Dawn Marie WSU Returns Saturday June 21st, 2008 featuring TNA, former WCW, ECW, and WWF (E) stars!

Women Superstars Uncensored returns to the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ on Saturday June 21st, 2008. As always WSU will be filming two DVD tapings with the first taping starting at 7 p.m. and the second taping starting at 9 p.m. There will be a thirty to forty-five minute intermission between the shows where all the stars will be out signing autographs, merchandise, and more. Tickets are on sale now at WSUwrestling.com and DOIwrestling.com for only $10!!! That’s right; $10 for two shows. Where else can you watch two shows with the type of star power we have for $10???

Angel Orsini is New WSU Champion, Amy Lee & Mercedes Martinez Await

Last Saturday at JAPW, former ECW star Angel “Riptide” Orsini defeated TNA star Nikki Roxx to become new WSU Champion in a fantastic match to move on to June 21st as champion. After the match Orsini offered a handshake to Roxx to only attempt to beat her down. To the save came out Orsini’s first challenger to the championship on June 21st, “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee! As seen on DOI/WSU website in a video, Amy Lee is set on doing many obscene things to Orsini and taking home the WSU Championship for the first time. This will be Amy Lee’s first title opportunity since being in the title tournament finals back in July with Alicia, Nikki Roxx, and Luna Vachon.

Lee won this title opportunity back in April by defeating fourteen other wrestlers in the WSU’s First Annual Uncensored Rumble in which she eliminated Orsini to win the match. Amy Lee is known for her violence, brutality, mouth, and ability to skull**** anyone. Angel Orsini is also known for her brawling but can also be technical when she needs to be. These two feuded for almost six months in late 2007-early 2008. They had two single matches but both contests were thrown out due to interference by the “Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez. Now the fire will be lit again as these two fierce combatants go one on one once again but this time for the WSU Championship. Will the Amy Lee skull**** Orsini and take home the gold or will Angel Orsini make Amy Lee another victim to the Flatliner?

Whoever wins during the first taping will have no time to rest as they will have a title defense on the second taping versus no easy challenger. That challenger is no other than the “Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez!

Mercedes has been on a tear lately all over the country and it hasn’t been any different in WSU. Making her full-time return in March, she defeated IWA-MS star Mickie Knuckles in a great technical match. That was followed by making the finals in the NWS/WSU King & Queen Tournament and then the next night she took home the Women’s J-Cup trophy. In that tournament she defeated Jana, Becky Bayless, and now WSU Champion Angel Orsini in the finals. How will their past friendship affect their determination for the gold? Everyone knows championships in wrestling are always more important than friendship.

Mercedes Martinez has never faced Amy Lee one on one in WSU but one would have to think after losing in the tag match at the First Anniversary Show, Mercedes might not want to face Amy Lee again. Mercedes also has a storied history with Amy Lee in other promotions.

However, before her title shot, on the first taping Mercedes will be put to the test by former WSU Champion and constant contender for the gold Alexa Thatcher. This will be rematch from the 2006 Women’s J-Cup where Alexa defeated Mercedes to take home the gold. Both are fan favorites in WSU so you can expect to see a split crowd and a great match. Can Mercedes gain momentum heading into her title shot? Can the Latina Sensation continue taking home gold from everywhere or will whoever the champion will be retain and stop the streak? One way to find out and it’s come to WSU on June 21st!

Becky Bayless vs. Dawn Marie II Ready To Go

One of the hottest feuds in WSU so far in 2008 has been the battle between Becky Bayless and Dawn Marie. Back at Dawn of A New Day in March, Becky called out Dawn Marie with some negative comments that Dawn wasn’t too fond of. Dawn was quick to respond and challenged Becky Bayless to a match. Becky has been the least favorite in the WSU locker room and is hated by almost everyone. Alexa Thatcher, Dawn Marie, Mercedes Martinez, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Reyna Fire, Missy Hyatt all would love to get a piece of Becky and show her some respect.

Back at the Women’s J-Cup due to the absence of Alexa Thatcher, former WWF/ECW/WCW star Tammy “Sunny” Sytch surprised Becky with Dawn Marie to be her opponent. Dawn delivered a beat down on Becky that would go so far that the referee had to call the match due to Dawn trying to choke out Becky. Dawn said Becky got what she deserved and she isn’t done yet. Becky needs to be taught a lesson and put in her place so Dawn believes she’s the one to do it and no one can stop her.

Becky recently joined forces with Nikki Roxx but due to Roxx not being able to attend the tapings due to a TNA engagement, who will back up Becky Bayless? Mercedes Martinez, Alexa Thatcher, Missy Hyatt, and Dawn Marie all have major issues with Becky. Not only has revenge from the J-Cup been promised by Becky but she also she has a special enforcer coming to the show. No one knows who this special enforcer will be but Dawn says she fears no one and for Becky to watch out as she can match anything Becky can bring on.

These two women have pure hatred for each other and will not stop at anything to tear the other apart. Will the ECW original finally show Becky some respect or will Becky wiggle her way out of another predicament? Tune in to WSU on June 21st to find out!

TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong is on a Mission, Rogers Hopes to Prevent It

You’ve seen her destroy, annihilate, beat down women all over the world. Now she returns to WSU, as TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong is returning to WSU on June 21st and she has one mission. She is out to prove she is the best women wrestler in the world and can defeat anyone at any time.

