio sends Eddie out of the ring…only for Kingston to grab the ROH World Champion, sending him into the barricade for some more chops and a headbutt!

Claudio turns things around now as he pulls Eddie in for a lariat laying him out onto the floor. Claudio brings Kingston back into the ring, but Eddie starts to turn things around…until Claudio overpowers him for a gutwrench powerbomb! Castagnoli brings him back up for a Neutralizer, but Eddie turns it around before delivering a German suplex that sends Claudio to the ropes! Claudio escapes to the apron, grabbing Eddie before taking him on a ride with a back suplex onto the entrance ramp!

The ROH World Champion is up first, stomping onto Eddie’s hands before sending him back into the ring. Claudio climbs to the top as Eddie tries to roll out of the way…only for Claudio to hit a double stomp right onto the arm! Claudio climbs up top again, looking for a diving headbutt this time…but Eddie gets out of the way! Only the ROH World Champion gets an uppercut and a nearfall before we cut to picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Castagnoli looks to continue the attack on Kingston as he brings him back to the middle of the ring, only for Kingston to counter a vertical suplex and hit one of his own! Claudio is back to his feet already however, the NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion struggling a bit as Castagnoli stomps away at the fallen Kingston. Claudio with a chinlock now as Kingston tries his best to fight out of it…only for Claudio to let go long enough to kick him in the back! Eddie still looks hurt here, but fights back Claudio with a chop as we come back from break!

Claudio lunges at Kingston, sending him into the corner with some hard chops before dropping him with a TKO…but Kingston kicks out! Claudio mocks Eddie as he hits a boot to the head of Kingston, but the Mad King is firing up despite Claudio’s best efforts…and backslides him for a nearfall! Leaping enziguri and an exploder by Kingston, followed by the Saito suplex…but now it’s Claudio who kicks out!

Both men head to the corners of the ring, slowly getting to their feet before Kingston rushes Castagnoli with some more chops! Claudio is worn down now, before clocking Eddie with a right hand. Both men stand off now, with Claudio mocking Kingston before they trade strikes. Neither man seems to give an inch to the other in the exchange…until Claudio hits a short-arm lariat on the Mad King! Cover…but Eddie kicks out again!

Claudio sets Kingston up for the Ricola Bomb, but this leads to an exchange of nearfalls! The ROH World Champ finally hits a Ricola Bomb on Kingston and keeps him pinned down…BUT KINGSTON WON’T QUIT, AND KICKS OUT!

Claudio looks frustrated as he brings Eddie to his feet for a chop…but Kingston starts fighting back, hitting a half and half suplex…and a spinning backfist! Eddie drops the ROH champ before going for the cover…BUT CLAUDIO WON’T GIVE UP EITHER, AND HE KICKS OUT!

Eddie slowly brings Claudio up, looking for a piledriver…but Claudio fights out of it and hits a European uppercut! But Eddie hits him with another backfist…and a powerbomb! Eddie’s got Claudio pinned down…and gets the three count! Eddie Kingston gets the win here at Dynamite Grand Slam and is your new ROH World Champion!

Winner via pinfall and new ROH World Champion: Eddie Kingston

Yuta helps Claudio back to his feet and eventually, the now-former champion extends a hand out to Kingston out of respect…and the Code of Honor is adhered to as both men finally, FINALLY shake hands before Claudio hands him the title and leaves the ring with Yuta, allowing Kingston to soak in the celebration with the New York crowd.

We cut to footage from earlier today as The Kingdom are hanging out with a recovering Roderick Strong before Adam Cole checks in on him. The Kingdom runs down Cole for finally showing up, before they leave to head to Grand Slam. Cole says he’s sorry to have to leave him now but he has to be there for Max as he gets ready to defend the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe.

Roderick slowly raises his hospital bed to speak to Cole, running him down for caring about Max before telling him to “just go.”

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Backstage, Renee talks to Christian Cage and the TNT Champion Luchasaurus, where Cage challenges Darby to a 3-way match for the TNT title this Saturday on Collision…but to get the show, Sting cannot be at ringside! He ends by telling Darby to “bring the boy” referring to Nick Wayne at Rampage, before the two men walk off.

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next match as he takes on his friend Sammy Guevara…who comes out next with a light up vest and a musical guest in Monteasy before this match gets underway!

Chris Jericho vs. Sammy Guevara

After a moment the two men shake hands and then lock up, before Jericho brings Sammy down with a shoulder tackle before Sammy kips up…and the two get to trading strikes! Slaps into chops before Sammy brings Jericho to the ropes, eventually hitting a corkscrew maneuver on Jericho taking him down! Sammy poses before Jericho joins him, putting an end to that quickly.

