WWE SmackDown 11 21 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Knoxville, TN
Date: November 21, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

Tonight’s show starts off with some of the recent comments from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talking about the power of the Authority and the members of Team Authority as they joined the team. We see Vince McMahon’s comments about the stipulation for the Authority if they lose. Then we see the members of Team Cena coming together on Monday’s Raw.
We are in Knoxville, Tennessee and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, and John Layfield.

Michael Cole is in the ring and he introduces Triple H, who makes his way to the ring.

Michael brings up that Survivor Series is two days away. Three weeks ago, Vince McMahon made this match with the caveat that if Team Authority loses, he and Stephanie are out of power. Cole says that it seemed like Vince was offering a family challenge. Michael asks if Hunter realizes that this could be the last night they do an interview like that in the ring.

Hunter cautions Michael about his questions because this could be his last interview.

Cole says that the WWE Universe loathes Hunter and cannot stand him and his wife, Stephanie. He asks Hunter to imagine the glee and euphoria if Team Authority loses on Sunday. Cole says that it would be like 1980 when the United States defeated the Soviet Union in hockey. It would be like the Red Sox winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. It would be like the University of Tennessee winning the national championship.

Hunter asks if he thinks that their opinion of him matters. Hunter tells Cole that he appreciates the WWE Universe because without you, there would be no WWE. On the flip side, without us, there is no you. His wife and he make decisions every day based on the best interests of everybody in the WWE Universe. Like little kids, their opinion of him when he makes those decisions is irrelevant.

Michael says that statements like that are saying that their egos are so out of control that they have lost sight at the task at hand. They don’t know how to lead any more.

Hunter tells Cole that life is a marathon, not a sprint. He was called The Cerebral Assassin during the Attitude Era. At that time, the talent was unbelievable. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, the Undertaker, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, The Rock, and Triple H were the elite of the elite.

Some could argue that some of those guys were more popular or bigger stars. That would be an argument. What isn’t an argument is that they are all gone, but he is still here. The truth is that they could never last that long. It is because he is smarter than all of them. He has always been smarter than all of them. The Authority always wins. We are the constant and they will always be the constant.

Cole says when . . . if you lose on Sunday, you will be gone too because there will be no Authority. What will Raw be like if there is no Authority.

Hunter says that Vince McMahon is the greatest mind that has ever existed in this industry. Without Vince McMahon this does not exist. Vince was smarter than everybody else. He outlasted them all until there was only one. This is all because of him. It is not ego or bragging when he says that there are only two people on the face of this planet who can take his place. There are only two people who can do what Vince McMahon does. One is his wife Stephanie and Cole is standing in the ring with the other. Without them, this place has no future. You take them out of the equation, he gives this place a year, two max. That is not going to happen.

What would happen is that it would be three months at best before everybody is begging them to come back. Without us, this place is a sinking ship. Whether they know it or not, without us, there is no future for the WWE.

Cole asks what to expect if they win on Sunday.

Hunter says that when they win. . .

Hunter talks about John Cena’s interview and whether he is responsible for his team. Hunter wants the members of Team Cena to come to the stage so they can hear what John Cena said. Then Hunter will have a response.

Michael mentions that he interviewed John Cena on Wednesday and he wants to play one part of the interview when he asked John if he feels responsible for what happens to his teammates at Survivor Series. John said that he is asking his teammates to take a leap of faith and make an unpopular decision to put their career on the line because he knows that Hunter and Stephanie will hold it against them.

Hunter says that John feels responsible for them. Hunter says that you better hope that John Cena’s feelings are going to cover all of that. On Monday, after you lose at Survivor Series, and you will lose. On Monday, every single one of you are fired.

Rusev and Lana make their way to the ring as they walk past the members of Team Cena.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler versus WWE United States champion Rusev (with Lana) in a Non-Title Match

Ziggler goes for the leg and Rusev with a front face lock followed by a forearm and Ziggler goes to the floor. Rusev goes to the floor but Ziggler returns to the ring before Rusev can do anything to him. Ziggler with kicks and punches but Rusev with a back elbow. Rusev kicks Ziggler and sends him into the turnbuckles.

Rusev with more kicks to Ziggler but Ziggler with punches and a drop kick. Rusev with knees to the midsection and the referee warns him. Rusev says something to Ziggler and then he picks up Dolph. Rusev charges at Ziggler against the ropes and Rusev goes to the floor when Ziggler ducks. Rusev is dropped on the top rope and then he is sent to the floor after a drop kick. Ziggler with a forearm and punches to Rusev. Rusev reverses an Irish whip and he sends Ziggler into the ring steps.

