Women Superstars Uncensored from 3/7

WSU returned on 3/7/09 for our Second Anniversary Show. The show was headlined by Mercedes Martinez‘s year-long chase for the WSU Championship, as she took on the longest reigning & defending champion in WSU history, WSU Champion Angel Orsini. Prior to the event, WSU inducted three members into the newly formed WSU Hall of Fame. The WSU Hall of Fame was created with the sole purpose of honoring all the great females who have contributed to the sport of pro wrestling.

In what was a classy event, all the members of the WSU locker room came out to watch the Hall of Fame Ceremony. WSU commentator Sean Hanson emceed the event. Alere Little Feather inducted Malia Hosaka. Both had phenomenal speeches. Malia talked about womens wrestling when she started & how it is today and the struggles the women wrestlers have endured.

“PrymeTyme” Amy Lee inducted the late Sherri Martel. Accepting on behalf of Sherri was one of Sherri’s best friends Kathy Fitzpatrick. To say this was an emotional moment would be a vast understatement.

Missy Sampson gave a 10 minute plus speech on the legendary “First Lady of Wrestling, The Walking Riot” Missy Hyatt. Missy Hyatt is one of the rare women in wrestling to work in the territory system, ECW, WCW, WWE, NWA & on the independent scene. Missy Hyatt has also been at every WSU show since WSU’s inception two years ago in the DVD commentators booth. Missy gratefully accepted the award and thanked the fans.

All three inductees were given plaques by their presenters.

This ceremony was one of the “realest” deals in independent wrestling. The Hall of Fame was filmed for DVD. The WSU Hall of Fame “Class of 2009” DVD will also include four bonus matches that have never been released on DVD before. These matches were filmed for WSU Online TV and for the first time they will be presented in high resolution:

From 2/7/09
WSU Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social) vs Brooke Carter & Miss April

Trixie Lynn vs Jana

WSU Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs Kylie Pierce

From 2/21/09
WSU Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs Miss April w/Gorgeous George

Here is a picture of the WSU Hall of Fame Class of 2009 presenters & recipients: 

Following a short break, WSU presented its Second Anniversary Show in Boonton, NJ

Cindy Rogers d. Jetta

Trixie Lynn d. Lady Divine

Rain d. Malia Hosaka

Brooke Carter & Miss April d. Roxxie Cotton & Rick Cataldo

Awesome Kong d. PrymeTyme Amy Lee

Team Wigwam (Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson) d. Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison

Jana d. Latasha

Mercedes Martinez d. Angel Orsini


The opening match of WSU’s second anniversary show featured two technical wizards. Cindy Rogers, a WSU original, was making her WSU return after injuries and medical conditions. This was her first match back since June 21st, 2008. Jetta, a wrestling sensation from the UK, made her WSU debut. Both wrestlers looked to gain ground in WSU and were formidable opponents for one another. In the end, Cindy Rogers return to WSU was a happy one, as she was able to defeat Jetta via submission. The Definition of Technician has returned to WSU as Rogers has made it known that this was step one in her quest to become WSU Champion.

It was announced before the show that Mickie Knuckles & Melissa Coates weren’t going to be able to appear as previously advertised. (CHECK NOTES SECTION.) Trixie Lynn made it clear that she was here and wanted a match. Accepting Trixie’s challenge was Lady Divine. Lady Divine is a student of Amy Lee, and just like her trainer, Divine shows alot of fire and emotion in the ring. Lynn showed a new side and seemed to have more freedom and enthusiasm in the ring without her now ex-partner Melissa Coates. Lynn was able to defeat Divine cleanly after a top rope bulldog. Lynn also made it clear that she wants a piece of Amy Lee. Why she wants Amy Lee is anyone’s guess, but perhaps Lynn sees Lee as a stepping stone to the main event scene in WSU.

After the match, MERCEDES MARTINEZ & ANGEL ORSINI brawled from the front of the building into the main stage. The two violently and viciously were tearing each other apart. In what was easily the most intense 10 minutes ever in WSU and what is probably the best stuff we’ve ever heard in an interview in WSU, Angel Orsini cut a “shoot promo” on Martinez. Orsini said she’s sick of Martinez and how Martinez leeched off her. Orsini ended the promo with a thunderous “FUCK YOU” shocking the crowd and illiciting “oooooooooooooooh” reactions. Martinez fired back saying that Orsini tried cutting her hair in the back and that Orsini was jealous because Martinez was the wrestler of now while Orsini never cut it. Martinez fired back a very personal insult we will not print here, but if you see this on DVD, you will see why this had fans buzzing all during intermission.

Pardon the pun, but there was definitely RAIN all over Malia Hosaka’s WSU Hall of Fame parade. In a match that pitted two veterans of the squared circle, Rain was able to sneakily get by Malia Hosaka. Rain, who is not shy about being devious, took advantage of a fallen referee and after an assist from a folding chair, was able to get by Hosaka. The fans were upset with Rain’s actions and it seems that Rain is making alot of enemies in WSU, especially with new WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez.

