Ricky Vega

Title History


Career Highlights


  • February 2, 2007–Full Impact Pro: Ricky Vega defeated Jaison Moore…
  • February 22, 2007 – TNA iMPACT: Ricky Vega returned to TNA in the corner of LAX for the Belting Pot match against Team 3-D..
  • March 11, 2007 – TNA Destination-X: LAX (w/Konnan & Machete) beated Team 3-D (w/Johnny Rodz) in a “Ghetto Brawl”..
  • May 26, 2007–Full Impact Pro: Ricky Vega defeated Masked FIPper #15 in Melbourne, Florida..
  • June 9, 2007–Coastal Championship Wrestling: Ricky Vega defeated Bruno Sassi in Coral Springs, Florida …
  • June 29, 2007–Full Impact Pro: The Heartbreak Express’s Team defeated The YRR’s Team in a Four-on-Four Melbourne Street Fight..
  • ~~~The Heartbreak Express & Seth Delay & Steve Madison defeated Chasyn Rance & Kenny King & Mad Man Pondo & Ricky Vega..
  • August 4, 2007–Coastal Championship Wrestling: Kahagas defeated Jerry Lynn and Ricky Vega in a 3-WAY..