Rusev returns to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev with a chin lock with the arm trapped. Ziggler with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Ziggler with an elbow and then he moves when Rusev charges into the corner. Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Rusev tries for a power bomb but Ziggler counters with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Ziggler with a super kick to Rusev and he gets a near fall. Rusev gets up in the corner and Ziggler with a Stinger Splash. Ziggler with another leap into the corner and he punches Rusev but Rusev pushes him away. Rusev with a jumping spin kick and both men are down. Rusev sets for a power slam but Ziggler gets away and he tries for a Zig Zag, but Rusev is in the ropes.

Rusev pulls Ziggler into the center of the ring and he stomps on the back to set for the Accolade but Ziggler escapes and he hits a Zig Zag and both men are down. Ziggler crawls to make the cover but Rusev is able to kick out.

Ziggler waits for Rusev to get up and he goes for the Fameasser but Rusev moves. Ziggler tries for the hesitation DDT but Rusev pushes Ziggler away. Rusev with the jumping thrust kick for the three count.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev celebrates in the ring as the Russian flag comes down.

Lana points at Ziggler and she gives the CRUSH signal. Rusev stomps on the back and he applies the Accolade on Ziggler. The referee tries to get Rusev to release the hold and eventually he does let go.

Kane is on the phone and someone knocks at the door. He says that he is just the man he wants to see so let’s talk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and a New Day is coming with the Kofi Kingston video.

Kane is with Cesaro and Cesaro says that when the Authority calls, the Swiss Superman shows up. Kane tells Cesaro that even though he is not a member of Team Authority, his loyalty will be rewarded when Team Cena is eliminated and the company thrives under the Authority.

Cesaro says that he is a proud supporter of the Authority and he enjoyed embarrassing John Cena on Raw when Cena thought he was joining his team.

Kane says that it was not funny when Erick Rowan joined Cena’s flock of misguided sheep. He wants Cesaro to slaughter the lamb tonight as a favor.

We go to the Goldman Box with a look at what would happen if the Miz and Sandow win the Tag Titles on Sunday. Miz says that they would have deep red carpets, organic fruit baskets, and the longest limousines for him and his cats. Also green M&Ms after he wins the tag team champions on Sunday.

Before our next match, the two teams in the Tag Team Title Match who are not in our next match are at the announce table tonight. Goldust and Stardust are on one end of the table while Jimmy and Jey Uso are at the other.

Match Number Two: Miz and Damien Sandow versus Fernando and Diego (with El Torito)

Miz and Diego start things off and Miz with a hammer lock. Miz with a wrist lock but Diego with a reversal and he avoids a clothesline and gets a near fall with a rollup. Diego with a chop and he hits a splash to the back while Miz is in the ropes and he makes the tag to Fernando who hits a slingshot senton. Miz and Fernando criss cross in the ropes and Sandow runs along the apron with Miz.

Fernando knocks Sandow off the apron and Miz with a clothesline to Fernando followed by punches. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Fernando with a jawbreaker. Miz tries for the Reality Check, but he can only hit the first neck breaker. Miz is sent into his corner and Sandow makes the tag.

Sandow hits the Reality Check and he celebrates. Miz tags himself back in and Fernando escapes the Skull Crushing Finale and gives Miz an arm drag. Diego tags in and he hits a chop from the turnbuckles followed by a few back elbow. Diego with a head scissors and then he clotheslines Miz over the top rope and Sandow falls down next to Miz.

Diego goes for a baseball slide but Miz moves. Miz tries to send Diego into the Usos, but Diego reverses and he sends Miz into the Usos. Sandow tries to send invisible Fernando into Goldust and Stardust, but Sandow is reversed and he sends himself into Goldust and Stardust.

Diego sends Miz back into the ring and he hits a cross body from the top for the three count.

Winners: Fernando and Diego

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring to show us his Survivor Series Survival Kit.

Dean says that he is not your average run of the mill WWE Superstar to walk down the aisle. Some say that he has quirks and eccentricities. Some say that he has a screw loose. One thing that he is, is a survivor. He will continue to survive and thrive in WWE no matter what or who stands in his way.