The two go right back at it with chops, with the Ocho sending Sammy to the corner before hitting a backbreaker! Jericho leaps up for a springboard dropkick off the apron but Sammy dodges, before hitting a corkscrew tornado over the top rope onto Jericho! Sammy brings him back into the ring before climbing up top for a cross body, but only gets a nearfall!

Sammy lifts Jericho up but Chris fights out before hitting a Codebreaker! Sammy ends up on the apron as Jericho comes out to meet him…and chaos ends up ensuing as both men spill out to the floor before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: After a moment it’s Jericho who ends up back in the ring as Guevara gets back to his feet, only for the Ocho to bring him back to the ring for more damage. Jericho goes for a vertical suplex but is caught with a small package that gives Guevara a nearfall. Jericho takes Sammy to the top turnbuckle as Guevara tries to fight back, but is taken down by the Ocho who gets a nearfall as we come back from break!

We end up with both men trading strikes again, with Jericho getting caught with a Spanish Fly that gives him another nearfall. Jericho responds with a couple hard lariats to keep Sammy down, but only gets a nearfall for his efforts. Jericho stays on the attack until Sammy catches him with a Codebreaker…but Jericho kicks out!

Jericho gets on the apron looking for a springboard, but is taken down by a Guevara dive sending him toward the announce table before Sammy climbs up top…hitting a big moonsault onto the Ocho! Sammy sends Jericho back in the ring before leaping onto the ropes for a springboard…into a dropkick by Jericho!

Jericho fakes Guevara out but takes a glancing kick that allows Sammy to get back on the turnbuckle for a cutter…but Jericho kicks out again! Sammy goes back on the attack but gets caught in the Walls of Jericho! Sammy is struggling here but doesn’t give up, crawling toward the ropes before Jericho pulls him back to the middle!

But Sammy fights his way out eventually to break the hold! Jericho sent to the corner now but catches Guevara on the apron as the Ocho climbs up bringing Guevara with him…which turns out to be a problem as Guevara catches him with a cutter! Sammy with the cover…BUT JERICHO KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Both men slowly get to their feet as Guevara goes back on the attack with a chop on Jericho on the ropes…only for Jericho to intercept a Lionsault attempt! Jericho with a running bulldog now, and goes for a Lionsault of his own that connects…BUT SAMMY KICKS OUT!

Both men slow to their feet as Sammy goes for a pump kick before lifting Jericho up for the GTH! Guevara climbs up top once more, looking for a shooting star press…and gets hit with a Codebreaker that gives Jericho the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Chris Jericho

Jericho slowly gets to his feet as does Guevara, before Jericho extends a hand that Sammy accepts. The two shake hands and hug to a big pop from the crowd…before Sammy kicks Jericho down low! The crowd can’t quite believe it as we see Don Callis comes walking down the ramp to embrace who appears to be the newest member of his family! The two walk back up the ramp amidst booing from the crowd.

Earlier Today: MJF calls out Samoa Joe for what he’s been up to, promising to choke Joe out with the last thing he hears being MJF’s name being chanted. Cole gets a call from Roddy Strong, presumably yelling at him to come back to the hospital.

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Backstage we see Don Callis and Sammy Guevara making their way out, refusing to answer Renee but promising all will be revealed this Friday on Rampage. A brief confrontation between Guevara and Daniel Garcia is stopped by Callis before they walk off, as we cut back to ringside for our next match.

Rey Fenix makes his way to the ring to challenge for the AEW International Championship, as the champion Jon Moxley makes his way through the crowd toward ringside. Mox ends up heading to the ramp, seemingly baiting Rey to come fight him…and fight him Rey does, both men going at it until Mox ends up on the floor as Fenix flies at him from the ramp!

Fenix continues the attack before sending Mox into the ring, as this match finally gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Jon Moxley defends against Rey Fenix

Fenix with a sunset flip for a nearfall as Mox stacks him up for one of his own. Fenix runs the ropes and hits an arm drag on Mox, who rises back to his feet quick and hits a big forearm shiver to Fenix! Mox to the ropes now as he hits a big stomp on the head for a nearfall, before locking in a kimura…which is countered by a bite from Fenix!

Mox sends the challenger to the ropes, and intercepts a tiger feint kick with a hard strike! Fenix takes a step out side before Mox lays in a chop that sends him over the barricade…but Fenix fights out of a suplex, only to get intercepted on the barricade by the champion! Mox drives the head of Fenix into the floor before bringing him back into the ring for a nearfall.

Mox shouts at Fenix now before pummeling him with right hands and forearms. Fenix heads to the corner, but is caught with a strike by Mox before catching him with a couple kicks and a cutter…but Mox manages to kick out! Fenix with a frog splash now, and STILL only gets a nearfall for his efforts! Fenix goes to the ropes…only to get caught with a King Kong Lariat by the champ sending him down hard!

