Quick WSU & NWS 12/12 Results from NJ

Quick WSU & NWS 12/12 Results From Flemington, NJ
Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) teamed up with our big brother promotion National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) to present what wound up being the most attended womens wrestling show in the United States all year! Many fans are calling this the best WSU show to date, as 250+ with a standing room only crowd came out to see the following:

In a Battle of Two Former #1 Contenders
Nikki Roxx d. Cindy Rogers

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Alicia d. Brittney Savage to become the NEW WSU Spirit Champion. As a result, Alicia becomes the first Triple Crown (World, Tag & Spirit) Champion in WSU history.

This match was originally scheduled to be Alicia & Latasha vs Jana & Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo. However, Jana attacked Latasha in the locker room before the show, continuing this bitter feud. Alicia said she would take on Jana, Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo all at once. However, NWS/WSU commissioner Gino Moore ruled that since Savage had been ducking Alicia by getting counted out and disqualified in previous Spirit Championship matches, that we weren’t going to wait until the WSU 3rd Anniversary show, and booked an impromptu Spirit Championship match. To make sure the match was fair, the commissioner banned Rick Cataldo & Jana from ringside!

After winning the match, Cataldo & Jana came out to attack Alicia. Surprisingly making the save for Alicia was Jana’s new-found enemy and friend of Latasha, Jennifer Cruz. Commissioner Moore ruled that since Jana & Cataldo were booked to wrestle here tonight, that Jennifer Cruz can pick any partner from the back to take on Jana & Cataldo later on in the show.

Jazz d. Angel Orsini
In a match between two former ECWers, and a match pitting a former WWE World Womens Champion and a former WSU World Champion, Jazz got the pinfall win, although not the way she wanted it.

With the referee & Jazz knocked down, Nikki Roxx interfered and laid out Angel Orsini with a Barbie Crusher. Roxx then dragged Jazz over Orsini. When the ref came to, he counted the 1-2-3. It was later revealed by WSU cameras (which will air online and on the DVD) that Nikki Roxx was trying to recruit Jazz to join her and Rain. Roxx also got payback here on Orsini ever since these two found themselves on opposite ends on 8/22.

Amber O’Neal d. Sumie Sakai
In an exciting match, Amber O’Neal went to 5-0 defeating Japan’s Sumie Sakai after her patented backslide.

After the match, Amber O’Neal said she wanted to go to 6-0 and picked on ring announcer So Cal Val. Amber O’Neal started getting physical with Amber until Jazz ran out. Jazz said if Amber wants to go to 6-0, then to try her. Jazz guaranteed Amber would go 5-1 if she stood up to Jazz. Commissioner Moore then ruled that Jazz vs Amber O’Neal will take place at the WSU Third Anniversary show.

Jennifer Cruz & Angelina Love d. Rick Cataldo & Jana
In a match where it looks like the WSU rookie initiative is really starting to work out, Jennifer Cruz won the match for her team after a roaring elbow on Cataldo.

After the match, Angelina Love promised that WSU would get a whole lot “beautiful” at the WSU Third Anniversary show.

Main Event
In what many called match of the night
For the WSU World Championship
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Awesome Kong
In a wild and hard hitting match that has to be seen to be believed, Mercedes Martinez was able to pick up the solid pinfall victory over Awesome Kong after Kong bashed her head on the ring post. Despite being dominated for most of the match, the champion was able to get by and survive “The Awesome Challenge”.

After the match, Amber O’Neal & Nikki Roxx came out to attack Martinez. Roxx then ordered Kong to decimate Martinez, on the orders of Rain, who was in Mexico and who hired Kong to take out Martinez. However, Kong would not take orders from Roxx and laid Roxx out! Angel Orsini & Jazz ran out to take apart Amber O’Neal & Roxx, but Amber & Roxx quickly escaped.

Martinez then said that she did get a win over Kong here tonight, but would love to take on Kong one more time. The show ended with Orsini, Jazz, Kong & Martinez united against Rain’s alliance of herself, Roxx & Amber O’Neal.

In NWS Matches
The Nigerian Nightmares d. JD Smoothie & B. Fehrm

Tito Santana d. Kevin Matthews

Quick show notes:

There were many members of the wrestling and local media in attendance, including Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, WrestlingFigs.com, GloryWrestling.com, NY1, LethalWow.com, Snapmare.com & local media outlets. Expect many pictures and coverages of the event to be posted shortly. WSU thanks everyone from the media for coming out and covering this special event, now being dubbed as “THE AWESOME CHALLENGE”.

Jazz has signed on with WSU for future dates and is locked into dates going into the summer of 2010. Jazz has not lost a step since leaving the WWE and having two kids. There are plans in the future for WSU to give students of Jazz in Arkansas a chance in WSU, as part of WSU being the only womens wrestling company to give new talent a chance to shine and make a name for themselves.

Angelina Love, who has been off/on with WSU for 18 months, is also locked into dates going into the summer of 2010.

WSU announced that our next full blown event will be on March 6th, 2010 at the ACE Arena in Union City. Plans are not finalized but we are working on presenting a womens wrestling convention, to go along with our Hall of Fame Ceremony & 3 Year Anniversary Show.

Two members so far have been announced for the 2010 womens wrestling Hall of Fame Class. They are Jazz & Molly Holly, as these two join 2009 inductees Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka & Sherri Martel.

Matches set for WSU’s Third Anniversary show thus far are:

WSU World Title Match
Uncensored Rules
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo
*As part of the re-match stipulation, if Alicia wins, she gets 5 minutes alone with Rick Cataldo.

Someone’s Undefeated Streak Will End
Jazz vs Amber O’Neal

Almost Two Years in the Making
Battle of Two Former World Champions
Angel Orsini vs Nikki Roxx

Submission Match
The Match To Finally End The Feud
Jana vs Latasha

Also appearing are Jessicka Havok, Angelina Love, Jennifer Cruz, Destiny, Cindy Rogers & many more to be announced in upcoming weeks.

WSU will also return with our big brother promotion NWS on 4/3 and 4/4 for the 2010 Women’s J-Cup & King/Queen Tournaments. More info on those shows to be announced at a later tonight.

WSU thanks everyone for coming out.

For more info, check out WSUWrestling.com & NWSWrestling.com today. We will have much more information in the upcoming days.

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