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[Submit News] Readers are encouraged to submit news for the “OWW Daily News & Notes” page to [email protected]. Compile the important aspects of your news item or upcoming event into one small paragraph, and the chances that I will use it are almost 100%. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez.

[ClickWrestle News] Once again it’s that time of year, the gift giving season is upon us and ClickWrestle feels in the giving mood. If you purchase ANY videos at ClickWrestle and enter in the code ‘santaclaws’ in the Coupon Code box during Checkout, we are going to give you the gift of a 25% discount! So this holiday season give yourself a gift featuring some of the most exciting men and women professional wrestling has to offer. Offer ends December 26, 2009 so go to www.ClickWrestle.com today!

[OWW Radio] The OWW Radio Tribute to Eddie “Umaga” Fatu is now available on iTunes or you can download the file at the OWW Radio website.

[Book News] Critically acclaimed “The Solie Chronicles” is still available about the life and times of Gordon Solie including interviews with the people who knew him the best. Purchase it at www.crowbarpress.com

[BLOG] Gabe Sapolsky has a new blog up looking at the beginnings of ECW, Ring of Honor, and now EVOLVE. He has a locker room story from ECW and where the ROH name came from. Plus, he reveals what current WWE contracted wrestler came up with the EVOLVE name and what his involvement would have been. You can read it at: www.Myspace.com/ROHgabe

[Article] Tables, Ladders & Sheamus: The WWE’s Celtic Warrior [reported by Mike Informer]

[Article] Alex Marvez: In the ring with Baron von Raschke [reported by Mike Informer]

[Website] If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Rain‘s new web site at http://theradiantrain.com/

[Indy News] EVOLVEwrestling.com has been re-launched in anticipation of EVOLVE 1 on January 16th in Rahway, New Jersey.. New matches were announced today at the new www.EVOLVEwrestling.com to go with the already announced Richards vs. Ibushi main event.

[Movie News] There is an interesting new wrestling documentary out next year. Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’ is based on Ron Hall’s book Sputnik, Masked Men & Midgets: The Early Days of Memphis Wrestling. The trailer is right here.

[Indy Event] EVOLVE, the new promotion founded by Gabe Sapolsky, Davey Richards and Sal Hamaoui, put tickets on sale at www.EVOLVEwrestling.com this morning. The first event will be January 16th, 2010 in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Rec Center. This is a great venue with 24 hour train access from New York City.

[EXCELLENT Article] MAT MEN – Part 1 [reported by Jon Wells]

[EXCELLENT Article] MAT MEN – Part 2 [reported by Jon Wells]

[EXCELLENT Article] MAT MEN – Part 3 [reported by Jon Wells]

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