Dean has a story about when he was a young boy. His mother handed him a $20 bill and she told him to get some cigarettes and scratch off lottery tickets. He was attacked by some people on the way to the store and they took the money. Dean says that he went home and told his mother what happened. Dean says that his mother got some brass knuckles and she handed them to him and said ‘Don’t ever let it happen again. Those brass knuckles are your survival kit.’ Dean says that he is a walking talking survival kit and he will punch and kick whatever comes at him at Survivor Series.

He will break Bray’s nose and teeth. Bray will never want to open his mouth again. Dean says that he will bounce his fist off Bray’s skull over and over again until Bray’s eyes are swollen shut and his knuckles are bleeding. All Bray has to do is have the ability to run . . . to run and hide. Hide in the shadows. Run back to the woods or wherever you came from.

Bray said some things about his past and some of it is true. Bray is not talking to a kid, he is talking to a grown man. Dean says that he is the hunter and Bray is the prey. Bray will be hunted, stalked, and eventually put down.

We get a Wyatt Screen Saver and Bray is on the TitanTron. Bray has a question for Dean. Is this what it was like? Is this how you remember him? Locked inside a cage like an animal. When you look at him right now, are you reminded of him? He came here today behind these bars to remind you that the apple does not fall far from the tree. This is your future. Forever trapped inside a prison of your own desire. Reaching against these bars and begging for your freedom. Praying to a deity that does not exist so you can save yourself as the walls of your subconscious close in on you.

It did not have to be this way. We could have ruled the world, but you changed everything. Instead, he is going to leave this cell and then he is going to leave Dean drowning inside a pool of your own filth, just like daddy did. In here, it can never end. It will never end in here. It never ends.

We go to commercial.

Since Brie was dressed like AJ Lee on Monday night, AJ has decided to dress like Nikki Bella for her match tonight, and she has enhanced her look to make sure that it is hard to tell them apart.

Match Number Three: Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) versus WWE Divas champion AJ Lee in a Non-Title Match

They lock up and AJ gets rid of the hat and then she adjusts herself. Brie with a waist lock and take down. AJ escapes and applies a side head lock. AJ with a side head lock and take down. Brie with a head scissors and AJ escapes. AJ with an Irish whip but she runs into an elbow. Brie sends AJ into the turnbuckles until the referee pulls Brie away.

AJ with a kick and she sends Brie into the turnbuckles. AJ sends Brie into her chested region and Brie falls to the mat. AJ with forearms to Brie and then she removes one of her enhancements and she hits Brie with it. Brie with a single leg crab and AJ gets to the ropes.

AJ with a guillotine on Brie but Brie runs AJ into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder. AJ with knees to Brie followed by a clothesline and spinning heel kick and neck breaker for a near fall. Brie with a drop kick and she hits the running knee to the head. Brie goes to the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick. Brie gets a near fall.

Nikki gets on the apron to tell Brie what to do and AJ sends Brie into Nikki and they bump heads. AJ with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: AJ Lee

We take a look at what happened to Big Show and Sheamus on Raw after their match.

We get an update on Sheamus’ medical condition.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Erick Rowan versus Cesaro

Cesaro slaps the lamb mask off Rowan’s face and Rowan sends Cesaro to the mat. Cesaro with European uppercuts but Rowan sends Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Rowan with a head butt and forearm to the back. Rowan sends Cesaro back into the ring and Cesaro with a shoulder and punch while Rowan is on the apron. Cesaro tries to suplex Rowan back into the ring but Rowan blocks it. Cesaro with a drop kick when Rowan returns to the ring.

Cesaro with a European uppercut but Rowan with a bear hug. Cesaro tries for a sunset flip but Rowan does not go down. Rowan picks Cesaro up but Cesaro with head butts. Rowan with a slam. Cesaro drops Rowan on the top rope and Cesaro with a sleeper. Rowan backs Cesaro into the turnbuckles. Rowan runs into a boot from Cesaro. Rowan with a press slam and running shoulder tackle to Cesaro. Rowan with a pump handle back breaker and then he gets Cesaro on his shoulders for a Torture Rack and Cesaro taps out.

Winner: Erick Rowan

After the match, Luke Harper makes his way to the ring with his Intercontinental Title Belt. Harper gets onto the ring steps, but he backs down while Rowan wants him to get into the ring.

Harper gets on the other ring steps and he walks down again. Harper walks to the back.

Ryback, Big Show, and Dolph Ziggler are in the interview area as we go to commercial.

It is a New Day with Big E.