Back in March on the First Anniversary show she destroyed Roxxie Cotton, Rick Cataldo, and then teamed with Amy Lee to defeat Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini.

At Dawn of a New Day she defeated Amy Lee in the biggest and most brutal match in WSU history. Now she is returning to WSU to continue her dominance and defeat anyone in her path. On the first taping, she will have a tough challenger awaiting her. The “Definition of Technician” Cindy Rogers has stepped up to the plate and requested to face the TNA Champion. Rogers, who is coming off a loss in April at WSU’s Testament of Strength in a three way dance for the WSU Championship versus Nikki Roxx and Alexa Thatcher feels she needs to prove herself again to the WSU fans and into title contention. Cindy says she’s going to stretch; work, and tire Kong out and when she beats her will have to get another title shot. Rogers believes her speed and move set can overcome Kong’s power and size. Both have their eyes on title contention.

Can the Awesome one continue her annihilation on the world or will the “Definition of Technician” do what very few have been able to do?

Former WCW Star formerly known as “Gorgeous George” Debuts in WSU

You’ve seen her before in WCW as Randy Savage‘s girlfriend and as the lady to destroy referee Charles Robinson. Now she is coming to WSU, yep that’s right Gorgeous George is coming to the ECPW Arena on June 21st! It’s been a very long time since she has appeared on any wrestling show, now the beautiful blonde bombshell comes to WSU to make an impact. No one knows her intentions or plans but we can assure you that she is not coming to WSU just to do autographs and pictures. What are her plans? Who will she align herself with if anyone? Only one way to find out, come to WSU on June 21st!

Angelina Love vs. Portia Perez in a battle of WSU Debuts

You’ve seen her on TNA every Thursday night on Impact as one half of the “Beautiful People” with Velvet Sky causing quite some trouble in the Knockouts division. Now Angelina Love comes to WSU on June 21st to show no one is better than her in any matter. Portia Perez has wrestled all over the world, and many other promotions in the United States. Now she comes to WSU to show the fans on the east coast what she is made of and work her way into contention for the WSU Championship.

The WSU championship committee has decided there is only one way to handle two wrestlers that are debuting and both with similar intentions. So on June 21st, 2008 you will see the first ever match up of TNA Knockout Angelina Love versus Portia Perez. These two have never faced each other anywhere and now they will go at it in WSU with the winner definitely being noticed by the WSU Championship committee.

Will Portia be “Brown-bagged” or will Angelina not have a happy night and go back to TNA defeated? There is no reason for you not to attend WSU on June 21st!

A Major Star Returns to WSU

We’ve been telling you for months now, a former WSU star is returning on Saturday June 21st. We’ve told you before the hint that she is returning from college. That is the only hint you will be getting before June 21st. We are telling you this return will shock everyone! Who is she? What are her intentions? Why is she returning? For $10, WSU is the place to be on Saturday June 21st! We will tell you that this mystery person has promised to sign all autographs for anyone in attendance…. that is unless she’s stopped by someone looking to make a name for themselves….

Missy’s Manor with HUGE Announcement!

Former UWF/WCCW/ECW star Missy Hyatt returns with her Missy’s Manor segment on June 21st with a HUGE announcement that will affect the whole WSU locker room and all the fans. Missy has refused to tell anyone what the announcement is, and says everyone must wait until June 21st to find out.

We know Missy has a major problem with Becky Bayless due to the disrespect Becky gave her at “Testament of Strength” back in April.

Will the announcement have anything to do with that? You have to come to WSU on June 21st to find out or else!

Plus much more on June 21st with the Soul Sisters, the Beatdown Betties, Missy Sampson, Alere Little Feather, Kacee Carlisle, Lea Morrison, and more!!!

It will be The Soul Sisters of Jana & Latasha versus The Beatdown Betties of Roxxie Cotton and Rick Cataldo in tag-team action. Will the Beatdown Betties get revenge from their humiliating loss in the eight-person tag at “Testament of Strength” and get their first triumphant win? Or will the Soul Sisters dance their way to another victory?

Missy Sampson and Alere Little Feather want to be taken more seriously in WSU. Both were victorious along with Amy Lee and Jana in the eight-person tag at “Testament of Strength. Alere also had three tough matches back in March. They are out to make an impact in WSU and welcome all challengers.

Kacee Carlisle debuted in April for WSU at “Testament of Strength” and “Uncensored Rumble.” In her first match she lost to current WSU Champion Angel Orsini in a hard fought match. In the battle royal she lasted a decent amount of time before being eliminated by Lee. How will she respond to two tough losses?

All this and much more! You never know what will happen at WSU. Saturday June 21st, 2008 at the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ is the place to be and nowhere else. Tickets are on sale now for only $10!!! Where else can you find a better deal than that? NOWHERE! Please note the time change for the first show of 7 pm and the second show of 9 pm. As always there will be all your favorite WSU DVDs for sale, beverages, and food. Make sure to go to DOIVideo.com right now to buy tickets, previous WSU DVDs, t-shirts, and plenty of other merchandise. See you on June 21st!

June 21st
ECPW Arena, located at 87 N. Beverwyck Road in Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Belltime: 7PM
Tickets $10
Contact Info: [email protected]

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