WWE SmackDown 11 14 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Liverpool, England
Date: November 14, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show that recaps both Team Cena and Team Authority trying to vie for the services of Ryback. Ryback initially sided with The Authority, but after they interfered in his main event match against John Cena, he turned on them. Ryback’s allegiances were still unclear at the conclusion of the broadcast. Luke Harper also returned by attacking Dolph Ziggler and inserting himself into Team Authority.

Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, and JBL welcome us to the show. There is another commentary table next to them.

The Highlight Reel with special guests The Authority

The countdown starts before the pyro explodes. Chris Jericho then makes his way to the ring to a great ovation. Jericho hasn’t been seen since he lost to Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Jericho says, “Liverpool, welcome to Smackdown is Jericho!” Jericho says he’s been away from WWE for a couple of months, but he still keeps his eye on everything going on. There are a few things he wants to know. The first is something very serious: who is Adam Rose’s Bunny? That guy is awesome. Jericho thinks its Funaki. A “Funaki” chant breaks out, and Jericho says that may be the first. Jericho knows if Team Authority loses at Survivor Series, they’ll be stripped of power. Jericho then introduces The Authority to the ring.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their entrance to the ring. Stephanie mimics Jericho’s entrance on the way down. They get in the ring and shake hands with Jericho. Stephanie wants him to kiss her hand, but he pretends like he’s going to gag. A quick “Where’s out network?” chant breaks out, and Jericho says everyone wants to know that. Jericho then says it’s time to cut through all the excuses. He wants to know why they asked to come on The Highlight Reel. Stephanie says that’s not the question. The question is why they invited Jericho to Smackdown. How long has it been since they’ve had The Highlight Reel on Smackdown? How long has it been since Jericho has been in Liverpool? Stephanie says they give the WWE Universe what they really want. In all seriousness, they like to have fun with the audience. They wouldn’t have a show without the WWE Universe and everyone in the arena. They represent the hard working men and women of this world overcoming adversity on a daily basis. That’s why they need superstars and divas they can respect. What her father is doing to her and her husband is what they’ve been doing to the WWE locker room. They’re making superstars and divas fight for what they believe in. That’s why everyone still chants, “YES!” A small “YES!” chant breaks out. Stephanie says Daniel Bryan has been gone for months, but they still chant because he overcame the odds. Where would Bryan be without The Authority? Where would Superman be without Lex Luther? Where would WWE be without a McMahon in charge? Who could possibly run WWE except The Authority?

Jericho says he could run the WWE, and that gets a nice hand. Jericho says he likes what John Cena said on RAW. Cena said The Authority doesn’t need to run the WWE. The WWE Universe can run the WWE. It’s not rocket science. If they like it, they’ll say “yes” or “no.” Jericho does a quick poll. If the crowd was running the WWE, would they like to see Triple H lick his boots and shine his shoes? A “YES!” chant breaks out. Jericho asks if they’d like to see Triple H clean the toilets in the back, and another “YES!” chant breaks out. Finally, Jericho asks if they’d like to see Stephanie soiled in a cesspool of filth like she has been before. Jericho then throws it to the obscenely expensive Jeritron 9000, and a replay is shown of Vickie Guerrero throwing Stephanie into a pool of mud last June. Jericho asks if they want to see it again, but Triple H cuts him off.

Triple H asks if they really think that is funny. The thing is he doesn’t need Jericho’s acceptance. They don’t need anyone’s acceptance. They don’t need it from anyone in the back or in the crowd. The wolf does not ask to be embraced by sheep. Triple H tells Jericho to enjoy his laugh because at Survivor Series, Team Authority will tear through Team Cena. When The Authority does what it always does and wins, who will be laughing then? It won’t be Jericho or the crowd. It’ll be The Authority. Triple H then turns to leave, but he turns around. Triple H gets in Jericho’s face and says he needs to keep that in mind the next time he picks up the phone to ask to get his fix of the WWE Universe. Maybe the next time he calls, maybe The Authority won’t be so accepting. Maybe by then, they’ll have erased Jericho from the history books of WWE. The Authority then leaves the ring.

Jericho says he doesn’t see an arena full of puppets. Jericho sees an arena full of Jerichoholics. Jericho does like to sing, and he’ll sing it when they lose at Survivor Series. Jericho then has the crowd sing “Kiss Him Goodbye (Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye).” Triple H angrily looks at Jericho from the top of the ramp.

Bray Wyatt will be in action, next.

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A video highlights the events of Hell in a Cell with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose had Rollins beat when Bray Wyatt interfered and cost him the match. Ambrose and Wyatt will fight at Survivor Series.

