Sunset Flip Presents: Loyalty

Sunset Flip Presents: Loyalty
 By Jim Boy Star

 Earlier this week, I was thinking about loyalty. A person can be loyal to many different things especially in pro wrestling. You can have loyalty to a pro wrestler and claim you are “their biggest fan” or you can be loyal to a promotion and claim “this is the best promotion in the world”.


Loyalty to a wrestler means, no matter what he or she does, you will always support that wrestler. They can get arrested, cheat on their taxes, cheat on their wife/husband, or even steal from the poor. A person, after all of that, will still cheer their wrestler on. You may also find they will defend that wrestler in arguments constantly, buy lots of their merchandise, and see them in person when they are in the area.


In my life, rarely do I have a favorite pro wrestler. I am the exact opposite of loyal. I change my mind constantly. If you were to ask me “Hey Jim, if you were forced to name 2 wrestlers that are your favorite, who would they be?”. I would have to say Zack Ryder and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. At the same time, if Zack Ryder stopped saying “Woo Woo Woo You Know It” and changed his awesome theme song, I would probably lose interest in him.


On the opposite side, when Randy Orton DDTed Stephanie McMahon, I went from not caring about Randy Orton to him being my favorite at the moment for beating up Stephanie McMahon. Unfortunately, due to bad booking, Orton fell out of my favor eventually.


Loyalty to a promotion is not that much different than loyalty to an individual wrestler. A person will go see anything the promotion puts out, spends money to help the promotion, and never bad mouths it because in their heart, it is truly the greatest wrestling promotion out there.


But sometimes, in my opinion, loyalty leads to blindness. One of the main reasons I am not loyal to a promotion or a certain wrestler is because I like to look at the big picture and look at everything equally. If a wrestling promotion puts on a good show, I compliment it. If a wrestling promotion puts on a bad show, then I badmouth it. It is that simple.


While loyalty is great to have, it could also sway a way of thinking. Just because you support something with your last breathe does not mean it is always correct.


This week the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show returns with a Bound For Glory special. I think Bound For Glory looks great and would definitely recommend it. You can download the BFG special as early as this Friday night at and visit us at


Until next time, have a great week and stay safe.


Jim Boy Star

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