Fenix springs up to his feet, and hits a thrust kick that forces Mox to the outside. Fenix fights his way through now before heading up top…and hitting a leg drop on Mox off the barricade to the floor as we cut to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Fenix is building up momentum now as he brings Mox back into the ring…but gets caught with a DDT by the champ for a nearfall! Mox looks to change things up with a Texas cloverleaf as Fenix tries to fight out of it…only for Mox to switch to a bulldog choke! Fenix is caught here as he tries to tge tot the ropes…only for Mox to change it up into a Gotch style piledriver! Cover by Mox, but the challenger kicks out! Mox stays on the attack as he brings Fenix to the corner for a hard chop and another as we come back!

Fenix and Mox continue to fight until Mox sends Fenix up top…only to take a couple headbutts by the challenger, who hits a massive double foot stomp! Fenix covers…but it’s another kickout by the champ! Fenix sets Mox up but is sent up onto Mox’s shoulders…eventually heading to the ropes, where Mox knocks him to the ramp.

Mox sizes up Fenix before hitting a big ol’ stomp on the head of the challenger! Mox brings Fenix back into the ring for another Gotch style piledriver and the cover…BUT FENIX KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Mox brings Fenix back to his feet before sending him to the corner, setting him up top for an Avalanche Death Rider…but Fenix fights back for a senton bomb, bringing him up on his shoulders for a piledriver…but a weird shoulder up leads to the pin being stopped, only for Fenix to hit another piledriver for the pin and the win to become the new International Champion!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW International Champion: Rey Fenix

Medics check on Mox as Fenix celebrates with the title before we cut backstage, where Joe runs down MJF ahead of their AEW World Championship match tonight!

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We get an update with good news about Moxley stating he left “under his own power” before going to a hype package for Rampage!

Video Package: New contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Champions will be made this Friday on Rampage Grand Slam!

Back at ringside, Toni Storm makes her way to the ring with her new Portrait of a Star entrance for our next match as she looks to win the AEW Women’s World Championship back from her…former?…bestie in Saraya. Speaking of, the AEW Women’s World Champion makes her way to the ring alongside Ruby Soho before this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Saraya defends against Toni Storm

Toni looks for a hug from her friend to start things off…and gets a slap to the face instead! Saraya yells at Storm with another slap, insisting Toni needs her…but a smiling challenger lays into Saraya in response! Storm avoids a slap from Ruby, but not a thrust kick by the champ that sends her to the ropes. Saraya back on the attack now, but is met with an assault by the challenger before sending Saraya back in the ring.

Toni goes under the ring apron before being pulled away by Ruby…revealing a pair of shoes that she attacks Soho with! Storm sneaks one of them back in the ring and lays the champ out with it…but only gets a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: There seems to be trouble after Storm hits a DDT from the second rope onto the ramp, as Ruby checks on the fallen Saraya on the ramp…but Toni won’t have any of it as Saraya starts to get back up, only to be taken down with a rope-hung DDT for a nearfall! Saraya is back in it now as the fight spills to the outside, but as it comes back in the ring Storm sets the champ up on the top turnbuckle…only for Saraya to drop her down for a nearfall after a sunset flip before we come back from break!

Saraya’s frustration is evident as she and Storm trade strikes on the canvas, fighting their way back to their feet before Storm goes after the neck of the champ. Storm rushes to the bottom turnbuckle, removing it before the ref intervenes. Storm grabs the spray paint but it’s taken by Ruby…who slides it over to Saraya, managing to use it on Storm instead before hitting the Knightcap! Saraya covers…BUT TONI KICKS OUT!

Saraya is beside herself as she sets Storm up on the bottom turnbuckle…but Storm catches her boot, giving her a big ol’ kiss and a Storm Zero for the cover…BUT SARAYA KICKS OUT AS WELL!

Storm sets Saraya up on the exposed bottom turnbuckle, looking for the hip attack with a “I’m sorry, I love you”…but Saraya evads! Knightcap on the challenger gets Saraya the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Saraya

Saraya celebrates with Soho on the ramp as we get a rundown on what’s to come for Rampage Grand Slam this Friday, as well as this Saturday’s Collision with some big matches!

Video Package: It all comes down to this, as the World Title Eliminator winner Samoa Joe challenges MJF for the AEW World Championship in tonight’s main event!

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We’re back from break, and it’s time for our main event as ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring, before the AEW World Champion MJF gives us a nod to the classic Bret Hart vignette handing a young fan a scarf…and letting him know with a whisper that he’s adopted.

Back at ringside, MJF makes his way to the ring to a big pop from the hometown crowd before we get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion to get this AEW World Championship match underway!

