WWE Monday Night RAW 06 15 2009

June 15, 2009 – Charlotte, North Carolina (THREE 4 ALL)
RAW Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler
ECW Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
SmackDown! Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

Chris Jericho defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Intercontinental title: Before the match, Chris Jericho claimed that RAW has gone into the toilet since he was drafted to SmackDown!. The finish saw Mysterio get on a roll, attempting to hit a West Coast Pop, but Jericho twisted his mask and planted him with a Code-breaker to win the match!

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton + John Cena: Randy Orton bragged about putting out Batista, Triple H, and Ric Flair before that. Orton said Triple H knows he can’t get to him on his own. Orton claimed nobody will remember what happened last week after he takes his championship back tonight. John Cena showed up and made fun of Randy Orton.. Cena reminded Orton that there was two other people in the match – him and the Big Show!

HIGHLIGHTS: Vickie Guerrero quits her position as General Manager last week!

ON SCREEN: Vince McMahon announced that he was not going to announce the name of the new General Manager, but he was going to let somebody else do it instead. Vince then revealed that he was selling Monday Night RAW – and this person would be revealed later tonight!

Tommy Dreamer defeated Christian to retain the ECW World title:

Kelly Kelly & The Bella Twins: Kelly Kelly and the Bellas wondered who might have bought RAW, and their guesses were either Oprah Wimphrey or Paris Hilton..

Randy Orton defeated Triple H and John Cena and the Big Show to win the vacant WWE championship: Triple H pedigreed the Big Show, but then John Cena gave Triple H an Attitude Adjuster for a two-count! Cena then gave the Big Show an Attitude Adjuster but Orton broke up the pinfall. Orton then tossed Cena and hit the Big Show with an RKO for the 1-2-3 to become a five-time WWE champion!! This meant that the Big Show took everybody’s finisher before getting pinned by Orton..

Vince McMahon + Donald Trump! (on screen): Vince McMahon said he’s done a lot of soul searching and at this stage of his career there’s no doubt that it’s the right decision to sell Monday Night RAW. Vince said RAW would be independently run by somebody he has a personal history with. Vince said he has been compensated in an overwhelming fashion. Vince introduced the new owner of Monday Night RAW, Donald J. Trump! Trump came up on the big screen and said Vince McMahon has finally put his ego aside. This was a taped promo but they pretended like it was live. Trump said people have been watching RAW for 17 years and now the fans deserve something special. Trump said it was time to give back to the fans. Vince said it was time for the fans to give back to him. Trump said the fans deserved a little appreciation for their loyalty. Trump said his first act was to do something truly special and claimed that next week’s RAW live on USA will be presented commercial free! Vince said he thinks Trump has lost his marbles. Trump said he would be at RAW next week to see that the show is run the right way. Trump said Vince looked so much better bald, and Vince demanded that the feed be cut off immediately! Vince said he wanted to deliver his farewell address next week. Vince said he is in charge tonight, Randy Orton is the new champion, and there would be a battle royal tonight with the winner facing Orton at the Bash PPV. Vince then threw to commecial…..

Mickie James defeated Rosa Mendes: Beth Phoenix came out with Rosa Mendes, but Rosa asked Beth to go backstage, wanting to prove that she can do it on her own. WWE Diva’s champion Maryse Ouellet came down to ringside to get a close-up of number one contender Mickie James.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Goldust & Hornswoggle shot t-shirts into the crowd!