Sin Cara vs. Bray Wyatt

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Wyatt quickly uppercuts and head-butts him down. Wyatt sends him into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Wyatt punches him in the corner and whips him to the opposite corner. Wyatt runs into some boots, and Cara starts punching him. Cara hits a springboard cross-body block for a one count. Wyatt misses him, and Cara kicks him in the face. Wyatt avoids a senton from the top rope and wipes him out with a vicious flying elbow. Wyatt avalanches him in the corner and hits a modified suplex. Wyatt rolls on the mat and laughs before doing the crabwalk. Wyatt then hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bray Wyatt
Match Rating: 1/2 *

The lights go out, and Wyatt is in the middle of the ring with a microphone. Wyatt says he can hear Dean Ambrose. Wyatt can feel him in his chest and in his heart; he can hear Ambrose screaming for help. He knows about all those nights Ambrose felt unloved and unwanted. Wyatt knows how Ambrose would wake up every Christmas morning thinking his father would return, only to be disappointed. The darkness has become a way of life for Ambrose. Wyatt tells Ambrose to embrace him because he is the light he’s been searching for his entire life. Wyatt wants to fix him.

Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and he charges his way down to the ring. Wyatt slides out of the ring as Ambrose gets in. Wyatt says Ambrose is right on time, so hostile. Ambrose is a hero ready to change the day at any time. Wyatt says Ambrose is so predictable. All he has to do is pull the strings, and Ambrose comes out with rage. Ambrose wants to hurt him. Wyatt dares him to punish him like he wants to punish his daddy. Wyatt gets in the ring, and Ambrose punches him in the face. Wyatt quickly gets out of the ring. Wyatt says Ambrose wears the mask of a lunatic, but he knows that he’s just a child screaming for someone to show him the way. Wyatt says, “Have no fear, Dean, because I am the key to the light. Follow me, and you will never be in the dark again.”

The commentators talk about what just happened. Dolph Ziggler will be defending his WWE Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat elimination match against Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

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WWE tag team champions Gold and Stardust vs. Adam Rose and The Bunny

Replays are shown of The Bunny inadvertently costing Rose his match against Tyson Kidd on RAW. Rose kicked The Bunny down after the match. The Bunny was able to help out on WWE Main Event when he provided a timely distraction for Rose to pick up a win.

Adam Rose will start the match against Goldust. They circle the ring and lock up. Goldust applies a side headlock. Rose whips him off, but Goldust comes back with a shoulder block. Goldust hits the ropes, and Rose hits a hip toss. Michael Cole talks about how he wants to know who The Bunny really is. Rose teases tagging in The Bunny before Goldust kicks him and throws him into his corner. Stardust is tagged in, and he stomps away at Rose. Goldust is tagged back in, and he rakes the chest. Goldust drops an elbow before applying a chin lock. Rose fights up and punches out. Rose sends him into the ropes, and they wind up clunking heads.

Stardust and The Bunny are tagged in. The Bunny hits a slingshot dropkick before booting him down. The Bunny goes to the second rope and hits a missile dropkick. Rose demands to be tagged in, but The Bunny instead goes to the top rope. Rose yells at The Bunny to inadvertently cause a distraction. Stardust gets the knees up to counter the top rope splash. Stardust then hits The Bunny with Dark Matter for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Gold and Stardust
Match Rating: *

Adam Rose stands over The Bunny and berates him before hitting him with Party Foul.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. Saxton says Ziggler has had a tumultuous few weeks in WWE. Replays are shown of Seth Rollins nearly beating him for the title on Monday Night RAW a week and a half ago. Then Ziggler had to face Kane in a Steel Cage match, but he pulled out a win. Then Luke Harper viciously attacked him at the conclusion of RAW. Saxton asks about having to defend the title tonight. Ziggler says he somehow has survived everything The Authority has thrown at him. Curb Stomps, World’s Strongest Slams, Steel Cage matches against monsters, and Luke Harper. Now he’s defending the Intercontinental Championship. If he loses, he’s going down with a fight. He’ll still be on Team Cena at Survivor Series. The Authority is on borrowed time. The clock is ticking. All he has to do for the next ten days is do what he does best: survive. At Survivor Series, if his team survives, that means The Authority doesn’t.

A video package then plays for the “biggest free agent” in WWE, Ryback.

Byron Saxton is now backstage with Ryback. After defying The Authority on RAW, will Ryback be on Team Cena? Ryback says his only team is Team Ryback. The only person who needs to worry about surviving is that big stupid dummy, Kane. They were right in trying to recruit The Big Guy. What we saw on RAW was an itty, bitty appetizer. His appetite is insatiable. Unfortunately for Kane, it’s almost feeding time.

