WWE Royal Rumble 1995

January 22, 1995 – Tampa, Florida

Royal Rumble 1995 Image Gallery

Jeff Jarrett w/The Roadie defeated Razor Ramon to win the WWF Intercontinental title: Initially the Roadie interfered, injuring Razor Ramon’s leg and resulted in a countout victory for Jeff Jarrett. Double J then got on the microphone and called Razor Ramon “yellow” and coaxed him back into the ring to restart the match. Late in the match, Ramon had Jarrett up for the Razor’s Edge and his injured leg collapsed under the weight! Jarrett rolled Ramon up and won the WWF Intercontinental championship!

Todd Pettingill & Pamela Anderson: Pamela Anderson showed off all the presents she had recieved from various WWF Superstars..

Stephanie Wyand & Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie: Jeff Jarrett said that tonight was the greatest night so far on the “Ain’t I Great” tour..

The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer defeated Irwin R. Schyster w/Ted DiBiase: The Undertaker dominated the match until Ted DiBiase called down the druids, who repeatedly interfered in the match, causing IRS to take over the advantage. The Undertaker eventually made a comeback and pinned IRS after a Tombstone Piledriver….. After the match, The Druids attacked the Undertaker, and then King Kong Bundy entered the ring! Bundy went eye to eye with the Undertaker while IRS attacked Paul Bearer and stole the urn (the source of Undertaker’s power)! Bundy repeatedly splashed the Undertaker’s lifeless body..

Todd Pettengill & Diesel: Diesel blew Todd Pettengill off saying it was time to get ready for his match..

Todd Pettengill & Bret “Hitman” Hart: Bret Hart said all he’s been thinking about was getting his WWF Championship back..

WWF Heavyweight Champion Diesel vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart ended in a draw: Owen Hart interfered and attacked his brother Bret Hart, trying to cost him the match and his opportunity at regaining the WWF title. The referee decided NOT to disqualify Diesel and restarted the match! A few minutes later, Shawn Michaels, Double J, The Roadie, Owen Hart and Bob Backlund ran in and interfered in the match! Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie all attacked Diesel, while Owen Hart and Bob Backlund attacked Bret Hart! The referee cleared the ring and declared the match a DRAW. The heels attacked Diesel & Bret Hart yet again, but Diesel got up and cleaned house! Diesel & Bret Hart shook hands in respect after everything was over.

Todd Pettengill & Pamela Anderson: Pamela Anderson was getting changed into her evening gown. Todd Pettengill had difficulty moving around the room with something moving in his pants.

Stephanie Wyand & The 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly: The 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly gave their underdog speech and Stephanie wished them luck in their match.

123 Kid & Bob Holly defeated Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka w/Ted DiBiase The 1-2-3 Kid scored the upset pinfall on Bam Bam Bigelow to capture the WWF Tag Team titles for his team! Ted DiBiase & Tatanka left Bam Bam Bigelow in the ring in disgust. Bam Bam jawed with the fans at ringside until he came face-to-face with football legend Lawrence Taylor.. Bam Bam took acception to LT laughing at him and violently shoved him down to the floor!!

Shawn Michaels last elimated The British Bulldog to win the Royal Rumble: Clips were shown of Shawn Michaels helping to eliminate Diesel from the Royal Rumble last year. Howard Finkel first introduced celebrity guest Pamela Anderson, who was escorted by Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco. Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog were the first two entrants and were the last two at the end! Owen Hart entered at #11 and was attacked on the way to the ring by his brother, Bret Hart, looking for revenge! Lex Luger came in at #19 and easily flipped Mabel over the top rope by himself! Bob Backlund entered at #25 and was attacked at ringside by Bret Hart – seeking more revenge! Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Lex Luger and Crush were the final four participants! Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog miraculously ended up as the final two participants of the Rumble and the crowd went nuts! The Bristish Bulldog knocked Shawn Michaels over the top rope and his music played while he celebrated! Shawn Michaels, however, held onto the top rope and only one foot touched the floor! Shawn Michaels slid back inside the ring and knocked the Bulldog over the top rope!! Shawn Michaels was declared the official winner of the 1995 Royal Rumble!!

Order of Entry Order of Elimination
1- Shawn Michaels
2- British Bulldog
3- Eli Blu
4- Duke Droese
5- Jimmy Del Ray
6- Sionne
7- Tom Prichard
8- Doink
9- Kwang
10- Rick Martel
11- Owen Hart
12- Timothy Well
13- Luke
14- Jacob Blu
15- King Kong Bundy
16- Mo
17- Mabel
18- Butch
19- Lex Luger
20- Mantaur
21- Aldo Montoya
22- Henry Godwinn
23- Billy Gunn
24- Bart Gunn
25- Bob Backlund
26- Steven Dunn
27- Dick Murdoch
28- Adam Bomb
29- Fatu
30- Crush
(1- Del Ray by Bulldog before #7)
(2- Owen by Bulldog before #13)
(3- Droese by Shawn before #13)
(4- Well by Bulldog before #13)
(5- Martel by Seone before #13)
(6- Prichard by Shawn before #13)
(7- Doink by Kwang before #14)
(8- Kwang by Seone before #14)
(9/10- Eli & Seone before #14)
(11- Luke by Shawn before #14)
(12- Jacob by Shawn before #15)
(13- Mo by Bundy before #17)
(14- Bundy by Mabel before #19)
(15- Butch by Shawn before #19)
(16- Mabel by Lex before #20)
(17- Backlund by Lex before #27)
(18- Mantaur by Lex before #30)
(19/20- Billy by Crush)
(19/20- Bart by Crush & Murdoch)
(21- Dunn by Montoya)
(22- Bomb by Crush)
(23- Montoya by Lex)
(24- Fatu by Crush)
(25- Murdoch by HOG)
(26- HOG by Lex)
(27- Lex by Crush)
(28- Crush by Bulldog)
(29- Bulldog by Shawn)
(Winner: Shawn Michaels)

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