WWE Monday Night RAW 07 07 2008

July 7, 2008 – New Orleans, Louisiana
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan defeated Matt Striker..

DARK MATCH: World Tag Team champions Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes defeated D-Lo Brown & Paul London in a Non-title match..

Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie spoke on behalf of the McMahon family and asked the WWE crew to all work as one to keep the show going.

SmackDown! General Manager Vickie Guerrero + World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk + John Bradshaw Layfield + John Cena + Batista: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! (the worst catch phrase in the history of pro-wrestling) started the show – even though it was the wrong show. Vickie said she was there to protest C.M. Punk becoming the World Heavyweight champion, and said she won’t leave the ring until Punk surrenders the championship to her and apologizes. C.M. Punk came out proudly wearing the World Heavyweight title around his waist. Punk stood there with a grin on his face as Vickie whined about Edge calling off her wedding. Punk said she won’t get any sympathy from him. Punk said he didn’t do anything to Edge that he didn’t do onto others. Vickie said the difference was Edge’s opponents at the time were not getting married. Punk told Vickie there were plenty of other fish in the sea who will marry her just to be in a position of power. Punk suggested the Great Khali. Vickie stood up out of her wheel-chair and slapped C.M. Punk and then sat right back down again. Punk said “you just bought yourself a one way ticket back to SmackDown!” — Punk started to push Vickie’s wheel-chair when he was interrupted by John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL claimed that C.M. Punk only won last week because of illegal outside interference. JBL challenged Punk to another World Heavyweight title match. Punk told JBL that he already had his shot, and he LOST. JBL said he didn’t lose, and illegal interferenced saved Punk’s title. John Cena came out next and told JBL not to play the blame game on RAW. Cena congratulated C.M. Punk and said that Punk is making some sense. Cena suggested he and JBL wrestle in a number one contenders match tonight! Batista joined the fray, and said that he beat up Edge and helped C.M. Punk so that means Punk owes him a favor. Cena proposed a threeway number one contenders match and everyone agreed. Kane came out and said he wanted into the match too. C.M. Punk declared a fatal four-way and added “good luck, boys!”

Rey Mysterio defeated Santino Marella: What should have been a heated grudge match stemming from their confrontation last week, was a relatively quick match with Rey Mysterio having a successful debut match on RAW.

Todd Grisham & C.M. Punk + Gene Snitsky: Todd Grisham asked C.M. Punk who he was routing for to win the four-way number one contenders match tonight. Suddenly a lighting fixture fell over and two crew guys scurried to fix it – not sure if this was a real mistake or what. Snitsky showed up and said he was drafted to RAW last year and never got a title shot, and Punk got one on his first night and won a fluke. Punk said he would prove it wasn’t a fluke in a match with Snitsky tonight.

John Cena & hot Mickie James + Kelly Kelly: John Cena and Mickie James were flirting backstage when Kelly Kelly showed up. Mickie told John Cena that Kelly was the newest RAW Diva. John Cena asked Kelly if Teddy Long let her out of her ECW contract and she replied, “uh, we have contracts?” Cena looked at the camera and said “God Bless, America!”

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Jillian Hall & Layla El: Kelly was pushed in this match to look like a star, and managed to score the pin for her team!

John Bradshaw Layfield + John Cena + Cryme Tyme: JBL’s white stretch limo pulled into the arena but JBL was not inside. JBL came out and tried to see who was in his limo. John Cena popped out and said that JBL’s limo would not pass inspection in Louisiana, but he has some friends who can help JBL out. Cryme Tyme popped out with baseball bats. John Cena added insults on the microphone while JTG and Shad Gaspard smashed the mirrors and windows out and they all spray-painted the hell out of the limo!

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk defeated Gene Snitsky: C.M. Punk put down the beastly Gene Snitsky with a Go-To-Sleep..

Shawn Michaels + Chris Jericho & Lance Cade: Shawn Michaels said Chris Jericho challenged him to a match at Great American Bash, and “I only have two words for ya….. I ACCEPT” Chris Jericho came out with protege Lance Cade behind him. Jericho said he knew Michaels’ ego would force him to accept the challenge even though his eye injury is worse than he is letting on. Jericho said it was a no-lose situation for Michaels. Michaels said he has lived his life and open book for the fans. Michaels said he could leave the business today and be remembered forever. Michaels said no matter what Jericho accomplishes he will NEVER be him.

WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston defeated Charlie Haas: After the match, Paul Burchill attacked Kofi Kingston and gave him a Diamond Cutter, followed by a stiff Curb-stomp.

Batista: During there throw to commercial, they showed Batista preparing for a match. Some goon jumped into the camera shot and did a machine gun sound before he was chased off by security. Batista laughed it off. I think they are trying to do fake things to make the live environment feel more volatile and unpredictable. Unfortunately nobody believes a goon like that could get within arms reach of Batista in the backstage area so it comes off as really desperate and fake.

Batista defeated John Cena and John Bradshaw Layfield and Kane (pinned): Batista pinned Kane after a spear! Kane was irate after the match, flipped over the ring steps and shouted “IS HE ALIVE OR DEAD?” and kicked a production crew member in the head and assaulted time keeper Mark Yeaton. Kane grabbed Michael Cole and asked “IS HE ALIVE OR DEAD?” and threw Cole into the ring to harass him. Kane picked Michael Cole up and tried to give him a choke-slam, but Jerry Lawler clipped Kane’s knee from behind. Kane attacked Lawler and choked him down and repeatedly punched him in the head and face before walking out with a stressed look on his face.