We take a look back at what Triple H said at the start of Raw.

Renee Young is in the interview area with Erick Rowan, Ryback, Big Show, and Dolph Ziggler. She asks them about their reaction to what Triple H said earlier tonight.

Show says what Triple H said made them think hard because they could lose their jobs. Since they can lose their jobs, Triple H and Stephanie can lose their jobs too. They are not cowering from that threat. They are committed to ridding this company of the Authority. They are not going to run and hide. They will finish it.

Ryback says that he knew his job would be on the line and that made The Big Guy hungrier. Tonight, the Big Guy and The Big Show will feast on Kane and Seth Rollins. The Authority will crumble at the feet of Team Cena and Team Ryback.

Dolph says that he has been put through the ringer week after week. On Monday he lost the Intercontinental Title. He shared that title with the entire WWE Universe. Is he afraid of losing his job? Dolph says that there is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They can get the Authority out of power.

Erick says freedom.

All four men do a unifying fist bump.

Before our main event starts, we are told that Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler have been banned from ringside.

Match Number Five: Seth Rollins and Kane (with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) versus Big Show and Ryback

Ryback and Rollins start things off and Ryback runs Rollins into the corner and he connects with shoulders. Ryback with a hard Irish whip and Rollins goes to the floor. Rollins punches and kicks Ryback but Ryback with a Thesz Press and he slams Rollins’ head into the mat. Show tags in and he chops Rollins in the corner. Show with an Irish whip and he gives Rollins the Shhhh chop.

Show with a head butt to Rollins and he walks across Seth’s chest. Show has something to say to Noble and then he sends Rollins into the corner and Ryback tags in. Ryback with a chop and he sends Rollins into the turnbuckles. Ryback with a chop but Rollins chops back and Ryback wants more. Rollins begs for mercy and Ryback blocks a kick and Ryback sends Rollins to the mat.

Ryback punches Rollins and he Irish whips Rollins. Rollins gets a boot up and he goes off the turnbuckles but Ryback catches Rollins and Ryback with a power slam. Ryback knocks Kane off the apron and then he sends Rollins over the top rope and Kane almost catches him.

Triple H’s music plays and he comes to the ring with Luke Harper, Mark Henry, and Rusev.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Show slams Kane and then Show with an elbow drop for a near fall. Kane with a DDT to Show and Rollins tags in. Rollins with boots to the head to keep Show on the mat. Rollins with a drop kick for a near fall but Show’s kick out sends Rollins to the floor. Rollins with a Garvin Stomp to Show followed by a punch to the head.

Kane tags in and he kicks Show. Kane with more kicks to Show followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Show with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Ryback and Rollins tag in and Ryback with a back elbow and back body drop. Ryback presses Rollins over his head and he gives Rollins a power slam.

Harper, Henry, and Rusev go after Big Show on the floor and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Big Show and Ryback (by disqualification)

Rollins misses Black Out and Ryback gets Rollins up on his shoulders but Noble and Mercury get Ryback to let go of Rollins but they are met with clotheslines. Ryback with a spinebuster to Rollins. Mercury and Noble hit Ryback from behind.

Since the match is over, Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and he goes after Mercury and Noble. Harper with a boot to Ziggler. Harper punches Ziggler while Rowan makes his way to the ring.

Harper is frozen in place while Rowan takes care of Henry and Rusev.

Rowan gets in the ring and Harper wants to know what he is doing. Kane with a choke slam to Rowan but Ryback with a spinebuster to Kane. Harper with a lariat to Ryback. Ziggler with a Zig Zag to Harper. Rusev with a jumping thrust kick to Ziggler and Henry with a World’s Strongest Slam to Ziggler.

Hunter tells everyone to get on them and everyone with the Authority work over Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan.

Big Show is on the floor and he screams before entering the ring and everyone goes after Show. Show fights everyone off. Show with chops to Rollins, Rusev, Henry, and Kane. Show gives Noble and Mercury choke slams. Hunter hits Show with a chair and then Rollins with Black Out. Hunter hits Ryback with the chair and then he does the same to Ziggler. Hunter hits Rowan with the chair as well.

Hunter hits Ziggler in the midsection and back with the chair. Hunter goes after Show with the chair. Kane and Rusev hold Ryback for Hunter to hit him in the back with the chair. Hunter asks Ryback if this is what he wants. Hunter gives Ryback a Pedigree.

We go to credits.

Source: PWInsider.com