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WWE Intercontinental Championship – Elimination Match
Tyson Kidd vs. Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler (c)

The bell ring, and Cesaro and Ziggler push Kidd away. Cesaro big boots Ziggler out of the ring before hitting Kidd with an exploder suplex. Cesaro then covers Ziggler for a two count. Cesaro kicks him before running into Kidd’s boots. Ziggler dropkicks him down before turning his attention to Kidd. Kidd shoulders Ziggler and rolls him up for a two count. All three men then take turns executing roll up after roll up. Finally, Cesaro clotheslines Kidd down, and Ziggler dropkicks Cesaro. Ziggler drops an elbow on Kidd as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cesaro slam Ziggler into the turnbuckle. Ziggler elbows him away and goes for a suplex. Kidd comes up, and they go for a double-team suplex, but Cesaro blocks it. Cesaro then suplexes both men! Cesaro picks up a two count on Ziggler for that. Cesaro goes for a double under-hook powerbomb, but Ziggler tries to fight it. Cesaro powerbombs him anyway. Kidd then hits a springboard elbow drop on Ziggler. Cesaro takes Kidd out with a deadlift gutwrench suplex before covering Ziggler for a two count. A “This is awesome” chant breaks out. Cesaro charges, but Ziggler sidesteps him causing him to hit the ring post shoulder first. Ziggler then hits Kidd with a famouser for a near fall.

Ziggler goes for a bulldog, but Cesaro counters by propping him on the top rope. Ziggler punches him off. Kidd then dropkicks Cesaro into Ziggler. Kidd ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Ziggler, who is now in the tree of woe. Cesaro then hits Kidd with another exploder suplex. Cesaro hits Kidd with a running European Uppercut for a near fall. Kidd punches Cesaro back, and Ziggler takes Cesaro out with a cross-body block for a near fall. Ziggler hits Cesaro and Kidd with avalanches. Ziggler then hits a combination neckbreaker/DDT on Kidd and Cesaro respectively. Ziggler covers both for near falls.

Ziggler sends Kidd into the ropes, but he lowers his head and takes a neckbreaker. Kidd picks up a two count. Kidd goes to the top rope, and Cesaro hits him with a big uppercut. Cesaro goes for a superplex, but Kidd punches him back. Ziggler gets on the ropes as well. Kidd then hits a sunset flip powerbomb as Cesaro superplexes Ziggler! Kidd then picks up a near fall on Cesaro. Kidd locks a Sharpshooter on Cesaro. Cesaro claws his way over to Ziggler and covers while in the Sharpshooter for a near fall. Kidd then pulls Cesaro away. Cesaro then powers out and sends Kidd out of the ring. Ziggler goes for a big DDT, but Cesaro counters with A Very European Uppercut! Kidd springboards off the top rope, but Cesaro catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Cesaro picks up a near fall on both men.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cesaro drop an elbow on Ziggler. Kidd punches Cesaro, goes to the top rope, and hits a flipping neckbreaker. Cesaro landed on Ziggler, who had his knees up, so that acted like a neck/backbreaker. Ziggler hobbles around, and Kidd applies a Sharpshooter. Ziggler screams in pain, but he withstands it. Cesaro then runs in and applies a crossface for good measure. Kidd releases the Sharpshooter and attacks Cesaro. Cesaro counters with the Cesaro Swing! Cesaro gets ten revolutions before taking a big DDT from Ziggler for a near fall! Another “This is awesome” chant breaks out.

Ziggler goes for a famouser on Cesaro, but Cesaro counters into a snapshot on the top rope. Kidd kicks him in the head for good measure, and Cesaro hits him with a German Suplex for a near fall! Cesaro knees Kidd in the face to knock him to the floor. Ziggler ducks a clothesline from Cesaro and counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into the Zig-Zag! Kidd throws Ziggler out of the ring and pins Cesaro to eliminate him!

Tyson Kidd has eliminated Cesaro from the match.

Kidd sees Ziggler struggling to get up at ringside. Kidd then hits him with a head-scissor takeover into the steel steps! Kidd sends him into the barricade and stomps away at him. Kidd stands on top of the barricade before hitting a kick to the temple. Kidd puts him back in the ring for a near fall. Kidd chokes him on the bottom rope, but Ziggler avoids a slingshot leg drop. Ziggler then rolls him up for a two count. Ziggler counters a suplex and goes for the Zig-Zag, but Kidd holds the top rope. Kidd then hits the Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Credenza for a near fall!

A third “This is awesome” chant breaks out. Kidd goes to the apron and springboards into a superkick from Ziggler for a near fall! Kidd quickly kicks Ziggler in the head and goes for the Sharpshooter. Kidd successfully applies it, but Ziggler quickly rolls out of it. Ziggler then hits the Zig-Zag for a hard fought victory!