AEW World Championship Match: MJF defends against Samoa Joe

It takes a moment to get the action going before the men circle the canvas…and Joe hits a slight kick on the champ. MJF looks extra focused as Joe sends him to the corner…and hits a thumb to the eye to turn things around, only to get taken down by Joe! MJF’s concerned about his neck here and Joe…is not, as he goes right back on the attack.

Joe attacks Max in the corner before finally backing away, mocking the crowd before bringing the champ back to the middle of the ring where he goes after the neck. MJF tries to fight back and is taken down hard by Joe, who takes a thumb to the eye after Max dodges a kick…but Joe responds with a big senton that gets him a nearfall!

MJF sends Joe to the corner before he charges…but is taken down hard by the challenger as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Joe continues the attack by bringing the champ to the outside, sending him into the barricade for extra damage before taking him back to the ring. Joe sets him up on the ropes now, driving a knee to the back of MJF’s neck before taking him down with a follow-up snapmare. The challenger remains focused on that neck now, cranking it hard as MJF tries to fight his way back to his feet…only to get taken down with a shoulder tackle that gets the challenger a nearfall. Joe brings MJF back to the corner now, hitting a boot to wear the champ down as we come back!

Joe sets him up on the top for a Muscle Buster, but Max counters into a nearfall! MJF lays into Joe with a couple lariats but is met with big resistance from Joe who lays him down for the cover…BUT MAX KICKS OUT!

Joe attacks MJF psychologically now, ripping and tearing the champ’s jersey…but this only fires him up! MJF with some forearms to Joe, who ends up taking a rake to the back before MJF drives his head into the turnbuckle over and over again! MJF follows with some mounted punches and a bite on the forehead!

Joe shoves him away but the champ lands on his feet, calling for a Kangaroo Kick…and connects, sending Joe out of the ring! Max is still fired up as the crowd chant for him, and the champ runs the ropes…and right into a big kick by Joe! Joe’s up on the apron now, lifting the champ up for a Death Valley Driver that sends MJF neck-first onto the corner of the apron! Joe brings him back into the ring but only gets a nearfall after all that!

Joe escapes the ring to pull a table out from underneath as the ref checks on MJF. Joe sets the table up against the barricade before bringing Max out of the ring…and sending him through a table with a uranage! MJF looks out of it as Joe brings him back up, sending him into the ring for a cover…BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT!

Joe rolls out of the ring, pulling the safety padding off the floor outside before bringing the champ outside…but MJF fights back by biting the leg of Joe! MJF sets Joe up for a piledriver but it’s countered, and Joe hits a piledriver on the champ to send him into the exposed floor! Medics check on the champion as Joe gets to his feet, fighting away the medical staff as he goes after MJF.

Joe brings the champ back into the ring for another cover…and the champ kicks out once again, much to the surprise of Joe! The challenger brings MJF back to his feet, yelling at him…and the champ responds with a light headbutt that only angers Joe, who slaps him to the canvas! MJF stood back up by the challenger who runs the ropes…but the champ counters, hitting a Liger Bomb on Joe! MJF with the cover…BUT JOE KICKS OUT!

Joe fights back before going to the ropes…where MJF gets him with a sleeper hold! But Joe counters it…only for MJF to sneak a low blow! MJF gets out his Dynamite Diamond Ring but it’s intercepted by the ref…and Joe sneaks a low blow of his own on the champ! Muscle Buster and the cover…BUT MAX KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Joe locks in a sleeper on the champ now, and Max is fading fast as the ref checks on him…but Adam Cole comes rushing down to ringside to will the champ on! And it works, because Max’s arm doesn’t drop a third time! Max fights back to his feet, biting the hand of Joe to break the hold before rolling him up for a nearfall. MJF goes for a sleeper on Joe but the challenger sends him into the turnbuckle, which sends the ref out!

Max has something in his hands that he wraps around the throat of Joe, choking the challenger out as the ref comes back into the ring…and Joe is out! The ref calls for the bell, and this match is over!

Winner via submission and still AEW World Champion: MJF

MJF celebrates by hugging the ref, as we see Cole sneakily hide whatever it was MJF used to win the match. Joe gets back on his feet, shoving the ref before turning his attention to Cole…but MJF intercepts, putting himself between the two. Joe backs off of this, eventually extending a hand as a sign of respect…and Max shakes hands! Joe leaves the ring and goes up the ramp as MJF and Cole celebrate in the ring.

Another medic comes out to check on the champ as Cole hypes him up to a big pop from the crowd. MJF is helped to his feet as he continues to celebrate with Cole before climbing the turnbuckle to raise his title up high, the New York crowd showing their appreciation for the champ as the show comes to a close.