WWE Title


  • 1963: WWWF World Heavyweight Title
  • 1981: WWF Heavyweight Title
  • 1988: WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Title
  • 2001: WWF Undisputed World Title
  • 2002: WWE Undisputed World Title
  • 2002: Exclusive to the SmackDown Brand
  • 2005: Drafted to the RAW Brand
  • 2013: WWE World Heavyweight Title


Buddy Rogers04/25/63Rio de Janeiro, Braziln/a
* * * NOTES: Awarded the WWWF title when the WWWF left the NWA.
Bruno Sammartino05/17/63New York City, NYHouse Show
Ray Stevens07/15/67San Francisco, CAHouse Show
* * * NOTES: This title switch is not recognized by the WWWF.
Ivan Koloff01/18/71New York City, NYHouse Show
Pedro Morales02/08/71New York City, NYHouse Show
Stan Stasiak02/08/71Philadelphia, PAHouse Show
Bruno Sammartino12/10/73New York City, NYHouse Show
Billy Graham04/30/77Baltimore, MDHouse Show
Bob Backlund02/20/78New York City, NYHouse Show
Antonio Inoki11/30/79Tokushima, JapanHouse Show
* * * NOTES: This title switch is not recognized by the WWWF.
Bob Backlund12/12/79New York City, NYHouse Show
* * * NOTES: Title was held up on October 19, 1981.
Bob Backlund11/23/81New York City, NYHouse Show
* * * NOTES: Defeated Greg Valentine in a rematch.
The Iron Sheik12/26/83New York City, NYHouse Show
Hulk Hogan01/23/84New York City, NYHouse Show
* * * NOTES: Click Here for a photo of the pinfall.
Andre The Giant02/05/88Indianapolis, INSat. Nights Main Event
* * * NOTES: Stripped after trying to sell the title to Ted DiBiase.
Randy Savage03/27/88Atlantic City, NJWrestlemania IV
Hulk Hogan04/02/89Atlantic City, NJWrestlemania V
Ultimate Warrior04/01/90Toronto, ONTWrestlemania VI
Sgt Slaughter01/19/91Miami, FLRoyal Rumble 1991
Hulk Hogan03/24/91Los Angeles, CAWrestlemania VII
The Undertaker11/27/91Detroit, MISurvivor Series
Hulk Hogan12/03/91San Antonio, TXTuesday In Texas
* * * NOTES: Vacated after controversial finish.
Ric Flair01/19/92Albany, NYRoyal Rumble
* * * NOTES: Ric Flair wins the Royal Rumble to capture the WWF Title.
Randy Savage04/05/92Indianapolis, INWrestlemania VIII
Ric Flair09/01/92Hershey, PAPrime Time Wrestling
Bret Hart10/12/92Saskatoon, SASKHouse Show
Yokozuna04/04/93Las Vegas, NVWrestlemania IV
Hulk Hogan04/04/93Las Vegas, NVWrestlemania IV
Yokozuna06/13/93Dayton, OHKing of the Ring
Bret Hart03/20/94New York City, NYWrestlemania X
Bob Backlund11/23/94San Antonio, TXSurvivor Series
Diesel11/26/94New York City, NYHouse Show
Bret Hart11/19/95Washington DCSurvivor Series
Shawn Michaels03/31/96Anaheim, CAWrestlemania XII
* * * NOTES: This was an Iron Man match ending 1-0.
Sycho Sid11/17/96New York City, NYSurvivor Series
Shawn Michaels01/19/97San Antonio, TXRoyal Rumble
* * * NOTES: Vacated on February 13, 1997.
Bret Hart02/16/97Chattanooga, TNIYH: Final Four
* * * NOTES: Defeated Steve Austin, Undertaker & Vader.
Sycho Sid02/17/97Nashville, TNRAW
The Undertaker03/23/97Chicago, ILWrestlemania XIII
Bret Hart08/03/97East Rutherford, NJSummerSlam
Shawn Michaels11/09/97Montreal, QUESurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: The infamous Montreal ScrewJob.
Steve Austin03/29/98Boston, MAWrestlemania XIV
Kane06/28/98Pittsburgh, PAKing of the Ring
Steve Austin06/29/98Cleveland, OHRAW
* * * NOTES: Title Held Up.
The Rock11/15/98St Louis, MOSurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: Defeated Mankind in the Finals of a Tournament.
