Alan Wojcik Interviews WSU’s Roxie Cotton

Alan Wojcik: How did you come to train for wrestling through JAPW’s (Jersey All Pro Wrestling) school followed by working in PWU?

Roxie Cotton: So I went on the internet and looked up wrestling schools. I found JAPW, CZW and the Monster Factory. I emailed all of them, JAPW was the only one that wrote me back.


Alan Wojcik: Some of people interviewed have family who 100% back their career in the ring while others are not invited to dinner anymore. Which category do you fall under?


Roxie Cotton: Well my dad always wanted to do it. He says if he could go back in time he would get trained. My mom doesn’t really like it. She doesn’t like me getting beat up plus she wants me to be a doctor or some crap like I want to be around sick people my whole life. Gross me out.

Alan Wojck: Some sites listed you as working under the name Fever. What made you drop it? When did you come up with the 80’s Valley Girl persona you currently use and what influenced it?


Roxie Cotton: Well I forget how I got that name. I stopped wrestling for awhile and I was always wanted to do the valley girl thing. Don Montoya always says your character should be you enhanced and really it is. So when I got back into it I changed my name and seemed to work, everyone likes it.


Alan Wojcik: Who was your debut against and looking back on it, do you think it was good or bad?


Roxie Cotton: My 1st MATCH ever was a mixed tag team match. It was me(as Fever) & New Wave(now Dave Logan) vs Miss Dixie & Captin Rick. I’d have to see the match again but I pretty should it was as good as it could be for my 1st time.


Alan Wojcik: Several sites list your finishing move as Cotton Mouth or a crossface, was that developed in training or came over your career?


Roxie Cotton: Well I did do some leg submission but I was working alot of girls bigger than me and I couldn’t get it on. So me and Cory Kastle thought of the crossface. I could get the on anyone no matter the size and that was like 2 weeks before the Benoit thing happened. The name came later.

Alan Wojcik: Your job section on your Myspace reads like a road map across the American wrestling landscape. What is your favorite promotion and can you list any you would never work for again?


Roxie Cotton: Never say never. I like working everywhere. I guess the places I like working the most is where the lockerroom is filled with nice people. MCW, JAPW, BWO, WPW to name a few. I like when people just want to have fun and no one is up their on ass. plus who ever pays me good I love working forlol.

Alan Wojcik: When did you decide to work for Women Superstars Uncensored and please describe the overall feel of the promotion.


Roxie Cotton: Well I decided to work for them when the decided to book me lol. Its different they got some cool storylines going. Its local for me right now. Plus I get to tag with my real life best friend Annie Social.


Alan Wojcik: WSU has an amazing mix of young wrestlers with legends. Before we talk about the stars lets talk legends. Have you spent time talking to Tammy Sytch, Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka or the late Sensational Sheri Martel and do you wish to share some stories?


Roxie Cotton: I never met Sheri I wish I did. I try to talk to all the legends and learn from them. I remember this one time few years ago I was coming from my bf at the time’s house and I collect women’s action figures. So we were digging around his old stuff looking for some and found a couple of Sunny figures. Then we were meeting some workers at a dinner and who is there but Sunny who was sitting next to me. Then i had to get something out of my purse forgetting I put the figures in there and they fell out. And the one lost its head lol in my purse she laughed but was kinda freaked out by the missing head one lol. I hope she doesn’t remember this story. but its a funny one.


Alan Wojcik: When did you first meet Rick Cataldo and what did you initially think of the concept of the Beatdown Betties? How did Annie Social come into the group and what does she bring to the team that Rick may not?


Roxie Cotton: I first met him at WSU. I first thought why is this guy working an all girl show lol. He is nice I really liked the idea of Beatdown Betties (which Annie thought of that name) Annie brings alot of good old ass kicking to the team which I really need to start doing more.


Alan Wojcik: Obvious to anyone who watches WSU DVD’s the team has been successful since you and Annie have been multiple time tag team champions. Talk about winning the belts in last October’s tournament.


Roxie Cotton: It was awesome! I was just happy to be there and then I tag with Annie which is better than anything else.


Alan Wojcik: But your last title reign came to an end at the hands of fan favorites Brooke Carter & Miss April. Describe the circumstances that led to the match even taking place since they weren’t your original opponents.


Roxie Cotton: Yeah right so we like weren’t ready for them. So we lost. Just like when we lost the belts to Amy (Lee) and Taylor (Wilde).


Alan Wojcik: The Betties are featured on the Best of WSU 2008 being involved with the debut of the one and only Awesome Kong. You have also had time around “Prime Time” Amy Lee. Who is the sweetheart and who is the one you need to be deathly afraid of?


Roxie Cotton: ummm…. both n both


Alan Wojcik: Your partnership with Rick came to a crashing halt and a feud with him and his “friend” Sean Hanson wrestling you and Annie over the Beatdown Betties name. What went wrong and where do you and Annie go from here?


Roxie Cotton: I don’t know I think he was jealous of Annie & how well we clicked. Me and Annie are onto bigger & better things. We might go for the belts again we might go singles, guess your gonna have to stay tuned.


Alan Wojcik: You were on the same show as the recent Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez Ironwoman match (now available on DVD through Would you consider it the best wrestling match you have ever seen and could you see yourself wrestling for 69 minutes straight?


Roxie Cotton: Sorry to say I didn’t get to see it. I had to get home for family stuff. But I can’t wait to watch it on dvd when I get it. I don’t know if I could go that long but you never know till you do it.


Alan Wojcik: In addition to working for WSU you work for their fellow promotion National Wrestling Superstars where I found you had someone called “Love Slave” A.C. Kewl in your corner. What does a love slave do for someone like you?


Roxie Cotton: Nothing I got a sexy man at home that models, acts in major movies(shooter, invincible, the last airbender…) does stand up comedy, does sketch comedy, wrestles. He is the love of my life Cory Kastle.


Alan Wojcik: You have been part of the WSU/NWS King & Queen of Wrestling tournament (this year won by Miss April/Jay Lethal). Do you like the concept or would you never like to wrestle men? (in a ring not somewhere else you dirty internet readers.)


Roxie Cotton: I love working guys and I love the concept I just wish I got a different partner. Maybe like my man Cory Kastle. (April got to tag with her man and they won. and a couple is like the best tag team)


Alan Wojcik: Thanks to Glory Wrestling I found some background info plus some YouTube items. What was a sweet girl like you doing wrestling in the super hardcore IWA Mid-South with taped fists and glass punches being thrown into your beautiful face?


Roxie Cotton: ummm… it was a tourney like any other and I wanted to win. I got far but I didn’t win.


Alan Wojcik: We talked about Miss April who recently signed a WWE developmental deal. Is that something you want in the near future, working for WWE or TNA?


Roxie Cotton: Damn right. I want bigger better things. I don’t care which one I go to but I’m going and going soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alan Wojcik: Fans can contact you through where they can find cool stuff including videos of matches and links to a DVD of your best matches. Anything you wish to add about your page?


Roxie Cotton: Yeah, please check out plus i’m coming out with a new dvd soon so buy it!!!!!!!


Alan Wojcik is a Florida based writer who has covered wrestling since 2001. His list of promotions covered and recent interviews can be found on

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