With previously announced opponents Trixie Lynn & Melissa Coates not being able to accept the tag team title match, The Beatdown Betties invoked their rematch clause. The Betties were previously 1-0 in rematch title clauses, but weren’t able to make it to 2-0.

The Beatdown Betties triangle has been a storied and twisted one. With Annie Social & Rick Cataldo on opposite ends of the spectrum, Rick made it clear after this match where his loyalties lie.

Cataldo felt slighted by Cotton when Cotton went with Annie Social to defend the tag belts on 2/7. Cotton & Social lost that match. Cataldo, under the freebird rule, was furious that Social lost his championship and wanted to regain it. However, WSU’s newest team, called the AC Express by their peers, were able to pull out another win. The momentum this new rookie tag team in WSU has been nothing short of unbelievable.

After the match, Rick Cataldo turned on Roxxie Cotton and beat her up to the dismay of the fans. Cataldo blamed Cotton for siding with Social and that Cataldo had enough of them. What Cataldo will do next in WSU is anyone’s guess.

Immediately after Rick’s attack, Amy Lee came out and beat the shit out of Rick to a thunderous ovation. Amy said she was sick of waiting in the back and wanted Awesome Kong right now.

What can we say but this match needs to be seen on DVD to be believed. This was an insane fight between two of the biggest and baddest bitches to ever step in a WSU ring.

These two asskickers fought all over the building inside, before the action poured out into the streets of Boonton. These two brawled all over Main Street, where it got to the point where passerbys were running the other way for fear of their lives! (Perhaps a wrestling DVD first!) Unfortunately some cars were victims of this match, particularly a red van.

The action finally came back into the ring. After eating several backfists, Lee would groggily get to her feet by the count of 9. Lee was dazed as Kong charged her with a chair. Lee passed out but Kong could not stop her momentum and the steel chair hit off the turnbuckle and ricocheted back, flooring Kong. The ref started his count and counted to ten. Many people thought Lee won the match, but since Lee fell down first, the ref ruled that Awesome Kong was the winner, and as Lee described after the match, “Kong won by a cunt hair.”

What fans did not know going into this match and to add to what Lee said in her post-match promo, Kong wrestled this match with a heavy heart. Just minutes before the match, Kong received news that her best friend died. Kong was offered to have the match pushed back, but Kong wanted to go through with it. If there is ever a true professional in this sport it is Awesome Kong. Awesome Kong gave WSU one of the best matches and most talked about matches in WSU’s history and to wrestle this match under these circumstances, WSU is in debt to Kong and grateful. WSU and our staff sends our condolences to Kong.

In a wrestling first, Kong also bowed down to Amy Lee after the match, to show an ultimate sign of respect. While these two have waged bloody war and pure brutality over one another, these two certainly respect what the other brings to the table.

In a match that has been brewing ever since June 21st, 2008 when Kylie Pierce ferociously kicked Alere in the back of the neck, Team Wigwam finally put the issue to rest when Alere was able to pin Kylie. This was a very emotional match for Alere. After the match Alere announced she would be taking time off as Alere has been battling a medical condition that has attributed to her weight gain. It is a serious condition but Alere wanted to wrestle one more time before taking time off. When Alere is ready to come back, Alere will make her return for WSU as she has an open ended offer to come back when she is 100% healthy and ready.

To say these two had a personal grudge would be a huge understatement. After attacking what appeared to be a pregnant Latasha at the last WSU show, signaling the end of the Soul Sister tag team, this personal match was signed. This was a fierce and intense match with every movement meaning more than the next. Jana was able to win this key first battle, but the war between these two is certainly far from over.



In what many are calling the best match ever in WSU history, Mercedes Martinez defeated Angel Orsini. This is a match that must be seen to be believed. BUY THE DVD !!!!

After a year-long chase, on 3/7/09 Mercedes Martinez finally bested long-time rival Angel Orsini to become WSU Womens Champion. The ride to Martinez’s reign was a long and rocky road, but with hard work, overcoming injuries and her strong spirit, Martinez finally fulfilled her dream and became WSU Womens champion.

Martinez and Orsini both debuted in WSU on 9/22/07. First starting as a duo, the two quickly had a falling out when Martinez bested Orsini in the 2008 J-Cup tournament. Orsini felt she was slipping and wouldn’t be able to last in WSU. A shocking and upset loss to a green Lacey Von Erich was in the back of Orsini’s mind. However, Orsini buckled down and when the opportunity came, Orsini became WSU Champion when she defeated Nikki Roxx at a JAPW event.

Orsini’s second defense as champion was against Martinez in a violent match, that saw both participants brawl all over the building, even throwing each other from one balcony to another balcony. Orsini feigned an injury in the match. Martinez, showing concern for her former friend, stopped wrestling to make sure Orsini wasn’t going to need to go to a hospital, especially since Martinez was around when Orsini got injured at another show years ago. However, it was all a ploy, that led to Orsini sneakily beating her former friend.

Orsini would duck Martinez for a while, but would antagonize Martinez, by attacking and injuring Martinez’s ex-protege Reyna Fire. Finally, Martinez/Orsini III would happen in October, only for the match to go to a 20 minute draw just when it looked like Martinez had the match won.