Mankind12/29/98Worcester, MARAW
The Rock01/24/99Anaheim, CARoyal Rumble
Mankind01/26/99Tuscon, AZHalftime Heat
The Rock02/15/99Birmingham, ALRAW
Steve Austin03/28/99Phildelphia, PAWrestlemania XV
The Undertaker05/23/99Kansas City, MOOver The Edge
Steve Austin06/28/99Charlotte, NCRAW
Mankind08/22/99Minneapolis, MNSummerSlam
* * * NOTES: Defeated Steve Austin & The Rock in a 3-WAY.
Triple H08/23/99Ames, IARAW
Vince McMahon09/14/99Las Vegas, NVArmegeddon
* * * NOTES: Vacated on September 20, 1999.
Triple H09/26/99Charlotte, NCUnforgiven
* * * NOTES: Won a Six-Pack Challenge.
The Big Show11/14/99Detroit, MISurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: Substituted for Steve Austin.
Triple H01/03/00Miami, FLRAW
The Rock04/30/00Washington DCBacklash
Triple H05/21/00Louisville, KYJudgement Day
The Rock06/25/00Boston, MARAW
Kurt Angle10/22/00Albany, NYNo Mercy
The Rock02/25/01Las Vegas, NVNo Way Out
Steve Austin04/01/01Houston, TXWrestlemania X-7
Kurt Angle09/23/01Pittsburgh, PAUnforgiven 2001
Steve Austin10/08/01Indianapolis, INRAW
Chris Jericho12/09/01San Diego, CAVengeance 2001
* * * NOTES: Unified with WCW World Championship.
Triple H03/17/02Toronto, ONTWrestlemania X-8
Hulk Hogan04/21/02Kansas City, MOBacklash
Undertaker05/19/02Nashville, TNJudgement Day
The Rock07/21/02Detroit, MIVengeance 2002
* * * NOTES: Defeated The Undertaker & Kurt Angle.
Brock Lesnar08/25/02New York, NYSummerSlam
* * * NOTES: WWE Championship became exclusive to SmackDown!.
Big Show11/17/02New York City, NYSurvivor Series
Kurt Angle12/15/02Ft Lauderdale, FLArmageddon
Brock Lesnar03/30/03Seattle, WAWrestlemania 19
Kurt Angle07/27/03Denver, COVengeance
* * * NOTES: Defeated Brock Lesnar & Big Show in a 3-WAY.
Brock Lesnar09/18/03Raleigh, NCSmackDown
* * * NOTES: Defeated Kurt Angle in a 60-Minute Iron Man match.
Eddie Guerrero02/15/04San Francisco, CANo Way Out
John Layfield06/27/04Norfolk, VAGreat American Bash
* * * NOTES: Defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Bullrope match.
John Cena04/03/05Los Angeles, CAWrestlemania 21
Edge01/08/06Albany, NYNY Revolution
* * * NOTES: Edge cashed in his Money In The Bank.
John Cena01/29/06Miami, FLRoyal Rumble
Rob Van Dam06/11/06Philadelphia, PAOne Night Stand
Edge07/03/06Philadelphia, PARAW
* * * NOTES: Defeated RVD & John Cena in a 3-WAY.
John Cena09/17/06Toronto, ONTUnforgiven
* * * NOTES: John Cena was stripped due to injury.
Randy Orton (Awarded)10/07/07Chicago, ILNo Mercy
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton was awarded the title by Vince McMahon.
Triple H10/07/07Chicago, ILNo Mercy
Randy Orton10/07/07Chicago, ILNo Mercy
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing match.
Triple H04/27/08Baltimore, MYBacklash
* * * NOTES: HHH defeated Randy Orton & John Cena & JBL in a 4-WAY.
Edge11/23/08Boston, MASurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: Edge was inserted into an HHH vs. Kozlov match at the last second by Edge's wife and General Manager Vickie Guerrero..
Jeff Hardy12/14/08Buffalo, NYArmageddon
* * * NOTES: Jeff Hardy defeated Edge (c) and Triple H in a 3-WAY after Vladimir Kozlov interfered..
Edge01/25/09Detroit, MIRoyal Rumble
* * * NOTES: Edge defeated Jeff Hardy in a controversial No-DQ match after interference from Chavo and Vickie Guerrero - plus Matt Hardy's shocking turn on his brother..