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: *** 1/2

Dolph Ziggler celebrates with the WWE Universe in Liverpool. Replays are shown from the big moments of the match.

Ryback will face Kane in the main event of the evening.

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Layla w/ Summer Rae vs. Natalya

They lock up, and Natalya wrenches the arm. Layla counters, but Natalya quickly rolls through and sends her into the ropes. Layla quickly rolls her up for a two count. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter, but Layla gets to the bottom rope. Layla punches her in the face, and Natalya punches her down. Layla sends her to the corner, but Natalya elbows her in the face. Layla then kicks her in the head to knock her out of the ring. The referee begins counting her out, but Natalya gets back in. Layla chokes her on the ropes for a one count. Layla applies a head-scissor submission before turning it to a body scissor. Natalya punches her, but Layla keeps it applied. Natalya powers up and goes for a body slam, but Layla pulls her down by the hair for a two count. Natalya blocks a kick and slams her on her face. Natalya then dropkicks her for a one count. Layla backs her to the corner and kicks her out of the ring. Natalya ducks a clothesline from Layla and slaps Summer Rae. Natalya then sends Layla into Summer Rae. Natalya then puts her in the ring and applies the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner by Submission: Natalya
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Replays are shown of The Authority on The Highlight Reel from earlier in the night. They then show replays of the brawl with Ambrose and Wyatt.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose says he’s sick of Wyatt’s game. If Wyatt wants to get inside his head, he’ll regret it. Wyatt then hits Ambrose with a heavy case and hits Sister Abigail into the cement wall. Wyatt cradles his head and says, “It wasn’t meant for people like us, Dean. Once they put a label on you, that’s the way they put you in a box. Once they put you in that box, the next one will be in the ground.”

Kane makes his entrance to the ring with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He’ll face Ryback in the main event, next.

-Commercial Break-

Kane vs. Ryback

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are seated at ringside for this match. Charles Robinson, the best referee ever, will officiate the contest. They lock up and struggle for position. Ryback powers Kane to the corner, but Kane turns it. Kane gives a clean break, and Ryback shoves him. Kane applies a side headlock. Ryback tries to power out, but Kane uppercuts him back. Kane sends him into the ropes, but Ryback ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder block. Ryback clubs away at Kane before eating an uppercut. Kane punches him in the corner and knees him in the corner. Kane sends him to the corner and hits a clothesline. Ryback reverses a whip and hits a corner clothesline of his own. Ryback kicks away at him, but Kane fights back. Kane goes for a suplex, but Ryback counters into one of his own. Ryback then clotheslines him out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kane punching Ryback. Kane sends him to the ropes, but Ryback comes back with a Lou Thesz Press. Ryback slams his head against the mat before hitting a big splash for a near fall. Ryback goes for a meat hook clothesline, but Kane big boots him down. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon clap at ringside. Kane gets a one count. Kane punches away at Ryback before hitting a body slam. Kane drops an elbow for another one count. Kane and Ryback trade punches. Ryback chops him in the corner before having a whip to the opposite corner reversed on him. Kane kicks him in the face before applying a chin lock. Ryback counters out with a back suplex. Ryback goes for a big splash, but Kane gets the knees up. Kane hits a low dropkick to the face for a two count. Ryback powers him to the corner and hits a few shoulder blocks. Kane knees him in the face and throws him to the corner. Ryback elbows him in the face, ducks a clothesline, and hits a shoulder block.

Ryback goes to the top rope and hits a body splash. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Kane gets out. Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Ryback smacks the arm off and hits a powerslam. Ryback goes for a meat hook clothesline and connects. Ryback signals for the end and goes for Shell Shocked, but Kane clumsily gets out. Ryback then clotheslines him out of the ring. Kane slams Ryback into the apron before throwing him into the ring post. Kane grabs a steel chair and slams it into Ryback’s midsection.

Winner by Disqualification: Ryback
Match Rating: * 1/4

Kane smacks the chair off his back a few times for good measure. Kane gets in the ring and slams it into his midsection. Triple H gets on the apron and whispers something to Kane. Ryback then hits a spinebuster and stares at Triple H. The crowd starts to buzz before Ryback unleashes a bunch of chair shots on Kane to knock him out of the ring. Ryback approaches Triple H, who just stares back at him. They go face-to-face as the show ends with the crowd chanting, “Feed me more.”


Quick Match Results

Bray Wyatt defeated Sin Cara
WWE tag team champions Gold and Stardust vs. Adam Rose and The Bunny (non-title)
WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro to retain the title
Natalya defeated Layla via Submission
Ryback defeated Kane via DQ

Source: http://www.wrestleview.com