Orsini would outsmart Martinez again, picking Martinez without Martinez’s knowledge as her tag team partner in the WSU Tag Team Title tournament. Orsini swerved Martinez out of the tournament when she announced that Little Jeanne was really her partner. This move eliminated the chance that Martinez would not win any gold in WSU. Orsini would later show her face when Martinez was in a battle royal to qualify for a championship match, interfering, ensuring she wouldn’t have to face Martinez again.

On 1/10/09, Martinez vs Orsini IV happened, this time in a Steel Cage. Orsini had more tricks up her sleeve, hiring Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison to interfere. The interference backfired when Team Wigwam fought the duo off. However, Orsini had forged a bond with Rain and Rain slammed a cage door in Martinez’s face. With hook and crook, Orsini remained champion yet again.

After nearly a year long struggle with matches ending in draws, interference, and tricks, a match was finally signed for WSU’s Second Anniversary show. The match would be a bullrope match, which meant that neither wrestler would be able to escape from each other. Orsini wanted to “fe-masculate” Martinez by cutting her hair. It would be Orsini’s title vs Martinez’s hair. Since previous matches saw referees being knocked out from the action, 2-time former WSU champ Alicia agreed to referee the match to make sure no shenanigans went down. The match rules also ensured that no fluke pins would occur, as each participant had to touch all four corners before going for a pin/submission, making this match a 2-stage match and would have a clear-cut winner.

In one of the most brutal and exciting matches in WSU history, Martinez won this epic and historic bullrope match to become champion. This was a match for the ages, what had everyone in Boonton, NJ on their feet for the entire match. No love was lost. After the match, many WSU wrestlers came out to celebrate with Martinez as defeating Orsini had been impossible for the past year. Everyone identified with Martinez’s cause. While Orsini may have lost this match, it is safe to say this war is not over.

If you’re looking for a match that personifies WSU’s Uncensored attitude and the pure fire, passion, realism and love for pro wrestling, this match and DVD is for you.


WSU will like to thank all the fans that came to the show and to the after party. It was a great night for WSU and we were glad you came to celebrate our second birthday with us. WSU also upgraded our cameras and production team, so expect these two DVDs to be the slickest and best DVDs we’ve produced yet.

Many fans are calling this show one of the best shows they’ve ever seen. Check out these DVDs to see what the hype is all about. You won’t be disappointed.

WSU apologizes for the cancellations of Mickie Knuckles & Melissa Coates last night. At 4AM Saturday morning, WSU was contacted by Mickie’s trainer/friend Ian Rotten. The voicemail was heard around 6:30 am. WSU was told that Mickie re-aggravated her leg injury and would not be getting on the plane, as she would not be able to wrestle. WSU has proof that the flight was paid for Mickie, if there are any doubters out there. WSU took a loss on the flight, but was told on the voicemail that Mickie would like to make it up to WSU in the future. We do not want anyone thinking we false advertised her and we wish Mickie the best of luck in her recovery, as we were told she had to go to the hospital.

Melissa Coates contacted WSU at 10:45am Saturday morning saying “I’m stuck in a situation and won’t make the show.” That is all we got from her. Since we didn’t have computer access as we were in Boonton already, we couldn’t announce the cancellations which is why changed the card up without notice prior to belltime. In the past when there have been show-day cancellations, we have always tried to get a replacement of the same-name value, but unfortunately no one was in the area. In the past, we’ve replaced cancellations with names like Dawn Marie, Gorgeous George & Taylor Wilde. WSU never has the intention of lying or false promoting anyone and we can’t stress that enough. As is evident with the EWA/Balls Mahoney story, there are too many promoters who rip off talent and blatantly lie and/or bait and switch talent, and WSU does not want to be grouped in with those promotions.

We hope all the fans understand that these 2 situations were out of our control. WSU didn’t hear any fan complain about these two not being there , and by the feedback we got it seems that everyone enjoyed what may have been WSU’s best show ever.

WSU will like to personally thank on behalf of our fans and staff Angel Orsini for her service as WSU champion. During Orsini’s reign as champion, DVD sales, live show gates & fan support increased. Orsini did alot for WSU and WSU won’t forget it, as Orsini is one of the reasons WSU made it to two years.

WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez is now living in the northeast. Promoters interested in having a WSU title defense on their show can contact WSU or Martinez herself directly.

Alere Little Feather will be taking time off from WSU and all of wrestling as she undergoes procedures to cure her medical condition. The door is always open for Alere’s return, as Alere has been with WSU from day one.

Several fans told WSU that the HOF ceremony was one of the classiest things they’ve seen on an indy show so if you weren’t there make sure to check it out.

WSU announced return dates of 4/10 and 4/11. Check WSUWrestling.com & DOIWrestling.com for more information on those events.

WSU is in talks with a former star about returning to WSU. More on that to come.

WSU will like to thank all the live fans and our DVD customers for getting us to two years. Without the fans it would not be possible. WSU will also like to thank all the websites that have supported us as indy promotions can only survive through grassroots and internet word-of-mouth.

Stay tuned to WSUwrestling.com & DOIwrestling.com for more WSU news and updates.


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