Triple H02/15/09Seattle, WANo Way Out
* * * NOTES: Triple H defeated Edge (c) and Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker and the Big Show and Vlaidmir Kozlov in an Elimination Chamber match to win the WWE Championship!.
Randy Orton04/26/09Providence, RIBacklash
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Triple H & Batista & Shane McMahon in a six man tag team match where Triple H's WWE championship was on the line.
Batista06/07/09New Orleans, LAExtreme Rules
* * * NOTES: Batista defeated Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match. The following night on RAW, Randy Orton & Legacy destroyed Batista to the point of injury, so the championship had to be vacated and put up for grabs the following week.
Randy Orton06/15/09Charlotte, NCRAW
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton defeated Triple H and John Cena and the Big Show in a 4-WAY to capture the vacant WWE championship!
John Cena09/13/09Montreal, QUEBreaking Point
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated Randy Orton in a "I Quit" match to win the WWE title!
Randy Orton10/04/09Newark, NJHell in a Cell
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton defeated John Cena in a Hell in a Cell match to capture the WWE championship!
John Cena10/25/09Pittsburgh, PABragging Rights
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated Randy Orton in a "60-Minute Iron Man" match by a score of 6-5 to win the WWE championship!
Sheamus12/13/09San Antonio, TXTLC
* * * NOTES: Sheamus defeated John Cena in a tables match to win the WWE championship!
John Cena02/21/10St. Louis, MOElimination Chamber
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated Sheamus (c) and Triple H and Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Kofi Kingston to win the WWE championship
Batista02/21/10St. Louis, MOElimination Chamber
* * * NOTES: This match was ordered by Vince McMahon immediately following the Elimination Chamber match. Batista won in about 30 seconds!
John Cena03/28/10Phoenix, AZWrestleMania 26
Sheamus06/20/10Long Island, NYFatal 4-WAY
* * * NOTES: Sheamus defeated John Cena (c) and Randy Orton and Edge in a four corners match after interference by the NXT to win the WWE championship!
Randy Orton09/19/10Chicago, ILNight of Champions
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton defeated Sheamus (c) and John Cena and Chris Jericho and Edge and Wade Barrett in a 'Six Pack Challenge' to win the WWE championship!
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin11/23/10Orlando, FLRAW
* * * NOTES: The Miz cashed in his "Money in the Bank" contract on Randy Orton (after Orton had been attacked by the Nexus, and miraculously defeated Wade Barrett in a title match) to win the WWE championship!
John Cena05/01/11Orlando, FLExtreme Rules
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated The Miz (c) and John Morrison in a triple threat steel cage match to win his 10th WWE championship!
C.M. Punk07/17/11Chicago, ILMoney in the Bank
* * * NOTES: C.M. Punk won the title on the day his contract "expired." He then left the WWE (in storyline) with the belt, so it was vacated and a tournament was announced.
Rey Mysterio07/25/11Hampton, VARAW
* * * NOTES: Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz in the finals of an 8-man tournament to win the vacant WWE championship.
John Cena (11)07/25/11Hampton, VARAW
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio in the main event to win the WWE championship! After the match, C.M. Punk was brought back with his title, setting up a champion vs. champion match.
C.M. Punk08/14/11Los Angeles, CASummerSlam
* * * NOTES: WWE champion C.M. Punk defeated WWE champion John Cena to become the "undisputed champion." After the match, Kevin Nash returned to WWE and attacked C.M. Punk.
Alberto Del Rio08/14/11Los Angeles, CASummerSlam
* * * NOTES: Alberto Del Rio cashed in his "Money in the Bank" contract and won the undisputed championship!
John Cena09/18/11Buffalo, NYNight of Champions
Alberto Del Rio10/02/11New Orleans, LAHell in a Cell
* * * NOTES: Alberto Del Rio defeated C.M. Punk and John Cena (c) in a triple threat 'Hell in a Cell' match to win the WWE championship.
C.M. Punk11/20/11New York City, NYSurvivor Series
The Rock01/27/13Phoenix, AZRoyal Rumble
John Cena04/07/13East Rutherford, NJWrestlemania 29
Daniel Bryan08/18/13Los Angeles, CASummerSlam
Randy Orton08/18/13Los Angeles, CASummerSlam
* * * NOTES: Randy Orton cashed in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase after Triple H (the guest referee in the main event between Daniel Bryan and John Cena) turned on Daniel Bryan and hit him with a pedigree.
