WWE United States Title

wwe us championship

Champion Date Location Event
Eddie Guerrero 07/23/03 Denver CO Vengeance 2003
* * * NOTES: Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit.
The Big Show 10/19/03 Baltimore, MD No Mercy 2003
John Cena 03/14/04 New York City, NY Wrestlemania XX
* * * NOTES: Stripped on July 8, 2004.
Booker T 07/29/04 Cincinatti, OH SmackDown
* * * NOTES: 8-Man Elimination Match.
John Cena 10/03/04 East Rutherford, NJ No Mercy 2004
* * * NOTES: Best of Five Series.
Carlito 10/07/04 Boston, MA SmackDown
* * * NOTES: This Was Carlito Cool’s WWE debut!.
John Cena 11/18/04 Dayton, OH SmackDown
Orlando Jordan 03/03/05 Albany, NY SmackDown
Chris Benoit 08/21/05 Washinton DC SummerSlam
* * * NOTES: 25½ Second Submission.
Booker T 10/20/05 Reno, NV SmackDown
* * * NOTES: Held up on November 25, 2005.
Booker T 01/13/06 Philadelphia, PA SmackDown
* * * NOTES: Best of Seven Series (Sorta).
Chris Benoit 02/19/06 Baltimore, MD No Way Out
John Bradshaw Layfield 04/02/06 Chicago, IL WrestleMania 22
Bobby Lashley 05/26/06 Bakersfield, CA SmackDown
Fit Finlay 07/14/06 Minneapolis, MN SmackDown
Mr. Ken Kennedy 09/01/06 Reading, PA SmackDown
* * * NOTES: Beat Fit Finlay & Bobby Lashley in a 3-WAY.
Chris Benoit 10/13/06 Jacksonville, FL SmackDown
Montel Vontavious Porter 05/20/07 St. Louis, MO Judgment Day
* * * NOTES: Best 2/3 Falls Match.
Matt Hardy 04/28/08 Baltimore, MD Backlash
Shelton Benjamin 07/20/08 Long Island, NY Great American Bash
Montel Vontavious Porter 03/20/09 Corpus Christi, TX SmackDown
Kofi Kingston 06/01/09 Birmingham, AL RAW
Mike “The Miz” Mizanin 10/05/09 Wilkes-Barre, PA RAW
Bret “The Hitman” Hart 05/17/10 Toronto, Ontario, Canada RAW
* * * NOTES: Bret Hart defeated The Miz in a gimmicked match after interference from Chris Jericho and all three members of the Hart Dynasty..
* * * NOTES: Bret Hart vacated the championship..
R-Truth 05/24/10 Toledo, OH RAW
* * * NOTES: R-Truth defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to win the vacant WWE United States title..
Mike “The Miz” Mizanin 06/14/10 Charlotte, NC RAW
* * * NOTES: Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated R-Truth and John Morrison and Zack Ryder in a 4-WAY to win the WWE United States title..
Daniel Bryan 09/19/10 Chicago, IL Night of Champions
Sheamus 03/14/11 St. Louis, MO RAW
Kofi Kingston 05/01/11 Tampa, FL Extreme Rules
Dolph Ziggler 06/19/11 Washington DC Capitol Punishment
Zack Ryder 12/18/11 Baltimore, MD Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Jack Swagger 01/16/12 Anaheim, CA RAW
Santino Marella 03/05/12 Boston, MA RAW
Antonio Cesaro 08/19/12 Los Angeles, CA SummerSlam
Kofi Kingston 04/15/13 Greenville, SC RAW
Dean Ambrose 05/19/13 St. Louis, MO Extreme Rules
Sheamus 05/05/14 Albany, NY RAW
Rusev 11/03/14 Buffalo, NY RAW
John Cena 03/29/15 Santa Clara, CA WrestleMania 31
Seth Rollins 08/23/15 Brooklyn, NY SummerSlam
* * * NOTES: WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins defeated WWE United States champion John Cena in a “champion for champion” match to win the title.  TV host John Stewart helped Rollins win the match.
John Cena 09/20/15 Houston, TX Night of Champions
Alberto Del Rio 10/25/15 Los Angeles, CA Hell in a Cell
Kalisto 01/11/16 New Orleans, LA RAW
Alberto Del Rio 01/14/16 Lafayette, LA SmackDown
Kalisto 01/24/16 Orlando, FL Royal Rumble
Rusev 05/22/16 Newark, NJ Extreme Rules
Roman Reigns 09/05/16 Indianapolis, IN Clash of the Champions
Chris Jericho 01/09/17 New Orleans, LA RAW
* * * NOTES: Chris Jericho defeated United States champion Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens in a handicap match to win the title..
Kevin Owens 04/02/17 Orlando, FL WrestleMania 33
Chris Jericho 04/30/17 San Jose, CA WWE Payback
Kevin Owens 05/02/17 Fresno, CA SmackDown
AJ Styles 07/07/17 New York City, NY Live Event at MSG
Kevin Owens 07/23/17 Philadelphia, PA  Battleground 2017
AJ Styles 07/25/17 Richmond, VA  SmackDown
Baron Corbin 10/08/17 Detroit, MI  Hell in a Cell

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