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Goldust & Hornswoggle: The Miz said he had a message for Donald Trump. The Miz said if Trump is really ready to take the show to the next level, then the new face on Monday Night RAW is the Miz! The Miz said John Cena is a thing of the past, and he (Miz) is the face of the future! The Miz claimed he left Cena unconcious in the middle of the ring, and this week he will throw him over the top rope in the battle royal and earn a WWE championship match! The Miz said he wants to be on the magazines, t-shirts, and endorsements. The Miz said the people will eat it up and be begging for more! The Miz yelled at Goldust & Hornswoggle for still being in the ring. Goldust said he’s been watching the Miz try to play mind games with John Cena and wanted to know where the Miz’s creativity was. Goldust said one time he gave Ahmed Johnson mouth-to-mouth to get into his head. Goldust said he thinks the Miz should change his name from the Miz to the Wiz because when he starts talking that’s what everybody gets up to take. Hornswoggle whispered something in Goldust’s ear and the Miz wanted to know what he said. Goldust said the real reality check is that the Miz is a LOSER! The Miz insulted Goldust saying he was funny in 1999 but in 2009 he is a joke. The Miz said he would beat up Goldust, but he’s not because it would be a waste of time. The Miz said he wanted to show Donald Trump that he’s not afraid to take risks. The Miz attacked Goldust, and then shot Hornswoggle in the crotch with the t-shirt gun!

Josh Mathews & C.M. Punk + Matt Hardy: Josh Mathews asked if C.M. Punk had regrets about cashing in his Money in the Bank at Extreme Rules. Punk said last year he cashed in on Edge and he was everyone’s hero, but this year he cashed in on Jeff Hardy and everyone thinks he should regret it. Matt Hardy showed up and praised Punk for doing the right thing. Punk said they were not friends, and everything he’s done in his life he’s done the old fashioned way – by earning it!

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Edge dumping Vickie Guerrero last week!

C.M. Punk defeated Edge and Jeff Hardy to retain the World Heavyweight title: Late in the match, Edge pushed C.M. Punk off the top rope and he fell down onto the ring steps clutching his knee. The doctors ran down to check on Punk at ringside as Edge battled Jeff Hardy in the ring. Hardy went for a pin, but Punk crawled back in to break it up! Hardy jumped out of the ring and kicked Punk repeatedly on the injured knee. Hardy went back after Edge and managed to hit an explosive Swanton-bomb! Punk grabbed Hardy’s leg and pulled him out of the ring, then slipped in and pinned Edge to win the match!

ON STAGE: Theodore Long announced that C.M. Punk would defend the World Heavyweight title against Jeff Hardy one-on-one at The Bash!

Unified Tag Team champions The Colon Brothers (Carlito & Primo Colon) defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart) by DQ: Legacy members Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the match… the match ended in a DQ when Legacy attacked the Colon Brothers…

Vince McMahon & Santino Marella: Santino confided in Vince McMahon, worried that he might lose his job when Donald Trump takes over. Vince said Trump might like Santino’s sister, but you just never know what he’s gonna do.. Vince took a phone call from Trump, who said he wanted to make an announcement after the Battle Royal.. Vince tried to convince the Trump to wait until next week but Trump insisted on doing it tonight! Santino then proceeded to put his foot in his mouth and spend two minutes trying to dig himself out of a hole..

Triple H WINS!: Participants included Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, Montel Vontavious Porter, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, the Big Show, John Cena, and Triple H…… a few minutes into the match, WWE champion Randy Orton came out to the stage to get a closer look. Big Show eliminated Hardy. Big Show eliminated MVP. Then everybody teamed up to eliminate Big Show. The Miz disappeared and the announcers didn’t notice. Legacy eliminated Kingston. Legacy eliminated Regal. Cena eliminated DiBiase. HHH eliminated Rhodes. The final two were Triple H and John Cena. Triple H pedigreed Cena, but then Rhodes & DiBiase jumped in and assaulted HHH. Suddenly the Miz popped up after hiding at ringside, and thought he could easily win. The Miz charged HHH & Cena, but they just flipped him over the top rope! HHH then dumped Cena over the top rope to win the right to face Randy Orton for the WWE championship at The Bash!

ON SCREEN: Donald Trump said they weren’t going to wait until The Bash, but instead Randy Orton will face Triple H next week in a Last Man Standing match on RAW!