Daniel Bryan09/15/13Detroit, MINight of Champions
Title is vacated09/16/13Cleveland, OHRAW
* * * NOTES: WWE COO Triple H stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE title because he believed referee Scott Armstrong was guilty of a fast "three-count" at Night of Champions.
Randy Orton10/27/13Miami, FLHell in a Cell
* * * NOTES: Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee and was directly involved in the finish of the match. He hit Daniel Bryan with Sweet Chin Music to end the match.
Randy Orton12/15/13Houston, TXTLC
* * * NOTES: WWE champion Randy Orton defeated WWE world heavyweight champion John Cena in a TLC title unification match. The title was officially renamed the WWE world heavyweight title.
Daniel Bryan04/06/14New Orleans, LAWrestleMania XXX
* * * NOTES: This was a triple threat match between WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton, Batista, and Daniel Bryan.
Title is vacated06/09/14Minneapolis, MNRAW
* * * NOTES: WWE COO Triple H and Stephanie McMahon stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE title because he injured his neck and can't defend his championship.
John Cena06/29/14Boston, MAMoney in the Bank
* * * NOTES: John Cena defeated Kane, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Cesaro in a “Money in the Bank” ladder match to win the vacant WWE world heavyweight championship.
Brock Lesnar08/17/14Los Angeles, CASummerSlam
Seth Rollins03/29/15Santa Clara, CAWrestleMania 31
* * * NOTES: During the main event title match between champion Brock Lesnar and challenger Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins decided to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase, making the match a triple threat contest. He then pinned Roman Reigns to become the WWE world heavyweight champion.
Title vacated11/05/15n/an/a
* * * NOTES: The title was vacated after Seth Rollins injured his knee at a house show in Dublin, Ireland on November 4, 2015.
Roman Reigns11/22/15Atlanta, GASurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose in the finals of a 16-man WWE world heavyweight championship tournament.
Sheamus11/22/15Atlanta, GASurvivor Series
* * * NOTES: Sheamus cashed in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase after Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose, and eventually Sheamus pinned Reigns to win the title!
Roman Reigns12/14/15Philadelphia, PARAW
Triple H01/24/16Orlando, FLRoyal Rumble
* * * NOTES: Triple H won the 30-man Royal Rumble match to win the WWE championship.
Roman Reigns04/03/16Dallas, TXWrestleMania 32
Seth Rollins06/19/16Las Vegas, NVMoney in the Bank
* * * NOTES: Seth Rollins defeated WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns to win the title. After the match, Dean Ambrose cashed in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase and pinned Seth Rollins to win the title.
Dean Ambrose06/19/16Las Vegas, NVMoney in the Bank
* * * NOTES: Seth Rollins defeated WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns to win the title. After the match, Dean Ambrose cashed in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase and pinned Seth Rollins to win the title.
AJ Styles09/11/16Richmond, VABacklash
John Cena01/30/17San Antonio, TXRoyal Rumble
Bray Wyatt02/12/17Phoenix, AZElimination Chamber
* * * NOTES: Bray Wyatt defeated AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, champion John Cena, and The Miz in a Elimination Chamber match to win the WWE title.
Randy Orton04/02/17Orlando, FLWrestleMania 33
Jinder Mahal05/21/17Chicago, ILBacklash
AJ Styles11/14/17Charlotte, NCSmackDown
Daniel Bryan11/13/18St. Louis, MISmackDown Live
Kofi Kingston04/07/19East Rutheford, NJWrestleMania 35
Brock Lesnar10/04/19Los Angeles, CAFriday Night SmackDown
Drew McIntyre04/05/20Orlando, FLWrestleMania 36 Night 2
Miz02/21/21St. Petersburg, FlElimination Chamber
Bobby Lashley03/01/21St. Petersburg, FlRAW
Big E09/13/21Boston, MassMonday Night RAW
Brock Lesnar01/01/22Atlanta, GAWWE Day 1
Bobby Lashley01/29/22St. Louis, MIRoyal Rumble
Brock Lesnar02/19/22Jeddah, SAElimination Chamber
Roman Reigns04/03/22Arlington, TX,
winner take all match,
unification match
WrestleMania 38