Watch TNA If You Want Change

Sunset Flip presents: Watch TNA If You Want Change
By Jim Boy Star 

I decided that I will not do the 3rd part of the Bret Hart column because I could sum up what I would say in a few sentences. It is as follows:

“There are many different possibilities for Hart’s return, such as (name all different ways), but ultimately the worst and least thought out will be the option WWE will pick”.

This Monday night, it is the first Monday Night War of 2010 and the first Monday Night war in 9 years. TNA will be on Spike TV starting at 8pm and go through 11pm. WWE will be at its regular time of 9pm-11:05PM.


What you watch on Monday night can tell you what kind of pro wrestling fan you are. Without going over the matches or what is happening on each show, I can tell you this.


If you choose to watch Raw a majority of the time, you are content on how the pro wrestling business is. You are in favor of guys like John Cena, DX, and Randy Orton being a majority of the show. You are in favor DX’s terrible jokes, Hornswoggle’s antics, and the guest host concept. You will state that you do not mind bad writing and illogical show concepts as long as you can see the Five Knuckle Shuffle and yell “Suck It”.


Do not be fooled, as apparent from last Monday, WWE does not fear TNA. Bret Hart is the guest host for Raw this Monday and honestly, that is the only interesting thing on the show. Here is what we know:


Guest host Bret Hart: Will he be in a terrible backstage skit with Santino or will he punch Shawn Michaels in the face? Most will think HBK getting punched is the better bet but I would disagree. I see Bret following the guest host format that all guest hosts seem to get. You will see the Bellas with Bret at some point on Monday.


DX vs Big Show and Chris Jericho: I paid $40 dollars a few weeks ago to watch a decent match between these two “teams” that involved tables, ladders, and chairs. With it being a regular match, my interest is gone seeing these two teams fight.


Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston: The most overdone feud in pro wrestling today. WWE needs to learn that having two people fight constantly with nothing added to the story does not make the feud more interesting. It, in fact, does the opposite and makes the feud dull and stale. “Yawn” to this match. Also, I paid $40 dollars a couple weeks ago to see this match on PPV.


Without going into anything TNA has offered, if you choose TNA a majority of the time you are stating as a pro wrestling fan that you want things to change. TNA is not the greatest wrestling promotion in the world and makes plenty of mistakes. However, if you watch Impact Monday, it is not necessarily a vote for TNA, it may even be considered a vote for “something that’s not WWE”.


Wrestling fans, answer me this: What is the benefit of having WWE destroy TNA on Monday Night?


Is it that WWE will stay repetitive and the same unopposed every week? Is it that TNA will not do anything to strive to do better each week? Or is it that the closest thing we have gotten to a Monday Night War in about nine years will have an even LESS chance of happening?


Simple answer: There is NO advantage.


Looking at TNA’s lineup, it is headlined by Hulk Hogan‘s debut in a six sided ring. Not sure what he is going to do or what he will say or if even he’ll be accompanied by Brutus Beefcake. But I am interested in seeing where they go with him.


Good women’s wrestling returns to Monday nights, Knockout champion Tara takes on ODB. Personally, I would have had Tara and Awesome Kong fight but beggers can’t choosers.


Another match Sarita and Taylor against Awesome Kong and Hamada should be excellent.


The X-Division, as seen on a Spike TV commercial, will be fighting in the Asylum match which I’m really looking forward to. I have never actually seen an Asylum match and think it’s one of the most unique matches in all of pro wrestling. Not every kind of wrestler can do that kind of match.


There are rumored surprises on both sides but since none of them are confirmed I will not go into them.


This concludes my column, I hope everyone chooses to have change on their Monday night because as each Monday goes by, I feel myself not enjoying Monday night wrestling.


The time to make a change is now and ultimately the fans will be able to make that happen. Please do not disappoint.


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