The 5 Count – episode #14 WrestleMania XXX recap

5countheaderDid the #YesMovement rule Wrestlemania? Did Lesnar conquer the streak? HOLD UP! We know you probably the answers plus everything else that happened at Wrestlemania, but we’ve dedicated this entire episode to the biggest show of the year, but the RAW the night after. So sit back and enjoy our hilarious recap of Wrestlemania 30. presents: Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 30

30_WM30_EntrancesCourtesy of

Another WrestleMania is in the books. This year’s Show of Shows delivered a number of epic moments that will forever live in the minds and hearts of the WWE Universe (and on WWE Network). Legends united, a streak was broken and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion was crowned. So what were our favorite moments?

With so many to choose from, picking just five was not an easy task. However, there were certain moments that stood above the rest. Moments that will be immortalized on The Grandest Stage of Them All. presents our five favorite moments from WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.

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AS I SEE IT: Thoughts from WrestleMania XXX

AISIAS I SEE IT: Thoughts from WrestleMania XXX
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Ever think Brian Danielson would win the WWE World Heavyweight Title…and have it not be the primary subject of discussion from a Wrestlemania 30?

Nope. Not me.
Everyone who writes about wrestling from the mega-sites like the Wrestling Observer and to the smallest message board figured they’d be writing about Brian Danielson this morning.

Former WWE writer Big Dick Johnson predicts CM Punk will not appear at WrestleMania

WM30Former WWE Creative Writer Chris DeJoseph better known as Big Dick Johnson on WWE TV, has published a new column at DeJoseph reveals 30 “big” predictions for Sunday’s WWE WrestleMania XXX. He predicts CM Punk will not be at WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan will defeat Triple H, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner, Undertaker maintaining his steak and more.

Here are some excerpts from his article:

* Alberto Del Rio wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
- A Heel will win this match. ADR is due for a big win and would be a great heel to carry this trophy and brag about it.

Former WCW star The Maestro reveals his WrestleMania XXX predictions

The-MaestroFormer WCW star The Stro (formerly known as The Maestro) has published a new column at Stro gives his thoughts and expert predictions for Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view WrestleMania XXX. Stro talks about each match at Sunday’s WrestleMania PPV and also talks on the WWE Hall of Fame, Scott Hall, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and more. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

Scott Hall: My former USWA tag team partner. My fellow WCW/NWO alumni. My buddy Razor Ramon/Scott Hall. Before I met Scott. I was a big fan of his from his early days tagging with Dan Spivey as “Starship Coyote”, his time wrestling with CWF from Florida, his run in the AWA teaming with Curt Hennig , and his stint in WCW as “The Diamond Studd”. Saw a match down in Puerto Rico he had when I first saw “The Razor’s Edge” finisher. Thought at the time that was one of the most innovated finishing moves I had seen. “The Bad Guy” became Intercontinental champion in the WWE and to this day people still talk about the historic ladder match he had with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10. Remember Dutch Mantell (WWE’s Zeb Colter) telling me he thought at one point Razor was gonna be WWE champion at the time. He certainly had all the tools. Him and Kevin Nash would later come to WCW and along with a turning Hulk Hogan made history forming the infamous “New World Order”.” features the WWE’s WrestleMania 30 kickoff event in NYC

WM30Courtesy of

Hulk Hogan, John Cena and others showed up on Tuesday, April 1, at the Hard Rock Café in Manhattan to discuss this Sunday’s WrestleMania 30 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. It will be the first pay-per-view offered on the online WWE Network. (Credit: Newsday / Chris Ware)

Watch the video here!

AS I SEE IT: The Events of Wrestlemania 30 Weekend…Indy Style

AISIAS I SEE IT: The Events of Wrestlemania 30 Weekend…Indy Style
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Well, the event schedule for Wrestlemania 30 is going to be a busy one.

I’m not referring to the WWE-sponsored events, which are many; but the events by outside promoters, which (as always) are even more. For those of you reading who want to wrap themselves up of WWE for three days or more in New Orleans, to each their own…enjoy.

But since PWBTS promotes independent wrestling, I’ll share a few with you of the latter in this week’s column. You can also check out updates on all of these events every day on

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Hulk Hogan addresses his return to the WWE

Hulk HoganRecap courtesy of

Hulk Hogan is back in WWE as the legendary wrestler was officially announced Friday as the host of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, April 6. The six-time WWE Champion will make his long-awaited return to the company this Monday on Raw. He will also appear on WWE Raw Backstage Pass, which airs live on the WWE Network immediately following Raw. The Associated Press has published an article on the big news, which features quotes from Hogan as well as WWE executive and talent Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

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Top matches reportedly planned for WrestleMania XXX including John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

WM30Report courtesy of

PWInsider reported that Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan is “pretty much set in stone” for the WrestleMania XXX card. Another match that is back on is Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena. This match was put to the side once talks got serious with Hulk Hogan. WWE officials wanted to do something with Hogan and Cena but as noted last week, Hogan was recently evaluated by WWE doctors and the decision was made to not book Hogan in any kind of physical role. Now the Cena vs. Wyatt match is back in the mix.

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Former WWE official Wes Adams says the WWE title unification was rushed

Wes AdamsFormer WWE official Wes Adams has published a new column at Adams goes in-depth and talks about booking WWE WrestleMania XXX, including matches for John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Shield among others. Adams also talks on how the WWE title unification on a December “B” PPV show was rushed. Here is an excerpt from his article:

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